12 Tips So You Donít Start a Wildfire

Forest fires raging out of control in the western part of the United States are utterly terrifying! Acres and acres burn, lives are lost, homes, wildlife, and wilderness threatened. While it is true that the ashes of wildfires nourish new growth, modern logging practices and more have unbalanced the natural rhythm of wildfires. And who would ever want to start one? Nobody in their sane mind, and the severe and prolonged drought in the west would make even controlled burns dangerous.

Youíll be amazed at these 12 ďOnly You Can Prevent WildfiresĒ tips from Smoky the Bear. We learned something, and we think you will too:

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By Annie B. Bond


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Thanks Annie. Forest fires cause so much environmental destruction and displacement of animals.

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more important now than ever

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I never go to the woods, though.

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Thank you for your information!

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