What is Crohn’s Disease?

Curious as to what Crohn’s Disease is and what causes it? Watch this to find out.

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Norma V.
Norma Villarreal3 years ago


Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson3 years ago

i know two people with it. I hear it's awful

Sheri P.
Sheri P.3 years ago

i work with someone who years ago claimed she had crohn's. i think she was just anorexic and seeking attention. never heard if crohn's really was the "disease" she had nor not.

Jane H.
Jane H.3 years ago

i know of someone with this illness and it does not sound at all fun--just the opposite.

Heather O.
Heather O.3 years ago

Wow. They sure put a shiny picture on what Crohns is. I realize it's watered down to fit in under less than two minutes, but Crohns is serious and can lead to more than pain and internal bleeding.

Heather O.
Heather O.3 years ago

I'm suspicious and I haven't even watched the video yet. I swear if it's "cured" by food, I will wreck the place. (I have UC...but since my case can't be cut and dried, doctors also throw the Crohns around. To which I say BITE YOUR TONGUE!!)

Colleen Prinssen
Colleen Prinssen3 years ago

always cured with vegan food right?

Mandy Harker
Mandy H.3 years ago

Damn painful is what Crohne's disease is!

Yvette S.
Yvette S.3 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Kath R.
Kath P.3 years ago

The ad above this article looked interesting. It described something called squatty potty.