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When You DON’T Get What You Want

Dear One,

If you had a moment to watch my celebration video, you know my husband, daughter and I are overjoyed to report that we are pregnant…AT LAST! Thank you all so very much for caring, for your congrats emails, messages, comments and tweets. I am always so incredibly touched by your love.

Now here’s the truth: I spent a year and a half NOT getting what I want. And having a reminder every 28 days that the baby wasn’t here yet was not so easy. In fact, it was really hard!

I learned a thing or two on the path to this happy ending I’m in the midst of…a lot about what to do when you DON’T get what you want. So I made you a video today about What To Do When You Don’t Get What You Want.

GO HERE to watch my five step process.

What is that deep desire that has yet to come true for you? Not being pregnant yet or the soulmate not arriving yet or your body not being healthy yet?

Please take that desire and try my five step process in the video and let me know how it goes. I hope this process will help you on your path to getting exactly what you want!

I’m sending you a rainbow of love,

P.S. Oh, one more thing. Sometimes it isn’t that we don’t get what you want…it’s that we don’t know WHAT we want! I get it. Especially if you feel like you’re still searching for your life purpose.

If that is true for you, I wanted to ensure that you grabbed the FREE tele-jam that I co-led with Martha Beck and Lissa Rankin, all about Finding Your Calling.

GO HERE for instant access to the Find Your Calling 90-minute tele-jam and to learn more about our upcoming 7-week tele-class. Oh yeah!

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Amy Ahlers

Amy Ahlers, the Wake-Up Call Coach, is the bestselling author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves. A certified Life Coach, speaker & author, she is taking a STAND for women to stop being so hard on themselves and start loving themselves instead. Join her community of nearly 40k souls who are committed to waking up to the voice of their Inner Wisdom & cultivating the courage to act on it. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter and make sure to go here to claim your free Inner Superstar Kit so you can shine bright!


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7:02PM PST on Dec 25, 2014

I have learned along time ago to always have back up plans. Things almost never go as you plan.

10:49AM PDT on Oct 19, 2014

PLAN B .... acceptance and patience.

In time you may come to find out the timing was off, something else arose needing immediate attention, or what you wanted wasn't good for you and what you got instead was just the ticket.

Time and hindsight provide answers, nothing happens by accident. I believe this to be truth.

11:58AM PDT on Oct 14, 2014

Need to learn to appreciate the journey as well as the destination--whether it is the one you had planned on or not.

2:51AM PDT on Jul 25, 2014

Interesting article, I understand that it's easy to get so fixated on Plan A that other options may be put out of the way. But as long as Plan B gets you to the same place as Plan A, I don't see what's wrong with considering other things

2:03AM PDT on Jul 25, 2014

Some people may not be willing to try Plan B because they have become so set on Plan A. This was the case with a true-life story I read in a magazine. A woman was set on a dream wedding that she had dreamed about since childhood. But then she discovered that it was way too expensive for her means and would require years of saving at least. When her fiance suggested alternatives, she was just crushed. Eventually he agreed to put off the wedding for years so they could save (though I doubt he was happy about it).

Then a friend took her idea and used it for her own wedding. The lady was left feeling jealous and angry towards her friend. She was also extremely bitter at the thought that she may never have her dream wedding, even if she raised the money, because people would think she copied.

I don't know what happened to the lady in the end. But her story showed me what can happen if you set your heart too closely on something and don't consider the possibilty that it may not work out. You need to be open to alternatives if it does go that way, or you let yourself in for a big disappointment.

6:11AM PDT on Jul 11, 2014

There's nothing wrong with following a plan B if plan A doesn't work out. It's just like finding the road to one place blocked so you take another route and discover somewhere else.

2:26AM PDT on Jul 9, 2014

Kamia, you are so right! I wish more believers knew what you and I know. YAH explained to me that he wants me to learn to solve problems. As you probably know, he has plans for us becoming a "a nation of kings and priests". He doesn't want any spoiled kids in power so he puts us through "boot camp".

He also just enjoys sitting back and watching how his "kids" solve their problems. He applauds us.

YAH told me, "Do what you can to solve the problem. Trust me with the rest,"

It keeps me from worrying because YAH always comes through with an answer or an important suggestion as I "solve the puzzle" but only when I need it.

He wants us to grow up and learn to solve problems. He wants us strong and happy and successful. I like that idea.

and yours

2:17AM PDT on Jul 9, 2014

Plan B? Of course.

But Plan D (doubt) can be the most useful.

I find if I examine the doubts in getting what I want, it circles all the weaknesses in attaining my desire. I find a way to solve or eliminate or rise above the doubts. Then my plan is stronger than when the first "doubt" wagged it's finger at my plan as a Hollywood demon might

Most often I get what I want.

If you're one of the awakened and would like to overcome "ego" when it's negative, try treating your ego as a court jester. Watch it strut and/or pout and do it's aggravated performance on stage for you. Then laugh as you embrace the "court jester" and say thank you.

Same sort of thing when the "devil" tempts you. Laugh. I like to say "You sure are slipping. I'm not going to do THAT!"

But the court jester ego puts YOU back into the comfort of humility.

The ridiculous "devil" has revealed the stupidity of his temptations and that revelation can keep you from other foolish decisions and/or actions.

You can LAUGH your way into wisdom (from doubts), security when choosing humility and greater strength and positive attitude when "devil" tries to make a fool of you.

2:07PM PDT on Jun 14, 2014


2:06PM PDT on Jun 14, 2014

Thank you for sharing.

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