Understanding How Lighting Affects Home Efficiency

Walking into a room and flipping on the light is second nature for those of us still living on the grid. Unless you were involved with the building of your home, however, it’s unlikely that you had a say in the types and arrangement of lighting fixtures that were included.

Your home’s lighting can have a big impact on both how much energy you use, and how comfortable or cozy your home feels. Understanding the differences between the many choices in lighting will help to lower your energy bills by empowering you to find the lowest cost lighting options, while at the same time giving you the knowledge to pick the lighting most appropriate for your illumination needs.

If you don’t know your lumen from your light bulbs, this infographic will explain everything you need to know about home lighting…enjoy!

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Carolt M.
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Ruth R.
Ruth R3 years ago

What we would do well to ban -- and why? The LED bulbs ! Check out how we are fooled or mislead again -- please ! Would you like to store MECURY in your home ? Would you like to place MECURY IN DUMPS AND OTHER WASTE PLACES ? IF NO -- then boycott LED Bulbs !

" There is still mercury in the new LED light bulbs -- so will some kind men and women write petitions on stopping these "efficient light bulbs" from killing some men, women and children. PLEASE BAN LED LIGHT BULBS -- UNTIL YOU GET THE MERCURY OUT ! and I LIKE THE EFFICIENT INCADENCENT -- THE USUALL LIGHT ORDINARY LIGHT BULBS BETTER -- BECAUSE THEY ARE EASIER TO DISPOSE AND EASIER ON MY EYE-SIGHT ! Does any body have a clue -- how dangerous it is to have mercury in every man and women' home, bussiness, etc . and I have no other motives. I was all for LED Light bulbs -- untill hear that they have mercury, are hard to dispose, and MERCURY -- THAT IS DEADLY -- PLEASE BAN THE BULBS "

Val M.
Val M4 years ago


paul m.
paul m4 years ago


Robert B.
Robert B4 years ago

Good info. Nice chart. I've been replacing all of my old bulbs with LEDs. I buy a new LED every couple of months. I've been getting them for around $10.00. Unfortunately 3 of my motion sensor switches will only work with the old bulbs. Someday I'll replace those too.

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Donald M.
Don M4 years ago

Fred K, Very well said, and VERY accurate. LED"s are the way to go, but their cost has a long way to go in coming down before the masses switch over.

Donald M.
Don M4 years ago

I only use the spiral CFL's where there's no dimmer switch involved because those bulbs DO NOT work with dimmers, and that includes the CFL's where the packages are marked 'DIMMABLE'.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W4 years ago

thanks for the info