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Why You Should Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

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Why You Should Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

By Molly Mann, DiveinCaroline

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about apple cider vinegar (ACV)? It seems like every time I turn around, I’m reading something new about its miraculous healing benefits, and grocery stores now stock it in both the condiment and the vitamin aisles. Is ACV a modern-day snake oil, or is there something to all the hype?

A Long History of Healing
Though ACV has become big news only recently, its healing properties are nothing novel. In Apple Cider Vinegar: History and Folklore, Victoria Rose writes that people all over the world have used the liquid to treat various ailments for at least ten thousand years. The Babylonians used it as a condiment and a preservative. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, and his fellow Greeks and Romans relied on its healing properties. ACV has also been found in Egyptian urns dating back to 3,000 BC.

More recently, medieval Parisians used ACV as a deodorant and healing tonic, believing it capable of preserving youth. Japanese samurai also drank it for vitality. Christopher Columbus carried the liquid in barrels aboard his ships because it helped to prevent scurvy—though vitamin C wasn’t actually discovered until much later, in 1933—and American Civil War doctors used it to clean wounds and sterilize instruments.

Americans started using ACV in the 1950s, after author D.C. Jarvis promoted it in his best-selling book, Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctor’s Guide to Good Health, as a kitchen remedy for head lice and poor digestion, among other afflictions. Then its popularity took off as part of the alternative-medicine movement of recent years.

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12:04PM PST on Feb 23, 2015

Thank you

2:50PM PST on Feb 22, 2015

Yep, Thanks...

1:53PM PST on Feb 22, 2015

YUCK. I can't even stand to be around or smell any type of vinegar... it's the worst smell ever. Gag!!!! >.

9:00PM PST on Feb 21, 2015

Thank you. Thank you very much

11:06AM PST on Feb 20, 2015

apple cider vinegar always has to be organic to see the benefits!

7:18PM PST on Feb 19, 2015

Thank you.

7:43PM PST on Feb 18, 2015

thank you

12:57PM PST on Jan 28, 2015

Formic acid is also sprayed on grains to resist mildew, my theory is that it & herbicides used in RoundUp Ready gmo. seed are taken up into the gluten, which MAY be the causation of gluten issues.

Ingested Formic acid will also metabolize to Lactic acid in ALL our cells possibly onsetting the FM; Fibromyalgic pain issues that people who quit grain OR gluten seem to vaporize. It would be worth the experiment to eat only organic grains with gluten and see if the pain issues subside.

Whole grains as brown rice have the dominant B Vitamins, B1 thiamine for starters, which operates our breathing function. White rice & bread are severely depleted in thiamine. The rich B vitamin hull is polished off. During the War in Japan it was outlawed to polish rice. SIDS rates dropped.

Dr. Derek Lonsdale, Pediatrician worked with deficient infants born with depleted B1.
PDF] Lonsdale, Derrick, M.D. Why I Quit Orthodox Medicine.‎
Derrick Lonsdale, M.D. ... with the specific authorization of Dr. Lonsdale. Further ...... another infant, they have a one-in-four chance of that infant being affected.

The upper echelon at the FDA may have Formic acid listed as Organic acid, WHY because its sourced from trees. Well, all mushrooms are Organic, BUT most are poisonous.

5:26AM PST on Jan 28, 2015

Don't despair, after a workplace Toxic Fume Inhalation injury, after which I gained 5o Lb. in 6 months (auto-immune system messed up, cellular hypoxia) When I was shocked about the weight gain and craving for carbohydrates, i dropped from 305 Lb. to 260, but could not lose anymore weight.

Weight loss was stalled, until I used a protocol that the Townsend Letter for Doctors posted. I forget the initial large dose to shock the body, but after, 1 tablespoon 3 X a day with warm water at mealtimes. Within 1 month I lost 20 Lb. and lost a total of 85 Lb. down to 225 my High School weight.

About pH we think ACV is acidic, but just like a lemon or orange would test acidic on the counter, when mixed with stomach acid the Bio-Chemistry changes it to an Alkalinizing agent.

There is an informative pocketbook by Dr. Susan E. Brown and Larry Trivieri, Jr. titled; The ACID ALKALINE FOOD GUIDE, which has an excellent Introduction on understanding Acid Alkaline Balance, with an extensive Food Table Section and their effect on pH levels.

4:56AM PST on Jan 28, 2015

page 2/3 quote; Good for You Inside …
Nowadays, ACV is most popular as a purported weight-loss aid. A tablespoon a day taken before meals, some claim, will help to curb appetite and increase metabolism. According to Mayo Clinic nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky, RD, LD, there’s no evidence to support such beliefs, but a 2005 study found that consuming small amounts of vinegar with meals helped people increase feelings of satiety. It doesn’t have to be ACV, though; plain old white vinegar will do.

ACV does NOT = plain old white vinegar ^^^

Acute renal failure requiring haemodialysis after high doses ...
Acta Gastroenterol Belg. 1999 Jan-Mar;62(1):49-51. Acute renal failure requiring haemodialysis after high doses percutaneous acetic acid injection for ...

Think about it White Vinegar is used to pickle. Acetic acid is also synthesized at Natural Gas plants. A friend that I had recommended he use Organic ACV bought the cheap Box Store variety. I was at his place and I used a tablespoon in a large cup of water. It was not good, it took 3 days before I felt better again.

Acetic acid can also metabolize internally from other ingested or inhaled substanes;

How Alcohol Is Metabolized in the Human Body - HAMS‎
All ethyl alcohol which is broken down in the human body is first converted to acetaldehyde, and then this acetaldehyde is converted into acetic acid ...

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