Top 3 Clean Air Priority Fixes in the Bath

The bathroom is a room that often has very poor indoor air quality. In fact, it is usually one of the most polluted rooms in the home. One reason for this is because it frequently a small, closed room without adequate ventilation. But the biggest cause for the poor air quality is the types of products commonly used there.

Here are the top three highest priority fixes for cleaning the air in your bathroom:

1. If you receive municipal water, install water filters for both the shower head and the tub faucet to eliminate chlorine. If your water comes from a well, make sure your water is filtered with a whole-house filter, or at the tap.

2. Switch all personal care products to ones with natural scents, not synthetic fragrance. Look on labels for essential oils and avoid those with the word “fragrance.”

3. Substitute green cleaning products for any product you use in the bathroom (cleaning, pesticide, etc.) with a signal word on its label stronger than a “caution.” The “green” products available on the market in health food stores and health section of the supermarket can cover all your cleaning needs in the bathroom.

By Annie B. Bond


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