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Family Rescues 10-Day-Old Pup Born Without Front Legs (Video)

This little guy is a "fighter" according to his new pet parent. Watch him in his infant stage roll around, get bottle fed and be a perfectly happy puppy and even with his disability. Related F…


Most Adorable Moments of a Kitten’s Day-to-Day Life (Video)

If you needed a dose of tiny kitten cuteness, this video is exactly what you should be watching. Nikita the kitten is very innocent and still discovering the world. Watch a string of clips of her …


How D’ya Like Them Apples? These Cats Answer, ‘Meh’ (Video)

These cats are so content! They don't move a single paw, even when they're treated like fruit bowls. Related Strangely Informative 'How to Bathe Your Cat' Video Timo the Cat Seriously Doesn't U…


SeaWorld Orcas On Valium-Like Drugs

So there you have it. SeaWorld's orcas are not happy. So much so, that their caregivers prescribe the veterinarian equivalent of Xanax and Valium - benzodiazepine - to get some of them through the day…


Amazing Win for Whales: Japan’s Annual Hunt Ruled Illegal

This week, Greenpeace International, one of the world's leading anti-whaling organization announced that marine mammal advocates can "jump for joy" as there will likely be no whaling in the Southern O…


Who Will Adopt Chester–a Happy Dog Born Without Full Front Legs? (Video)

"Chester is an Irish wolfhound cross who was born without complete front legs. Chester's physical limitations don't prevent him from being a complete and happy dog thanks to the help of his fos…


Squirrel Hides Nut in Bernese Mountain Dog’s Fur (Video)

Well, this is just cute. The dog is fine with being the squirrel's kitchen cupboard--if not just a little confused. Watch this itty bitty rodent use a big dog's fur to store a nut. Related Nutz …


Who Needs Humans? Tiny Dog Plays Fetch With Himself (Video)

This video must be shown to "only children" everywhere. Watch this pup play a two-person game all by himself, and be totally happy about it! Related How Would You React to Someone Kicing Your Do…


Cat Stuck In Tree For 5 Days Rescued Thanks to Social Media

In Pearl Misssissippi, cat cries could be heard throughout a neighborhood last week. Binx, a black kitty, had found himself in a pickle up a 50-foot Sweet Gum tree. After unsuccessfully trying to l…


2-Legged Boxer Absolutely Loves His First Time At the Beach (Video)

This video is pure energy and happiness. Watch a two-legged boxer gallop across the beach, as he lets loose across the sand. He runs impressively fast with just two legs, and he couldn't be happier!…


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