What is the Meaning of Life?

Life refuses to be pinned down. Whatever meaning you want the universe to reflect, it provides.

In medieval Europe, people wanted the universe to reflect their intense belief in the Holy Trinity; at that same period in history, people in India wanted the universe to reflect the cosmic dance of Shiva and his consort Shakti. Wherever Islam held sway, the universe was expected to reflect the will of Allah.

Right now, agnostics expect the universe to reflect their own spiritual confusion and doubt; therefore, the cosmos seems to be a random explosion that began with the Big Bang. Many religious people accept this reality, except on Sunday, when the universe feebly reflects the possibility of a divine maker.

If you try to pin the universe down to one reflection, you pin your own life down at the same time. Reality is like a two-way mirror that shows you yourself as well as what lies on the other side. This mutual effect is mandated because the universe doesn’t possess one set of facts. You the observer bring your version of reality into being.

The meaning of life is everything.

Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 2004). Reprinted by permission of the author.
Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 2004).


Aud Nordby
Aud n3 years ago


Mohd Rashid Mohd Yusof
Mohd Rashid M3 years ago

Zee K, I had been in your shoes,being oppressed by clergy and religious authorities to the point of almost loosing my job.They want me to belief in the way of their belief;so as to enter paradise.I wonder how they got this authority from God.And I certainly agree the much hypocrisy of religious authorities and clergy;addicted to power and fame,and Jesus crucified is one obvious example of many other messengers killed or mocked at.God never order wickedness,aggression or oppression.Well,the vast majority of people never really abide to the divine revelations and how can it be since they don`t even read the revelations.They are just blind followers and following the majority.The clergy uses man made doctrines because the truth would reveal the lies and loosing their power and fame.Regardless of what ever religion it is all the same.

Genoveva M.
Genoveva M M3 years ago

The meaning of life can be different from one being to another. There are many factors involved to have only one meaning, but over all regardless of religion, believes, financial situation and specie, YES SPECIE, we all search happiness in the form of to love and be love as the most meaningful way for our existence.

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Aline S.
Aline S4 years ago

God also said,don't go to the East for religion.And my personal opinion on what the meaning of life is,is to make memories.

Aline S.
Aline S4 years ago

God exists period.When you pray and ask for something,other than money for some reason,doesn't he give it to you?He answers all my prayers and is always by my side to help me through all the difficulties I've had,including saving my life when I was a child,when the floatie I had on difflated and there was another person next to me swimming and he couldn't believe his eyes how I can still be floating when I didn't know how to swim,and clearly the floatie was out of air.And somehow I reached back to shoreline without air in the floatie.My mother turned to me and said "get away from me" with hatred in her eyes,while my aunt was crying her eyes out and saying "I'm so sorry,I'm so sorry".That was only one of the incidents that he helped me through.There were many others.To this day I pray,and ask for his help,and he answers all my prayers.I love God,he truly is amazing,loving,powerful,helpful,and full of surprises.For anyone to say he doesn't exist,you truly are a selfish person,only thinking about your happiness,and possiby asking for money,you are greedy,and also you have a very narrow mind to actually think that he doesn't exist.Where do you think the universe came from?Our world?He is the creator of all,the alpha and omega.Just because your tiny mind doesn't understand,doesn't mean He doesn't exist.And another thing,I believe even a person who says they don't believe,deep down,they do,they just want answers,to which I say,start reading the bible,go to church,expand your mind a

Dale Overall

So many philosophies and differing outlooks on what is the meaning of life out there that it would take an eternity to explore them all. Certainly would be fascinating to do.

One could spend a delightful time reading and researching this question as seen from various view points through out the world. Life is often what we make it or how we experience it. Life can be a journey filled with fascinating, frustrating, fulfilling, frightening and many beautiful things. Life can be a waterfall with a tranquil vista or a rocky shoal that we must travel with caution and trepidation. Some life journeys are fraught with peril while others are a relatively smooth sail with some many variations in between.

As long as the food bowl of the sixteen year old blind cat that owns me is filled, my life is often my own to live and share with others.

SeaTurtleZee K.
Helen Porter4 years ago

Jane, I, too, have been deepy hurt by religions, churches, Christians.But I am not going to allow them to take my right to seek God away from me. According to the churches, I am a "false teacher" "a wolf crept in among the sheep" Hey, I don't creep. I'm too clumsy. I make too much noise. lol

I refuse to be the victim of hypocrits who wear religious titles. I refuse to stop my seeking to know If there is a God what is he REALLY like. Hey, the church people crucified Jesus because he didn't agree with their doctrine.
Why let them rob me of knowing the God that I seek after and I think you do also or you wouldn't hang around Care2 spiritual section. Me, I turned scientist. I do my own exploring and experimenting. I believe I have found God. NOT the God the hypocrits preach at us about. Even the Bible does not agree with the Christian teaching. You probably know that.

You have a right to be a scientist and seek, scientifically, if there really is a God and what he's like. There are many professional scientists who are Christian. Why not, scientifically, try to prove them wrong. Josh McDowell, a university teacher, did. You might and you might not want to check out one of his books. He was an atheist . Not anymore!

SeaTurtleZee K.
Helen Porter4 years ago

In meditation I learned that God IS Energy -- intelligent energy. Then I checked on the internet. Did anyone else have this idea. Lots of people have. Lots of information on the internet about God is Energy. I believe that God is intelligent energy. My question remains, Where did the energy come from?

I think the energy may have come from an even higher "dimension" (for lack of a better word)
than Ain Sof. See my comments below, if it pleases you. Most of the "experts?" I have read claim it's forbidden to question or to attempt to describe what is above Ain Sof. I have my strong suspicions. I think it was revealed in Eastern Religions. But this is territory where angels fear to tred. I don't. But I won't drag you with me. lol

SeaTurtleZee K.
Helen Porter4 years ago

note: many spellings of Ain Sof. All are correct.
Via negativa The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions | 1997 | JOHN BOWKER | 556 words | Copyright
Via negativa or Via negationis (Lat., ‘way of negation’). Realization that since God is not a universe or an object in a universe, ‘he’ is not open to observation or description. It follows that God can only be spoken of analogically or poetically; and that it is easier to say ‘what God is not’ rather than what God is. This awareness occurs, in different forms, in all theistic religions, e.g. in ein-sof, bilā kaifa, neti neti, nirguṇa-brahman. This is apophatic, as opposed to kataphatic theology.