What Does Driving Greener Really Mean?

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What does it mean to drive greener? In honor of our featured guest, John Voelcker, Sr. Editor of GreenCarReports.com, we did a poll on our facebook page this week about what folks thought was the greenest type of car available now: Electric, Hybrid, Biodiesel, or High-Mileage/Fuel-Efficient Gas Cars? Most of our poll-takers got it right and John told us why . . .

GD Lisa did a fun segment called Idle Ramblings with some fun facts and statistics about why we should NOT leave our car idling. We all could probably use a little re-training to remember to shut my car off in certain situations.

The Sleeping Naked is Green segment focused on why we should give up chemical hand sanitizers. Wow, in researching this piece, I learned more than I wanted to about the chemicals in most hand sanitizers and how bad they are for us AND the environment! But, we found some fun natural brands that don’t have all the harmful stuff, but are still effective and we even found some cool recipes to make your own! Hear just the fun 5-min segment by clicking here.

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K s Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Annemarie W.
Annemarie L.4 years ago

thanks for the info! I am happy to see that already own two of the recommended sanitizers! Dr. Bronners, and EO!

Annemarie W.
Annemarie L.4 years ago


Rita White
Rita White4 years ago

Thanks for sharing!

Masha Samoilova
Past Member 4 years ago


Geetha Subramaniam

Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

Marie W.
Marie W.4 years ago

"regular gas and diesel fuel are our lifelines. Sorry, but when the powers that be come up with something better and cheaper than fossil fuel, ranchers and farmers"

I have often thought that all the soccer Moms and others who drive the giant trucks and gas guzzlers, just get a quart of milk, should be forced to give them up so that farmers and ranchers can have them. Until an alternative comes along.

Lionel G.
Lionel G.4 years ago

Humans had legs before they had wheels. How ironic it is to read this a day after reading that the city of Hull, Wisconsin has banned bicycles and pedestrians. (Part of The Great Leap Backward). Let's start by planning cities to be walkable instead of to move automobile traffic. Car-free cities are a delight. Rural? Read Divorce Your Car by Katie Alvord. Katie lives on a farm in Michigan. When she decided to make a trip back to the SF Bay Area she rode her bike to a bus, then to a train. Yes, energy efficiency is more green than alternative energy, and cars should be made more energy-efficient, BUT cars have been made more energy-efficient several times in recent decades. Result: No improvement in energy reduction, because the invariable reaction to more MPG is good! Now we can drive more, and there's an increase in VMT (vehicle miles traveled) that cancels out the better MPG. Our automobile addiction is going to kill us all. See the movie The End of Suburbia. Yes, that's what needs to happen.
Sleep naked? I wouldn't sleep any other way. My wife and I sleep naked in each others' arms every night, skin-to-skin. It's the best sleep I've ever had, and she feels likewise.

Susana L.
sue l.4 years ago


Bob P.
Bob P.4 years ago

thanks for the info