What Will You Do to Honor 9/11?

September 11 will always be a tragic day in American history. But in the years since the attacks, it has become a day to honor the victims and survivors by doing good.

In 2002, two friends created the organization now known as MyGoodDeed. Since then, more than 20 other leaders from the 9/11 community banded together in support of the 9/11 Day Observance. With their help in 2009, September 11 was officially designated as a National Day of Service and Remembrance, and every year more and more people join in the movement to volunteer time or make a contribution in any way they can to a cause that’s important to them.

Last year, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, MyGoodDeed partnered with the HandsOn Network to help organize the largest day of charitable service in US history.

From 911day.org:

“9/11 Day is the international non-profit movement to observe September 11 every year as a day of charitable service and doing good deeds. We created this observance soon after 9/11 to provide a positive way to forever remember and pay tribute to the 9/11 victims, honor those that rose in service in response to the attacks, and remind people of the importance of working more closely together in peace to improve our world. Today millions participate annually by taking time out on 9/11 to help others in need, in their own way.”

In observance of September 11, the 9/11 Day movement encourages you to pledge a good deed by completing this sentence: “I will…” The possibilities for doing good are endless. Here are just a few examples:

On 911day.org, you can also search for volunteer opportunities in your area and enter your pledge for September 11 and beyond.

Do you have any September 11 traditions or observances? How will you honor the day?


Alison A.
Alison A4 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Michele Wilkinson

Remembrance with prayers.

Dawn C.

What a nightmare day to remember

Lisa Zarafonetis
Lisa Zarafonetis4 years ago


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g d c4 years ago


Gregory Hilbert
Gregory Hilbert4 years ago

On Sept 11 2001 thousands lost loved ones to hate, and the course of my own life was profoundly changed. Tens of thousands in the USA and overseas responded to my Sept 12 Initiative, to express their longing for a more peaceful world for all. Millions engaged in other activities to counter the war-mongering and obsession with hate. While peace has eluded us, it is comforting to here see so many people doing what they can to make a difference. They do.

L. C.
Ms. L. C4 years ago

I Just Reflected Back On What Happend That Awful Day In September 2001! And I Send Good Thoughts And Prayer To The Survivors And First Responders! And May Nothing That Horrific, Ever Happen Again!

Jessie Cross
Jessie Cross4 years ago

Oh have just seen there is even a petition on care about it:
First responders facing cancer and respiratory disease are still waiting for the federal victim compensation funds meant to assist them with massive treatment costs.


Jessie Cross
Jessie Cross4 years ago

I'm not a US citizen although I think on 11th September 2001 we all felt we were - until Bush & co. came along and managed to wipe out a lot of that empathy. However, I still of course know, saw and feel what a tragedy it was, so my question, because of a programme I saw recently is - WHY ARE THE HEROES, FIREMEN AND OTHER INJURED AND DISABLED PEOPLE WHO SAVED LIVES STILL NOT GETTING THE PAYMENTS THEY WERE PROMISED AND WHICH SHOULD BE THEIRS BY RIGHT?

Sue T.
Susan T4 years ago

all the negative comments? and commenters...what if you had lost a loved one in this senseless attack?

Shame on you. Even if a loved one did not die some people lived and went on to be loving caring people, I am saddened by comments on this site.

Even reading "Homer's Odyssey a fearless feline tale..." helped me to see how the 9 11 attack affected real people.