Cat Jumps Through Hoops for Food (Video)

Think you can’t train cats? Think again: this kitty’s owners have taught her to jump high and reach for the stars…or at least her lunch.

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Susana Francisco
Susana Francisco5 years ago

Yayks! Did you even consider the possibility the cat might be having fun with it? It's not "perform tricks". Have you ever had a cat? As much as you want it to "perform tricks" it won't, unless it wants to. And for the cat to want to "perform tricks", he/she has to be having fun. So they see it as playing with humans rather than "performing tricks", which really is what's happening, in my very particular opinion. Useless... If this is useless, then so is playing with your pet. Why do you throw the ball for the dog to return it to you? It's a useless trick. You don't quit doing it because you can see the dog is having fun. Same case here.

Chrysi B.
Chrysi Bombard5 years ago

Cool. I'm sure she's not starving.. and I'm sure the owner didn't work this cat like it is her job to do this trick. Seems like just some fun plus it's exercise and stimulation.

ilse diels
.5 years ago

sweet, all for food!

Kendra Richardson

Awwww, soo cute!!!!

Kersty E.
Kersty E.5 years ago

Cats, unlike dogs, don't do as they're told, unless they enjoy what they do. To this cat it's obviously a game. We don't know how long it took the people to make that short video. The cat may not oblige every time s/he is asked to do this.

Sue T.
Susan T.5 years ago

too much time on my hands....

too over the top fro me...kinda like dressing pets up...

just my opinion cats have food 24/7 so not so hungry

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba5 years ago

Cat must think he's a dog

Jewels S.
Jewels S.5 years ago

Cats just like humans crave structure. I have trained my cats to do lots of stuff. This one seems a bit unnecessary though but to each his own.

Jean Lord
Jean Lord5 years ago

Cute cat.

Beata R.
Beata R.5 years ago

I thought that cats are independent pets, but now I truly believe that they can be trained amazing things. Thanks :)