Who Were You Before You Were You?

Even though we all identify with a very limited slice of time and space, equating “me” with one body and one mind, in reality you also live outside yourself in the field of awareness.

The Vedic seers say, “The real you cannot be squeezed into the volume of a body or the span of a lifetime.” Just as reality flows from the virtual to the quantum to the material level, so do you. Whether we call this reincarnation or not almost doesn’t matter. The package of body and mind that came before is a stranger to you now, and the one that might arise after your death is equally alien.

On a deeper level, millions of seeds have already been planted. Some are the thoughts you will have tomorrow or the actions you will follow a decade from now.

As we watch those seeds sprouting in the fertile field of time and space, awareness wakes up to itself. This is how a single fertilized cell learns to become a brain – it makes up to itself, not on the chemical level but on the level of awareness.

Imagine that expanded awareness is normal. Time and space could just be convenient concepts that hold true in the material world but dissolve gradually as you approach the quantum level. This is what I believe reincarnation is about.

All of the virtual and quantum levels are open to us all the time. To navigate them completely is impossible; they open up to us according to our own needs and abilities. But no part is intentionally closed off.

It is more normal to learn from the past than not to, and people who shut out their former lives are shutting out lessons that give this present lifetime its purpose and meaning. For someone who has absorbed these lessons fully, there is no need to go beyond this lifetime, and yet such visitations are still part of the natural order of things.

Adapted from How To Know God, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2000).


Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer4 years ago

My mind was quite empty at the moment and I had no thoughts of it or anything else. Bringing it down to the kitchen where my family was gathered I held it out to them saying "here it is". The result was most instructive . They turned their heads and acted as if I wasn't there, as if I was invisible to them. There was no way they were going to acknowledge what was before them . Short of jumping up and down I did everything I could to get their attention; I kept saying "here it is Grandma showed me where" and they would not see me. I understood that before Grandma died her mind was in confusion, once she had passed over she was clear again and remembered where it was.

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer4 years ago

Jane nothing can prove anything to someone who won't accept proof of any kind. It's like someone with their hands over their ears swearing and thundering that the idea of birdsong is self deceiving and absurd. Everyone has their own needs for this life experience but you are certainly loud and full of contempt for ideas you admittedly have no use for. And we all have moments and adventures in our lives which not only do we choose never to share but prefer not to remember, we would like to forget them. Your poor lonely lust crazed shepherd is no exception.Humans will refuse to see what is before them if it conflicts with their chosen defining beliefs.The night after my grandmother's death I was here in this house which is now mine up talking with my aunt. She was as determinedly committed to her beliefs about mortality and such as you are, and also the rest of my family. We came to an agreement that if Grandma would come and tell me where a certain item was and I found it she would believe me. The item was the lace wedding bed cover that she had made and always had on her bed and thought someone must have stolen it. That night I slept with no remembered dreams of her and upon arising, with no thought, (you know how that moment is when you have just woken up and you're not quite focused on the here and now?) pulled down the ladder to the attic, climbed the steps and going directly to a dresser amongst several opened a particular drawer, and there it was. My mind was quite empt

Jane Barton
Jane Barton4 years ago

How come nobody was ever a syphilitic shephard who banged sheep in their past life? Doesn't the astral mind go there? Honestly it's been proven that people dream but it's not necessary to "believe" your dreams because dreams are not REAL. Dreams are figments of the imagination. Dreams do not prove there are "past lives" and near death experiences do not prove there is an afterlife. These things have been proven to be brain tricks. Even feelings of "love" are a brain trick and are the result of a chemical reaction of our own hormones. Why do people cling to old superstitions?

R Anna B.
Renata B4 years ago

Being a professional past life regressionist (through hypnosis) I see this all the time. A lot of food for thought. I shall never stop being amazed by the discoveries in my job. It's hard work, but worth it to the very last bit.

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer4 years ago

There are certain benefits offered by mortality that outrank the surety of aging suffering and death that is the price of coming here. Every newborn of any species awes me with it's courage and determination to jump laughing into this realm.The relationships with other beings in full tactility, the manipulation of gross matter as well as the spiritual benefits of mastering the lessons in the face of mortality draws us here.

Zee K.
Past Member 4 years ago

I have begun the fascinating study of Kabbalah. I love it. It's nice having what
you know confirmed.

And there are always new things to learn regardless of how familiar the subject may be.

Let us bring light and love to Earth.

Zee K.
Past Member 4 years ago

I was a teacher in the Halls of Brahm.

I responded to the calls to "come help us" from the lower worlds.

I came into the astral and got into the wrong crowd.

I was sentenced to mortal. I've pretty well paid the karma. Never again!!!!

What you do to others, will be done to you.

Sandi C.
Sandi C4 years ago

hope i get it right the next time around!

Vicky Locke
Vicky Locke4 years ago

I have a general belief in reincarnation. I believe I have to keep doing 'this' until I get it right. I have a loooong way to go.

Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T4 years ago

Great article and comments, thank you...