Urban Homesteading

I’ve known about the concept of urban homesteading for several years now and am a big proponent of living low on the grid, the food chain and the consumer chain. So when my friend posted UrbanHomestead.org on facebook, I was intrigued, and then when I watched their video, I was impressed.

Living just 100 feet from the freeway, the Dervaes family lives a self-sufficient life in the middle of LA. They grow enough organic food on their 1/10 of an acre of available “farm” land on their 1/5 of an acre of property in Pasadena, to live year-round without going to the grocery store for food. They produce their own biofuel, fix their own mechanical things and power their home with solar. It’s a decades-long experiment in the making and an inspiring story of living life more simply.

Watch their video below:

- Jocelyn Broyles

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Aoife O Mahony
Aoife O Mahony4 years ago


Alice B.
Alice B.4 years ago

Mick, there are over a hundred atttachments in the record with other uses of the trademarked terms. You are not reading the file correctly.

Alice B.
Alice B.4 years ago

Mick, There are close to a hundred attachments with other uses of the the trademarked terms in use at the time of the Dervaes application. I think you must not be looking at the correct application or the attachments in the record,

Mick L.
Mick L.4 years ago

@Alice B. I'm familiar with their application too and I don't find their list of other uses to be exhaustive or even comprehensive. The USPTO has to rely on the information provided in the application to make their determination. Other people have described the Dervaes's application as containing fraudulent information. That's why so many people are confident that the trademarks will be canceled.

But even after that has happened the Dervaes's will still suffer from the bad will that they have generated in thousands of people. It all could have gone so differently. They could have been a strong foundation for community building and learning, instead their name will always be associated with this ugly situation.

Alice B.
Alice B.5 years ago

@Mick I had a chance to pull some of the record and for both urban homestead and urban homesteading trademarks, the attorney for the Dervaes submitted other people's use of the terms, including the book. The USPTO still granted the trademarks as "substantially " exclusive.

Lynn Thompson
Past Member 5 years ago

loved this article and the video was great. I plan on starting right away.I needed ideas for square inch gardening for my entire yard so this was great for me. The only thing I'm sad about is that I can't have chickens, I live in a trailer park. Thanks. Keep putting these articles in......Lynn in AZ.

Tanya S.
Tanya S.5 years ago

Who knew this could be done? Fabulous!

Suzanne E.
Suzanne E.5 years ago

Someone told me about this and I am blown away! I have just been inspired.

Mick L.
Mick L.5 years ago

@ Alice B. We've reached a point that we agree on. If their use wasn't substantially exclusive then their statement is false.

Alice B.
Alice B.5 years ago

@Mick--the key is in the word "substantially" exclusive which means the existance of infringing use and insubstantial use do not make the statement false.