Very Obedient Cat (Video)


Who says you can’t train a cat?!

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Cindy Rhodes
Cindy Rhodes2 years ago

pretty amazing!

John D.
John D.3 years ago

One of my cats will play fetch with me which I thought was amazing but this litte guy was amazing...

Dale Overall

Some men have control issues but a cat does not react the way this confident Tabby does to control and abuse. This cat clearly is loved.

Dale Overall

Have lived my entire life with cats, even as a baby cats were in my life. Pamela H. can call herself a cat whisperer all she wants, but in my 56 years with cats and having had numberous Tabbies grace my life, I can honestly say there is nothing menacing about this man's voice or tone.

It is unlikely that the food is in the bathroom except for the purposes of filming.

Just can't find anything in the man's voice or tone that is going to be distressing and any cat that feels threatened by a person is going to run away and escape, look for food amongst more friendly humans and even go feral seeking food on its own than hang out with a human that is toxic.

Cats do not perform, be it for food or love. Cats do things only if they choose to, not by dictate, unlike a dog who will settle for crumbs from a human.

Dale Overall

Delightful! This Tabby obviously enjoys purrforming and this can be done easily, with patience and tenderness. No cat will "obey" a human unless the cat totally trusts and respects a human. A cat does not have the dog pack mentally of trying to please the "alpha".

This cat likely was trained patiently with the clicker method, using praise and reward. Showing confidence with those alert whiskers, meowing and there is no submission whatsoever.

Comments that this cat is not well cared for and fears the man are totally invalid. People saying this obviously don't know the body language of a much loved cat.

While the food should not be in the bathroom and may well have been placed there for the location of the video there is nothing here to suggest cruelty or the need to check up on how this cat lives. The Tabby is purrfectly fine or would not even stay long enough for filming, this cat would be running, gone, tail puffed, frantic, escaping!

Dale Overall

Anyone knowing anything about cats knows that this cat is not abused or afraid. The Cat-titude says it all.

If you are truly this adamant that this man is abusing this confident Tabby then hunt the man down, stay at his place for twenty fours to observe the cats demeanour and you will find no problem. I am sure that he would only be too pleased to let anyone observe the catmosphere in the home.

He likely placed the food bowls in this location purely to film the video. The dishes are likely usually located in the kitchen.

Feel free to visit me and observe how the 16 year old blind Tortie that owns me relates to me and her treatment as well.

Carrie Anne Brown

more obedient then my dogs haha thanks for sharing :)

DORIS L.3 years ago

How odd...did the cat have a lobotomy?

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia3 years ago

Looks like my friend's cat, only this cat listens a lot better.

Sheri P.
Sheri P.3 years ago

wow! you wouldn't find my cats following any of those commands. they don't heed anything i saw...