What’s Your Pet’s Best Trick?

When we wrote about why cats eat strange things, you readers had amazing comments about the odd culinary delights many of your cats reveled in. Your cats like to eat some very strange things, and they are often downright clandestine in their attempts to obtain them. Olives, tape, cantaloupe, charcoal, donuts, dill pickles, fish food, grapefruit, dental floss, plus many things wool, a lot of things elastic, and most things plastic. Some of your cats squirrel away their prizes in secret hiding places, some sneak into neighboring homes to loot and forage–many of them seem to stop at nothing to get their paws on their preferred pilferage!

With such a wealth of curious critters who make their homes with Care2 members, we want to hear more about your clever companions.

Tell us in the comments: What’s your pet’s best trick? It could be a trained trick, a quirky habit, or a favorite stunt–we want to hear. We’ll do a recap of some of our favorites when we ask another question next Sunday at 4PM.

Here’s a video of Maru the Sliding Box Cat for a little inspiration. Enjoy!

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Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan4 years ago

Best is just always being there for us.

Robert K.
Robert K.4 years ago

We've had our Red-Bellied Macaw for 21 years now. Every day, for entertainment, he reduces 3 or 4 LARGE carrots to little, equal-sized bits. He paces his "work" thru the course of the day - saving the last carrot for just prior to bedtime. He'll use it's shredding as a reminder that he wants us to give him his bed-bag.
Some years ago, I was making some Minestrone soup. It dawned on me that Rosco's carrot kibbles were JUST right for my soup efforts. Since then, I often collect his work and keep it for upcoming meals. He sometimes shares some of the cooked results.

Celine V.
Celine V.5 years ago

Cute, for the second time around!

Jon Hoy
Jonjon Hoy5 years ago

I had a cat one time that when she wanted outside and I was asleep. She would get up to my ear and meow real loud and if that didn't work to wake me , she patted me with her paw till I woke up to let her out.

Jon Hoy
Jonjon Hoy5 years ago

My pet small dogs best tricks are running around in circles for attention or taping you with his paw three times in a way to say I Love You (a game we play). Just don't mention num num which he knows is a special treat cause you will have a three ring circus all in one small dog.

Clare E.
Clare Canfield5 years ago

I've enjoyed reading through these comments! Mine have only one trick : how to drive me insane.

Celine V.
Celine V.5 years ago

My daughter's cat (one of 4!) closes her bedroom door in the middle of the night when he gets bored! Of course we secured the door, so he doesn't do it every night!

Alice D.
Alice C.5 years ago

My cats sit on the grill outside my kitchen window...so they can look me straight in the eye...That look means...I want food and...I want it now ! lololol

Ailidh Liusaidh
Past Member 6 years ago

every morning my cat start's meowing and if you don't go to see what she is doing, she appears with a stuffed cat in her mouth, comes to mee and leaves is at my feet, don't know why she does it, or why she only does it whith that stuffed cat.

Kim O'Connor
Kim O.6 years ago

My cat Savage's special talents range from X-mas tree manglizing to stealing my bags of Bits n Bites. She also takes a fancy to destroying or breaking most of my valuables at random. She's an orphaned feral kitten that used to sleep with her brothers and sisters on top of sheep at a farm for warmth. I can just imagine the little kittens scaling sheep mountain. We named her Savage as it means feral or wild. Both fit!!!!