Why Lemon Oil for Furniture? Ask Annie

Dear Annie,
Could you tell me why lemon oil is used on furniture? –Sally

Dear Sally,
Yes, there is a rhyme and reason for using lemon oil for wood furniture polish. It is used because it is so lubricating and antiseptic. Just make sure to use pure lemon oil, not the commonly available lemon oil furniture polish that is full of petroleum distillates. One way to find out if the furniture polish has petroleum in it is to read the label for cautions. “Flammable” is a good indicator that petroleum distillates are included! The purest lemon oil is available from herbalists and those used for medicinal purposes.

As an added bonus, lemon oil is an antidepressant, uplifting, and invigorating! Why not get happier when you clean? –Annie


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orange oil works well, particularly for darker woods

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