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3-D Printing Gives Sea Turtle New Jaw

We've seen the miracles that 3D printing has brought to the medical field,but a large proportion of 3D printing medical interventions are happening in animals. The technology works so well in these …


Animated Dog Realizes China’s Dog Meat Market Could Cost Him His Life (Video)

This is the illustrated diaryof Ping Pong, a stray dog in Beijing whose life dramatically changed. He found out that some people in China actually eat dogs, and he, understandably, was extremely …


Video: A Trainer’s Top Tips for Crate-Training an Adult Dog

Have you been putting off crate training, because you're not sure how to start? With the right approach, even an adult dog can learn to love the crate and there are plenty of reasons why the trainin…


Daily Cute: The Pegasus Project Honors a Sick Great Dane Puppy

When Dave rescued Pegasus, he was told she wouldn't live very long. He decided to film her every single day since he didn't know how much time he had to spend with her. Watch this beautiful compilat…


Daily Cute: Confused Puppy Barks at His Very First Hiccups

The look on this puppy's face will melt any heart. Watch this little one get the hiccups for the first time. He's not very happy with the strange intruders, but we're pretty happy with the extra cut…


The Real Reasons We Laugh

My two-year-old basically lives to make people laugh. If something he does makes you giggle, he does it over and over, laughing harder and harder every time. It's like your laughter infects him, and…


Daily Cute: Dog Beside Herself When Reunited with Original Family

Cayenne the dog is beautifully reunited with her original family, and she is beside herself with joy. Watch the pure happiness of a "found dog" moment caught on camera. Related Can Your Depress…


Corgi Puppies Will Leave You Overjoyed (Video)

We can't explain it. The puppies aren't doing anything -- except being their newborn selves. This video perfectly captures the cute movements and curiosity of a puppy pack. Watch them be set free …


Daily Cute: Best Pet Adoption Ad We’ve Ever Seen

This is one of the most creative and compelling visual arguments for humane pet adoption we've ever watched. This clip is a little long, but it's worth the wait. Make sure you watch it in it's entir…


Daily Cute: Man Serenades Mesmerized Cattle with Trombone

The days of the snake charmer are not over. Watch a beautiful scene of cattle running throught their pasture, toward a musician who is waiting for them to be his audience. This clip really reminds u…


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