Vegetarian McCartney Still Rocking at 69

Sir Paul is currently on a stadium tour that is receiving excellent reviews. At the recent Detroit show he and his band played for over 2.5 hours for about 38,000 people. The pop music writer for the Detroit Free Press said, “At times stirring, at times triumphant, and always irresistibly fun, this was Paul McCartney’s night in Detroit. ” (Source: Detroit Free Press)

One online user posted this comment on the official review, “Before, during, and after Paul said his good-byes to the crowd and thanked us for coming out, the refrain from ‘Hey Jude’ carried out for AT LEAST 10 minutes. EVERYONE in the park was singing it at the top of their lungs. It was an incredible moment. I have been to a million concerts and there have been FEW moments that come close to paralleling that experience. It was truly electric.” (Source: Detroit Free Press)

McCartney is the most commercially successful songwriter in pop music history, says the Guinness Book of World Records. One of his songs, Yesterday, has been covered by at least 2,200 musicians. His personal fortune is vast and he has supported many charities over the years as well. He also has been vegetarian for about forty years. He and his now-departed wife Linda switched to a vegetarian diet at the same time, when they were eating lamb for dinner in their home and then had an awakening, “We were eating roast lamb for Sunday lunch and it was the lambing season and there were all these beautiful little lambs gambolling around. Then we just looked at the lamb on our plate and looked at them outside again and thought ‘we’re eating one of those little things that is gaily running around outside.’ It just struck us, and we said, ‘Wait a minute maybe we don’t want to do this.’”  (Source:

Linda switched her meat-based cooking style, which Paul said was very effective, to a meat-free one for their home-cooked meals. Then they decided she might try to start her own company to make meat-free products commercially. This company is still in business decades later, making vegetarian food for the public.  Paul and Linda’s daughter, Mary, raised her children without cooking meat in her family home, though she gave them the freedom to choose their own diets. They chose vegetarianism.

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Patricia H.
Patricia H.3 years ago

Go Vegans

Angela N.
Angela N.4 years ago

I would love to meet him! What an incredible person

Phillip Anderton
Phillip A.4 years ago

I just wish aged 56 and also a vegetarian, that I had Sir Paul's energy and stamina...!

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener5 years ago

Old folks boogie!

dawn w.
Dawn W.5 years ago

I love Paul! I didn't even know he was a vegetarian until after I went veg,and then I admired him even more. Talent and heart.So cool.

Monica Vazquez
Monica Vazquez5 years ago

It's a BEATLE of course he's awesome! :D

Diane L.
Diane L.5 years ago

"Like Paul and his wife we went to vegetarian & when I got cancer to vegan. I learned as I cured my cancer & from my experiences working with the sick that we are a joke as a meat eater"........if being a vegan cured cancer, then why is Linda McCartney dead of breast cancer? If it CURED cancer, why aren't there more survivors? Yes, a HEALTHY diet helps with recovery, and/or cancer going into remission, and a poor diet can contribute to a TON of issues, including pre-disposition to cancers or NOT dealing with treatments or recovery. It is ludicrous to say that a vegan diet CURES cancer. That could cause many people to die unnecessarily, thinking that is all they have to do......switch to a vegan diet and ignore proper medical approaches/treatments. There ARE many herbs and similar things that CAN be said to be beneficial. I have an acquaintance who's Chinese father swears his life-threatening cancer went into remission from eating a certain extract of mushrooms. I've heard it from several sources, actually.

Diane L.
Diane L.5 years ago

Cindi, I don't think I or anyone else who is not vegan or vegetarian and do not think "Sir Paul" is that much of a role model is missing the point at all. It's a difference of opinion, and you are all entitled to yours. I would NEVER have someone as a role model based on what he/she eats, and it's what they DO in life that counts. One of mine is actually a vegan (Paul Watson, of the SSCS), but I didn't even know he was vegan until I saw an episode where the cook on the Steve Irwin was interviewed and he said how hard it was to cook vegan for so many crewmembers!

Paul McCartney may be blessed with "good genes" for his looks now, and he is just not a role model for me, never has been. Using celebs as examples of healthy lifestyles is nothing I've ever agreed with, period. There actually is a website devoted to just exploiting the frauds who claim they are vegan/vegetarian for publicity and are not. I'm NOT saying Paul stuffs BIG MACS in his face when the cameras aren't rolling, just that he could live on nothing but carrots and celery and live to be 150 and it wouldn't change my mind about either being vegetarian OR what I think of him.

Paul Blake ND
Paul Blake ND5 years ago

I had a wonderful squirrel friend that had full run of our house at the beach. One day innocently & spiritually it was time for my friend to die and I unknowingly was chosen as the instrument. I held my friend in my hands & watched her go. She looked at me & her eyes said love help me I do not understand & she passed. I was struck dumb & for weeks I morned reproached and blamed myself. I still flinch if I am in similar circumstances & It still brings tears to my eyes & pulls my heart. Like Paul and his wife we went to vegetarian & when I got cancer to vegan. I learned as I cured my cancer & from my experiences working with the sick that we are a joke as a meat eater. I also learned that through our foolishness & inaction that we have allowed people to move into high places in gov and business that do not give a dam about humans, animals, environment nothing but money & power interests them. If your babies die from what they put in food or medicine that is the price of business & they will use the law to protect themselves from losing any profit. Most people making negative comments here do it because they are dumbed down by what they eat & the toxins stuck in their bodies the stress in their lives and spiritually their at zero & think its fine. I am driven to try to pull them out of it & if it takes anger I will do that. If I can get them to vegan great or just to cut back I will but they must wake up and act up and

Paul Blake ND
Paul Blake ND5 years ago

I understand clearly what you are saying. But if you cannot care enough about and love yourself and others and want them to be disease free living happy lives then how can you possibly do much for the animal kingdom. Plus the very people and chemicals that are poisoning us are also poisoning our environment and all creatures. These people must be dealt with and it starts with changing the way you eat so that they do not prosper from it. And we must let them clearly know that they can no longer get away with what they are dong to us the animals we share this planet with and the environment. The three top problems we have are Monsanto the USDA and the FDA, they need to realize that we are their boss and without us they are nothing.

Doc Blake