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How to Avoid Hitting Animals While Driving (Without Putting Yourself In Danger)

When driving, how far would you go to avoid hitting an animal? This week a novice driver in Utah was forced to answer that question when a raccoon suddenly appeared on the road. To avoid hitting th…


6 Animals With Very Long Life Spans

Human longevity is increasing all the time. But compared to some other animals, a human's average life span (about 78.5 years according to the CDC) is nothing to brag about. One bird just celebrated h…


Winter Bird Feeding: 7 Tips & Recipes

Winter is a difficult season for birds who stick around in northern climes. They need extra stamina to keep themselves warm, just at the time of year when their usual foods are in short supply. Feedin…


Why Rudolph And His Reindeer Friends Are in Danger

In spite of their Christmas fame and status as Santa's sidekick, reindeer populations are declining worldwide, according to a recently published study in theJournal for Nature Conservation. Populatio…


Protect Endangered Species Act from Big Industry

Wolves. Polar bears. The bald eagle. The peregrine falcon. These are just some of the animals that are alive today because they enjoy the protection of the federal Endangered Species Act. Yet, they an…


3 Ways to Get Your Nature Fix This Winter

For many people in the Northern hemisphere, scarves, mitts, boots and gloves have become fashion must-haves as the last leaves of autumn are followed by the first snowfall. For many of us, the thought…


10 Turkey Facts You Don’t Know

Do you think you can talk turkey? Here are 10 fun facts to know about these interesting birds: 1. Gobbles the sounds that turkeys make can be heard more than a mile away. 2. Adult wild male …


Don’t Think Tigers Are Pets? Support Legal Action Protecting Them

It's hard enough to raise a cat or a dog. But a tiger? These big beautiful animals can weigh hundreds of pounds. Their powerful jaws and deadly claws make them formidable in the jungle, which is exact…


America’s Little-Known Role in Killing Elephants

African elephants need your help. Every 15 minutes, on average, a poacher kills one of these exquisite animals, and for what? Their ivory tusks, tusks that get turned into products that are imported r…


Celebrity Lemur Dies at Age 20

Jovian, a Coquerel's sifaka, was the star of the PBS kids' show "Zoboomafoo," which aired from 1999 to 2001 and was hosted by brothers Martin and Chris Kratt. The lead character, Zoboomafoo, was most …


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