Why Are Women Branded As Bad Drivers?

Someone once told me that most stereotypes are founded in truth. That doesn’t mean they’re still true, of course, it just means that a long time ago a real characteristic (bad or good) inspired someone to make a generalization that has most likely been totally twisted and manipulated, until our gut reaction is to assume it’s always true.

One particularly annoying sterotype is that women are inferior to men when it comes to operating a motor vehicle. Never mind the fact that women are most often the chauffeurs of the family, responsible for getting all members to their intended destinations on time and in good health.

The idea remains that women are more likely to get a ticket or into an accident just because…why? They’re easily distracted? Too busy putting on makeup in the rear view mirror? Scared to go fast?

Finally, someone had the idea to actually take a look at the statistics to see if we live up to the stereotype. Here’s what they found. (Women, feel free to display this graphic in your home or office, or distribute to your social circles for vindication!)

Are Women Bad Drivers?

Infographic Source: Shift Insurance

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Tyler D.
Sean O'Dempseyabout a year ago

It was the Michigan study that revealed women crash a bit more while still driving less... Men just tend to be more aggressive and care less about the road laws.

Tyler D.
Sean O'Dempseyabout a year ago

Women are more likely to get in a wreck and drive less and still manage to wreck more often actually... Women are more cautious but men are much more skilled.

Todd Rich
Todd Rich2 years ago

No there are several more reasons why women cannot drive as well as men. 1. It is proven that women are easily distracted with makeup,texting, etc. 2. women sit so close to the steering wheel that they cant see their blindspots as well and it also blocks their peripheral vision. 3. I would be willing to say that 95% of girls of my generation(im 19)know absolutely jack squat about cars. All they know and care to know is that you"turn the wheel left to steer left, turn the wheel right to steer right, press this pedal to go, and press this pedal to stop." 4.This is similar to my last point. Most girls back in the day 60s-80s knew what was under the hood to a pretty good degree. They knew how they worked. With my generation at least, it is mindblowingly scary. They don't know anything other than that there is an engine in the front of the car.My point is, they handle dangerous situations poorly. For example, say that a woman suddenly found herself sliding on ice. Her first reaction would be to slam on the brakes, because that is all she knows about stopping her vehicle from moving. Little does she know that putting on the brakes makes your car slide out even worse. It is this lack of caring for the knowledge of their vehicle that is dangerous. 5. I would be very willing to bet that 98% of women do not take care of their car or maintenance it when it needs it. Probably because they dont even know that the car has 5-6 fluids that must be refilled and maintained every so often(month

Dimitris Dallis
Past Member 3 years ago

For me women are better drivers. Also because they drive a vehicle which inspired by men's logic.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson3 years ago

I am the best driver I know. Too many people do NOT take the laws of the road seriously. They speed (which is almost ALWAYS stupid) they don't use turn signals, they cut people off, they are distracted ect. It's ridiculous. A car is a tool, and too many idiots simply didn't pay attention when taking drivers education. They think they are invincible. Irresponsible driving infuriates me.

Jim N.
James N3 years ago

Men invented the car, by the way. I guess that makes me sexist for saying that.

Jim N.
James N3 years ago

Regardless of gender, driving is extremely serious business. People's lives are at stake every single time you drive and every decision you make while driving. One dumb move and you could kill an entire family. Never, ever, drive and text.

Pilots have an ingrained method of checking the skies for other aircraft. When you've got nothing but sky surrounding you, it's easy to get lulled into thinking there are no dangers, but another aircraft can come out of nowhere in an instant. So pilots use "vigilance." They have a set routine of constantly visually scanning the horizon and then their intruments, then they repeat.

Car drivers can learn alot from this. You can screw around and text after you get to your destination - alive.

Wikipedia defines vigilance as "In modern psychology, vigilance, also termed sustained attention, is defined as the ability to maintain attention and alertness over prolonged periods of time.[1] During this time, the person attempts to detect the appearance of a particular target stimulus. The individual watches for a signal stimulus that may occur at an unknown time. "

Sonali Ghosh
Sonali G3 years ago

This shameful example dosn't help and sadly we are then all 'tarred with the same brush' by men. Statistics speak for themselves. Boy Racers annoy me the most. Our insurance prices wouldn't be as high if it wasn't for them. I was 'rear ended' by one a few years ago who proceeded to turn on the water works (crocodile tears) for sympathy. Big babies don't deserve adult machinery in my opinion. They are just dangerous and irresponsible.

Darren Woolsey
Darren Woolsey3 years ago

The stereotype probably still exists because survey takers and makers I would imagine are overwhelmingly male...

Women in my experience are overwhelmingly better at driving, they're just not very good at parking their vehicle a lot of the time... as regards being distracted or not being discreet, men are far worse, when it comes to mobile phone use in car (especially van and lorry drivers).

The only thing I can cite a women as behaving rather idiotically about when in a car, is adjusting their hair / appearance when in a car. The conditioning of image still pervades societies. A person walking past a mirror will psychologically preen themselves, some might stop to admire and/or adjust themselves.

The ego with males is the most button pressed in cars... especially, I have to report back, to younger Westernized Asian males, who appear to give the appearance of having "made it" or look cool, if they've got both a mobile cellphone AND drive a nice car.... a lot even like wearing shades, which is mechanical conditioning, from watching many a Bollywood or Hollywood movie.

Adilene W.
Addy W3 years ago