Tourism Drives Tiny Philippine Primate to Suicide

The Philippine tarsier, with its bat-like ears, and giant eyeballs, is one of the smallest primates in the world, but tourists who flock to see them in their natural habitat may not realize their very presence is putting the animal at risk.

Tourism Threatens Tiny Suicidal Philippine Primate
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Knut Franckenstein
Knut F.4 years ago

Like all humans, also tourists are on a chase after views and hence they are disturbing the peace of nature.

Foolish consumers - mostly thinking when it is too late!

Better late than never!

KS Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege4 years ago

Poor little one. And humans are responsible again.

Karen F.
karen Friedman4 years ago

So sad, maybe more education is needed. 100 years from now long after we are gone, the world will olny read and see pictures of so so many animals, birds ,fish, and the enviroments in which they lived, all thanks to us the human race.

Cindy C.
Cindy L.4 years ago

:( Life is hard in some places and people do things in the name of making a living... we are all guilty of exploiting our co-creatures and wrecking the planet... :(

Tana D.4 years ago

Poor little guys. I hope they start doing more to discourage tourists from getting so close and disturbing them with all that noise.

Wileen C.
W. C.4 years ago

How horrible.

Tekla Drakfrende
Tekla Drakfrende4 years ago

so sad

David C.
David C.4 years ago

This is so sad. Ethics needs to precede "entertainment".

Alicia N.
Alicia N.4 years ago

so sadly noted...........