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Fearless Baby Squirrel Walks Right Up to Cats & Plays (Video)

This little guy has no qualms about playing with these much bigger cats. Luckily for this tiny rodent, it actually looks like the cats are the scared ones. Related Cat & Mouse Become Best Fr…


Peanut the Dachshund Just Won’t Quit His Nap (Video)

Peanut is the sweetest when he wakes up from his nap. Watch his belly-up body language that lets you know he's not planning to move any time soon. And, after this video, we think we'll let him stay …


Did You RSVP to the Snuggle Party? These Puppies Did (Video)

Two fuzzy puppies hugging and kissing in warm blankets. Don't even pretend this hasn't completely hypnotized you. It's just too cute! Related 24 Common Plants Poisonous to Pets 5 Solutions for …


Kangaroo Cat is an Amazing Jumper (Video)

This kitty is a little sporadic with his movements, but hey, everyone jumps to the beat of their own drum. Watch his humorous leaps as he goes about what he considers normal play time. Related …


6 Itty Bitty Puppies Shower This Russian Man With Love (Video)

Watch these pug puppies wiggle their way toward this dog-lover. It's really one of the most adorable puppy scenes we've seen. We almost want to jump through the screen and join the puppy party. R…


Drowning Puppy’s Amazing Rescue from Well (Video)

This puppy wouldn't have survived without these rescuers. Watch them retrieve the drowning pup from deep into a well, transport him home and give him some much needed TLC. We're so happy this puppy …


Bobo The Cat Loves Getting Vacuumed (Video)

Maybe vacuuming doesn't need to be such a chore. Here's an idea, instead of vacuuming the floors ... maybe just vacuum your cat. That's the same, right? It seems to work for Bobo... Related Cat …


Corgi Loves This Carousel More Than a Child Ever Could (Video)

Humans typically hate running on a treadmill. This corgi shows us that running on an exercise machine can be amazing, as long as that machine goes round and round in the form of a children's play st…


Dog’s Reaction After Mom Leaves Him for One Whole Day (Video)

If you need a little love in your life today, it's time to press play. Mom left this german shepherd for a single day, and she gets the welcome of a lifetime. Watch this friendly giant convince us y…


Dachshund Doesn’t Need You to Play Fetch With Him (Video)

This gadget is a great way to cure your pet's boredom. Watch this dachshund happily play fetch with an automatic thrower. This way, when pet parents have their hands full, the pup of the house can s…


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