Vintage Gym Equipment as Home Decor

Here’s a clever decorating theme we’ve noticed recently: using vintage sports equipment as home decor for a low-key, old-school vibe.

Above: A leather horse as entryway bench, in an entryway photographed by Roland Bello.

Above L: A headboard fashioned from leather gym mats in a bedroom by Ashe + Leandro. Above R: A leather pommel horse at Alex MacArthur in Brighton, England.

Above: A vintage leather bench, spotted on Reference Library.

Above L: A pair of vintage rings in a Scandinavian loft space; via Indenfor. Above R: A vintage punching bag, spotted in an interior by Normal Projects Architecture.

For a similar idea with a nautical vibe, see Remodelista’s post, Accessories: Vintage Life Preservers as Decor.


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