Trying to lose weight? Try this trick.

Do you feel sluggish, heavy and dull these days? Have you tried all sorts of diets and failed to lose those pesky pounds? I hear you.

For the past many years now, I’ve been trying to trim down, and my focus has been on what I eat (and avoid). But recently, a fitness expert told me something that stuck in my mind. He said: weight loss depends 60% on your diet, and 40% on how much you exercise.

Now exercise is something I am not fond of. Enrolled in a gym, and two months later, I am bored with the routine, though yes, the scales did start showing a trimmer me.

For the past week, I have been trying something different. I keep my body busy. In simple ways, throughout the day. If I bend to pick up a pencil, I bend again, and then again. I climb up the stairs, and turn back to climb them again. In the kitchen, while waiting for the rice to cook, I do side bends. Sitting on the couch, watching TV, I reach forward and touch my toes.If a fun song is playing, I dance.

This isn’t hard to do–for anyone, however busy. Even if you’re sitting on your chair for long hours, you can do butt squeezes and arm stretches. The idea is to keep your body active.

The results this will achieve are not going to be dramatic. I am still almost the same weight as I was last week. But I feel fitter, more energetic. And with time, I am sure the scale will have good news for me. I can hardly wait!



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