Watercress-Olive Tea Sandwiches

Watercress is one of the first greens of spring, and oh! the flavor of this resplendent plant. Part of the mustard family, it has a sharp peppery flavor, and is a major anti-oxidant boasting 15 essential vitamins and minerals, making it one of the original superfoods. Combine watercress with your favorite olive, whole grain bread and cream cheese for the perfect Watercress-Olive Tea Sandwich.

These elegant and refreshing tea sandwiches add just enough protein to make a tea party not all about sugar, and just enough bright flavor to make them a true pleasure. To boot, watercress is a nutritional bonanza with reported cancer fighting properties.

2 (8 oz) packages organic cream cheese—softened
1 cup finely chopped watercress (about 2 bunches)
cup chopped olives of your choice
Fresh, whole grain bread

Combine the cream cheese, watercress, and olives until well blended. Remove the crusts of the bread. Liberally spread the cream cheese blend on bread, add a top slice of bread to make a sandwich, and cut diagonally.

Makes 6 sandwiches.

By Annie B. Bond


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M.N. J.about a year ago

This sounds delicious! I love tea parties.

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Delightful, green and tasty.

Val M.
Val M.3 years ago

I have very fond memories of water cress - lovely!

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