Trying To Keep This Magic Moment

It’s Monday morning, just seconds before the children’s alarms go off. Soon, I will be forced to admit that this week has begun. I’m not really ready for it. If I could come up with a way to delay it, I certainly would, and yet… here I am.

I’ve been up for a little while, thinking about things–healing and sugar cravings and the true, sweet nature of love. I’ve written some of those thoughts down and I can feel that the words that came through in the sacred darkness of this morning are the soft, cool drip, drip, drips of something much, much more. The dam will soon break and more knowing will be available to me, more words will flow onto the page. In this moment, I’m just sitting here, feeling grateful for the taste, and praying that the chaos of the week–that making of meals, running of errands, and the day job–won’t close up the crack in that wall.

There is still no sign of morning outside my window, but the wake-up song plays in the distance and I know it is time to go. I want to wish for this piece of me to stay, the Wild One who hears and feels and knows so deeply, but I know this isn’t about wishing. It’s about being. It’s about making a space where she feels welcome, safe, and honored. If I can love being her, complete with all of the hearing and feeling and knowing, then… she’ll stay. I just have to find the courage to want to be this one today. I think that maybe, just maybe, I have it. Off we go…


Quanta Kiran
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John B.
John B3 years ago

Christy, thanks so much for sharing this.

Jane Warren
Jane Warren3 years ago

thnx for this

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Birgit W3 years ago

Thank you

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Charlotte A.
Charlotte A3 years ago

Those moments are so important, even though the rest of the week brings continuous work and tests your strength. Bring your attention back to the present moment whenever stress starts to take it's toll. If you can stay focused on the moment you are experiencing, by being aware of the stillness that is your inner core, the switch in perspective allows you to be prepared for what happens next. Nice writing. Thank-you.

Lorna S.
Lorna S3 years ago