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Why You Should Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

… and Out
You donít have to drink ACV to reap its benefits. Itís also a natural moisturizer and toner with many uses for face, hair, and body.

ē Combine one-half tablespoon of ACV with one cup of cold water for a natural dandruff remedy that will also add body and shine to your hair, as long as you donít mind the smell. (It will fade Ö eventually.)

ē If youíre prone to acne or age spots, use some ACV on your face as a nightly toner. It will clear up the oil and work as a natural antibacterial, as well as lighten discoloration.

ē Whiten teeth on the cheap by brushing them with ACV. The acid will help break up stains. But donít do this too often, or youíll wear away the tooth enamel (and the stains will get worse).

ē Claims that ACV also cures lice and warts are untrue, but it does do plenty. You can come up with a longer list if you think creatively.

Beware of Snake Oil Salesmen
As with all supplements, you should ask your doctor before beginning to take ACV. Itís not for everyone. Pure vinegar is very acidic and can damage tooth enamel and the tissues in your mouth and esophagus if itís not diluted. It can even cause contact burns on the skin. Long-term use of ACV can lower potassium levels, contributing to osteoporosis, and may interact with certain medications. ACV contains chromium, too, which affects insulin levels, so people with diabetes need to be especially careful when taking it.

Despite its acidity, opt for (diluted) liquid vinegar. You can purchase ACV tablets, but since the Food and Drug Administration doesnít regulate supplements, thereís no way to know for sure what youíre getting. A 2005 study of eight different brands revealed wide discrepancies among their ingredients, and some didnít contain any ACV at all.

No Miracle Cure
Though sorting through conflicting information about ACV can be confusing, adding a tablespoon or two to your salad dressing will probably do you more good than harm. Only now are researchers starting to confirm the liquidís age-old reputation as a restorer and maintainer of health, but while we should all retain some degree of skepticism about its supposed cure-all properties, centuries of history assure us that ACV is no fad.

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10:06PM PDT on Jul 6, 2014

i have taken the ACV pill - but drinking the liquid [1or 2 TB at a time] is more effective and definitely more friendly on my wallet :-p . I''ve notice it helps with weight, metabolism, and even arthritis. There's a difference when i miss a day or two ~ my body reminds me to take it!

12:16PM PDT on Jul 5, 2014

they say it helps weight loss - has anyone actually had results with it ?

7:05AM PDT on Jun 29, 2014

Hmmm... Da..., maybe one can't paint in vinegar?

4:48PM PDT on Jun 16, 2014


9:33AM PDT on Jun 11, 2014

great stuff

10:07AM PDT on Jun 10, 2014

Is there anything you can't do with vinegar?!

8:14AM PDT on Jun 10, 2014

What I like most about it is that when I put ACV in my water, the kids don't drink it. The looks on their faces with the first gulp is priceless. They now leave mom's water alone.

7:07AM PDT on Jun 2, 2014

Very interesting....also, I remember, as did "Helga G.", how my mother fixed sliced cucumbers the same way. At times, she would even add thinly sliced onion to the mix and was that ever good!!! WOW! I've tried several times to "imitate" the taste she got, but sadly, it was to no avail; I just can't seem to duplicate it....or is it that nothing really tastes quite as good as what our mothers made? I do believe that's the key right there...*sigh* that I'm almost in my 7th decade, it's a bit too late to actual SEE how she made it; but when God calls me Home and I get to see her again, I will definitely have to ask her! Have a great day, everyone and God bless!!

11:05AM PDT on May 31, 2014

A very useful liquid indeed! Good as a rinse aid in your washing machine, on salad, cleaning and countless other uses as the article explained very well. My Mum used to make a lovely dressing with boiled water, sugar, pepper and vinegar and that was so yummy to drink when all the salad had been consumed. So simple and tasty.
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ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ But the greatest of these is love ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ
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♥* ♥ ˚☻Love & Peace☻go with☻you all.☻˚♥ *˚

4:57AM PDT on May 27, 2014

A kind of cleaning, healthy one

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