What’s The Greenest Way To Get Where You’re Going?

I love to travel. Seeing new places, and experiencing the big (or subtle) differences in the culture and geography is something that always provides a thrill. Each of the 50 American states has a very different flavor, but this wasn’t always so well known.

Before we had interstate highways and eleven-lane freeways, people rarely traveled far from the place that they lived. Doing so was very costly and reserved only for the wealthy or extremely pressing familial situations, like a wedding or funeral. But that was before nearly each and every one of us had our own gas-powered steed.

Today, personal transportation constitutes a huge portion of our individual and national carbon footprints. The vehicles that once represented independence and progress are now the handcuffs binding us to fossil fuels and a steadily warming planet. But we can’t just stop going to work and school, and few would voluntarily abandon traveling outside the confines of their own city, so what’s the alternative?

As the infographic below explains, there are many different options for getting from Point A to Point B, especially if there aren’t that many miles in between. Ditching your car every once in a while for public transit, bike wheels, or your own two feet can have a big impact on air quality and the size of your wallet. Scroll through and then leave a comment letting us know which modes of alternative transportation you’ve tried or want to try!


Graphic via CheapCarInsurance.Net

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Thank you for this vital information everyone needs to read, and learn about. Hope this article goes on worldwide national news. Electric cars are the answer for the human population. It's realistic to say people aren't going to give up their cars to commute to work and other daily errands. Thanks for sharing here on care 2

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Commute daily via Public Transportation from home to San Francisco, but walk when I get to San Francisco, happy to see that the Bay Area is using public transportation to go to work

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