What Your Clutter Says About You

The word clutter evokes images of confusion, mess and disorder. Of course, it is all those things. But sometimes, what you collect around you gives a glimpse into your personality type.

A packed basement: is a sign that you are loyal and emotional. Those who form strong attachments to people and events find it difficult to throw away things. Even a tiny thread from an old shirt, an old museum ticket, a button…they hold great sentimental value for them. Perhaps it is because they fear that losing these objects would mean losing the memories themselves. If that describes you, reason it out with yourself. There is no storehouse more permanent than your heart, and the memories that really matter will always be stored there. Besides, memorabilia has been known to lead to depression if you spend too much time going through it.

A crowded linen closet: shows you are a creative person. That’s because creative people like visual clarity around them, and are known to be not-too-enthusiastic about tidying up. Closing the door on clutter gives them respite from it, while they can focus on the thoughts and ideas in their head. What they may not realize is that the cupboard clutter does hamper their thinking at a subconscious level. If that sounds like you, take time to sort and organize your clothes, keeping the most used ones at eye level so you are more aware of when they start to go awry. You will feel your mind open up!

A full kitchen table: indicates that you are a nurturer and preserver.  Your family is your heart, and the kitchen is the heart of your home. Deep inside, you might be afraid of not having enough, so you like to stock up.  The site of a full table–jars of chips and trail mix, cookies, juice cans– is reassuring to you. However, all that clutter can actually trigger overeating and stress. Replace all those goodies with beautiful blossoms in a vase. Got paper clutter all over? Toss out the useless ones, and arrange those you need in a basket by the table.

An overflowing bedside table: is a clue to your curious and bright personality. Those who like to do their reading in bed are by nature hungry for knowledge, and lovers of ideas and information. That’s a good thing, but all that clutter can keep you awake late into the night, excite the stress hormones, and interfere with good quality sleep. Too many books and magazines beside you can also indicate a crowded, overworked mind. Choose just a book or two, preferably writings that calm and nourish your mind. Slowly, drift into sweet sleep.

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Magdalena J.
Past Member 2 years ago

Thank you!

Manuela B.
Manuela B2 years ago

I'm guilty of all types of clutter, but to look at my home it seems to be in order. a bit of contradiction here.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson3 years ago

"creative clutter is better than idle neatness"

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H3 years ago

I've bought the plaque other people have mentined and hung it in the hall for visitors to see:
'A Tidy House is a Sign of a Wasted Life.'

I do like it tidy, but I run out of time because of all the other, more important, things going on in my life.

Tim C.
Tim C3 years ago


Carolanne Powell
C Powell3 years ago

"Cluttered home, cluttered mind" someone said...

Silas Garrett
Silas Garrett3 years ago

And if I have all of those things?

Fi T.
Fi T3 years ago

It's easy to understand someone if we pay attention to the slightest

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen3 years ago

Thank you :)

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen3 years ago

Thank you :)