Why Do You Recommend Detoxing?

Detoxing helps our bodies cope with the onslaught of toxins and stress which are an unavoidable part of modern day life. Boosting the detoxification system helps bring the body back into balance. It’s an important first step in restoring function and getting the body back to optimal health.

Internally we harbor toxins produced by the billions of bacteria and other flora in the intestines as well as the waste products produced by the body’s normal metabolic processes. And externally, our exposure to chemicals in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the personal care products we put on our skin and in household products is greater than ever. Our bodies are constantly neutralizing and eliminating all these toxins, that is, detoxing. It is a totally natural process. Just like with cars, our own internal engines are subject to waste build-up and can become sluggish over time – they both run better when clean.

So while we are obviously equipped to deal with low levels of some toxins, our bodies can become overwhelmed and overtaxed by the substantial increase in the number of toxins to which we are exposed.

If and when our own detoxification systems (predominantly the liver and the gut) become overloaded and do not function properly, toxins get stored in various tissues in the body, including fatty tissue. This prevents our system from functioning at optimum strength and efficiency and is a factor in the development of various chronic diseases, including cancer. Many of these external toxins or synthetic molecules are chemically similar to biologically active substances in our bodies and therefore easily interfere with our cell’s normal activities. For example,

  • Some interfere with our hormones
  • Some attach themselves to our chromosomes
  • Some disable the immune system
  • Some cause overstimulation of certain enzymes, others block their activity

A well functioning detoxification system that is supported nutritionally is essential to maintaining good health. I have been putting my patients on “detoxes” for the last 20 years and seen incredible results. An effective, natural, gentle detox program can help your body’s natural cleansing ability and put you on the road to rejuvenation.


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Detoxing is crucial to our system, to repel all of the synthetics and toxins in our environment today. However, it does not have to be a complication or expensive process. You can detox daily by eating cruciferous foods such as broccoli, drinking filtered water (everyone should invest in a good water filter) with an ample amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice and take a liver cleaning supplement such as milk thistle or dandelion. Powders, pills and concoctions not necessary.