What Actually Happens When Animals Hibernate?

Ever feel like lying in bed and sleeping for days? Unlucky for us, humans can’t exactly hibernate. But some animals are capable of sleeping for months — without eating, drinking or expelling body waste.

Some species have developed unbelievable hibernation mechanisms. In the winter, wood frogs freeze like frog-shaped ice cubes — and then jump back into life once the air loses its chill.

How do these animals do it? What happens if they don’t hibernate? And who holds the record for the longest hibernation? Find out all these answers below.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Hibernation

Everything You Wanted to Know about Hibernation [Infographic] by the team at giraffe

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Walking hibernation hmmm? That must be very common among humans as well as bears.

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Fascinating, I knew animals hibernated to conserve energy during winter months when food is scarce, but didn't know how they did it.

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