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Cats Knock Everything Over (Video)

If you want a tabletop cleared, set a cat on it. No object is safe around the all-knowing get-off-my-table kitty paw. Related Why We Love Cats! (Video) 5 Ways to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree…


Teaching Children to Give – Helpful Tips

To help you step into the holiday spirit and remember its real meaning, I’d like to share a short video called "A Recipe of Care" with you; and then I’d like to share some tips on how we can teach our…


Mid-Life Crisis or Mid-Life Awakening? (Video)

Dearest One, It finally happened. I knew it was coming. It was inevitable. I turned the big 4-0. Yep, November 2nd was my 40th bday. I had a wonderful celebration that I'm truly…


Rescued Baby Dolphin Shows Joy and Gratitude

Two Brazilian fisherman came across a baby dolphin alone and wrestling with a big plastic bag wrapped around one of his fins. After numerous attempts, the kind fishermen netted the distressed dolphin …


Puppy Chews Shoes…While They’re Still On Feet (Video)

This cute puppy has so much to learn. You're supposed to wait until your pet-parent takes his/her shoes off before enjoying a shoe-chewing extravaganza. Related 5 Games You Should Play With You…


Tiny Crab Takes On Bull Terrier

This frisky bull terrier just wants to play but cannot figure out quite how to do it. The crab, on the other hand, must just see a huge looming, lunging, slobbering beast and thus only wants to scuttl…


Why You Should Massage Your Cat

A wonderful way to communicate and bond with your cat is through touch. This is really no surprise as domestic cats and humans are naturally drawn to each other physically. Cats love the stroking and …


The Breast Self-Exam You Need to See (video)

Check these out! After you watch the Good Health Fairy and her friends dance their way through the steps of a breast self-exam (BSE), maybe you'll be inspired to check yours out, too. In 2009, the …


When You DON’T Get What You Want

Dear One, If you had a moment to watch my celebration video, you know my husband, daughter and I are overjoyed to report that we are pregnant...AT LAST! Thank you all so very much for caring, for …


Love First: Peace Follows, World Peace Day

Peace is on most everyone’s mind right now with recent news about Syria and other events. Focusing on peace is imperative for our future. There is sovereignty when people unite in the heart for the be…


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I have two dogs, but I just look like one of them, the other one looks like my boyfriend.

Can you house-break a Pig?

I will be making these today. It's an odd number for cooking them but if 310 works, great. They look…

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Mmmmm tyvm and plz never use palm oil as your choice it's killing rainforest and orangutans

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