Why Buy Local?

We’ve all seen the “Buy Local” signs popping up in stores around our towns, and most of us have a sense that it would be good to follow their advice. But do we really understand how crucial of a difference our buying habits can make? We know it can help our communities, but by how much? And is buying locally really a key factor in helping the environment and the world as a whole?

These questions and others are explored in the infographic below, and you’ll find some startling answers. For example, did you know that a carrot typically travels 1,838 miles to become a part of a family’s meal? This not only means that your veggies aren’t very fresh, but also that all those miles are contributing to fuel wastage, environmental degradation, and a buildup of packaging products in landfills. You wouldn’t get any of these problems if you bought your carrots at the local farmer’s market.

In order to show the cumulative effects of these issues, the infographic visualizes a trip from the shipping yards and landfills far from our communities to the interactions of small businesses within a single community. Through this journey, you can see that it’s in the small choices, like buying from your local bookstore instead of a national chain, that you can make a big impact. With these changes, you can improve the economic health of your community and the environmental health of the world.


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"Do not Corrupt the earth..." (Quran 7:56)

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Thanks for the article.

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Buying local produce means fresher produce and is more environmentally friendly.

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Zawsze kupuję lokalne artykuły.

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Great article. Be sure you know where your produce stands are getting their produce. Know what's in season in your part of the country when you shop. Agree with the comment that encouraged some library reading. . .there are great books available. . .and start your own plot if at all possible.