Two Dogs on a Treadmill (video)

Lily and Charlie love to walk together on the treadmill. Bonus: no need to go out in the snow!

Doggy Kibble Dance
Cats Confused by Treadmill
Hilarious Dog Sings to Piano

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Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola3 years ago


John S.
Past Member 3 years ago

Thanks, knew someone that used to exercise his dog on a tread mill.

Ashleigh B.
Ashleigh b.3 years ago

God Bless these animals and I hope they find loving homes full of happy human beings...

Pat W.
Pat W.3 years ago

too cute!

aj M.
aj E.3 years ago

awe! :)

Rose Balcom
Rose Balcom4 years ago

Harness that energy!

Erika Miller
Erika M.4 years ago

I thought the third one was going to get on too.

Valerie G.
Valerie G.4 years ago


Andrea Nemec
Andrea Nemec4 years ago


Mervi R.
Mervi R.4 years ago

So sweet!!!