What is Your Greatest Footprint?

April is Earth month, so what better time to analyze our “footprints.” Environmentalists talk about our water footprint and our carbon footprint — but what’s the difference? And which one should we care more about?

See the infographic below to find these answers and more.

Image Credit: Calor Gas


What’s YOUR Carbon Footprint?
What’s YOUR Water Footprint?


Melania Padilla
Melania Padilla2 years ago

Love the infographic.... I really believe individuals can make a difference, do it! It is up to us to help the planet, other speciesm and ultimatelly us.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Bryna Pizzo
Bryna Pizzo3 years ago

Thank you for the excellent post. (n, p, t)

Frances Darcy
Frances Darcy3 years ago

Ireland is 2nd worst. Great presentation.. easy to follow and understand... speaks louder than words

Ernie Miller
william Miller3 years ago


Dave C.
David C.3 years ago

thanks, we do try to live as small as able and offset what we can't cut out.......I know that just being a US resident/citizen makes it hard for us to be gentle on the world

Lynn Demsky
Lynn D.3 years ago

Thanks for simplifying this so well! Very, very helpful!

Pinke A.
Pinke A.3 years ago

1 kilo beef and 15000 liter of water!! That is huge!! There were so much to think about! Thank you!

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.3 years ago

This is very useful and important information. Thank You - picked up a few tips that I can use.

Hanine Green
Hanine El Mir3 years ago

Does anyone know if there's a way to calculate an individual's footprint?