What’s Your Fiber IQ? (Quiz!)


Though fiber is an integral component of a healthy diet, plenty of us are totally confused about what it is, why we need it and how we get it. So how much do you know about fiber? Test your fiber knowledge with this quiz, and share your results in the comments!

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1. QUESTION: Though the amount of fiber you need every day depends on your age and gender, experts say this amount is a good goal to aim for:
A. 10 Grams.
B. 25 Grams.
C. 50 Grams.
D. 100 Grams.

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ANSWER: B. 25 Grams. Check with your doctor for specific guidelines suited to your needs, though!

2. True or False: Fiber supplements are just as good as a fiber-rich diet.
A. True.
B. False.

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ANSWER: False. Nothing is as good as the real thing. A fiber-rich diet is a healthy diet — if you’re not getting enough fiber from food alone, you’re probably not eating that well anyway.

3. QUESTION: The best way to add fiber to your diet is to:
A. Do so immediately — bring on the spinach.
B. Add it in gradually.
C. Take supplements.
D. Sprinkle some on your food.

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ANSWER: B. If you’re not eating enough fiber, it’s best to add it into your diet gradually. Your stomach might not be able to handle too much at once.

4. QUESTION: We may think of fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains as the most fiber-rich foods, but you’ll also find plenty of fiber in:
A. Eggs and dairy.
B. Meat and poultry.
C. Beans and lentils.
D. All of these.
E. None of these.

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ANSWER: C. Beans and lentils. Fiber is only found in plants — you won’t find any naturally-occurring fiber in animal products.

5. True or False: Most Americans only get half the amount of fiber nutritionists recommend.
A. True.
B. False.

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ANSWER: True. The typical American doesn’t eat nearly enough fiber.

6. QUESTION: A diet rich in fiber has been linked to:
A. Preventing colon cancer.
B. Lowering blood cholesterol.
C. Controlling blood sugar levels for diabetics.
D. All of these.
E. None of these.

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ANSWER: D. All of these. What’s not to love?!

7. QUESTION: Which of the following vegetables has the most fiber per serving?
A. Parsnips.
B. Peas.
C. Beets.
D. Artichokes.

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ANSWER: D. Artichokes. One serving of artichokes will contain a whopping 6.8 grams of fiber!

8. QUESTION: All fiber is created equal.
A. True.
B. False.

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Answer: False. There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber, so-called because it dissolves in water, slows down how fast your stomach empties — insoluble fiber actually speeds it up. You’ll find both forms in many grains, fruits and veggies.

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