Top Food Classics at Sporting Events (Infographic)

So many Americans consider a trip to the ball game one of their favorite past times. But sports aren’t just about entertainment, bonding with family or keeping up with your favorite team. More and more, sports are becoming about that hot dog, batch of garlic fries, ice cold beer and, yes, even bacon on a stick. Here’s a breakdown of what really goes into our stomachs on game day, and how much of it!

The Economy of Food at Sporting Events
Image compliments of Sports Management Degrees

Image Credit: By Stephen Depolo,CC 2.0

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Kathy Perez
Kathy J3 years ago

i love hot dogs, and in moderation they aren't so bad. However I have never been to a big sporting event

Spirit Spider
Spirit Spider3 years ago

Wow serious stuff....:-)

june t.
june t3 years ago

hm, those prices are ridiculous. I'll stay home and make my own hot dog.

GGma Sheila D.
GGmaSiteIssues D3 years ago

I remember taking both of my boys to a baseball game in an open stadium. We could bring our own sodas, popcorn or spend less than $10 bucks . A football game would cost a bit more because it was open to the cold and snow. Then we'd usually buy the hot chocolate.

The new stadium that was built, against voters wishes, now would cost a single parent with two children over $100 to go. This has priced the poor and even many middle income families out.

Now the minor leagues are getting more fans - they're still alot cheaper to go to and many times I've heard people say they had more fun.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G3 years ago

Hmm, non-food and sweaty crowds...I'll pass.

Ernie Miller
william M3 years ago

no wonder I go to these events expensive with nasty food and bad beer.

Marie W.
Marie W3 years ago

Always think of Homer Simpson and stadium food.

John B.
John B3 years ago

Thanks Editors for sharing this great info-graphic. Not very appetizing fare.

Dale O.

Overpriced food and drink...nothing new, same goes for going to the movies. Think that it is often more nourishing for the soul to take a long walk in the forest or other Nature, at least it is free and serene.

Ken W.
Ken W3 years ago