Traits of Healthy Hand Chakras

In the center of each of your palms are your hand chakras. They can be both expressive and receptive. They are more like channels through which any energy can flow than they are like specific storehouses of specific energy. Your hand chakras are connected to your heart chakra, and their general condition shows where you are in your ability to give, receive, and create in the world.

Are your hand chakras healthy? Find out, here:

Your heart chakraís condition relates to your ability to channel internal love and artistic information throughout your body and spirit, whereas your hand chakraís condition speaks to your ability to channel these things in the external world.

When your hands and heart are properly connected, the outward flow of heart-chakra energy can be controlled by your hands.

People with healthy hand chakras can translate the information of their healthy chakra system out into the world. They are naturally (as opposed to compulsively) giving and caring, but they have an extra dimension: they can also receive. They can receive help, compliments, gifts, and loving advice, without losing their center. And, they can give all these things to others without creating indebtedness, guilt, or recriminations.

Healthy hand chakras confer a natural creativity on their owners. The creativity of these people flows. They donít suffer from dramatic artistic blocks or fallow, muse-free periods. They have a flair for dressing, cooking, home decoration, car restoration–whatever makes them happy.

They donít need to rely on teachers or institutions to validate their artistic expression. They have a comfortable give-and-take relationship with the world and the people around them. They also have a comfortable give-and-take relationship with their own energy, and are able to protect their giving nature by closing off their heart-to-hand connection in the presence of habitually needy people.

Adapted from Your Aura and Your Chakras, by Karla McLaren (Weiser Books, 1998). Copyright (c) 1998 by Karla McLaren. Reprinted by permission of Weiser Books.
Adapted from Your Aura and Your Chakras, by Karla McLaren (Weiser Books, 1998).


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