Alter Water for Dogs, Hot Spots and More

A kennel that specialized in racing Greyhounds reported that Willard Water XXX was able to get rid of a stubborn virus. Other dog owners describe aggressive dogs becoming mellow after using Willard Water XXX in their drinking water. A tablespoon can be added to your dog’s meat meal to kill bacteria.

Dr. Willard, Professor emeritus of chemistry at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, discovered a unique catalyst that alters the molecular structure of ordinary water. In his product, Willard Water XXX, one of the ingredients is fossilized organics from refined lignite. The lignite, which is rich in carbon, is added to “reactivate” the catalyst-altered water (CAW). Lignite is a source of trace minerals, nutrients, amino acids, humic acids, carbon and natural ingredients that act as growth accelerators in plants. Researchers have also found traces of antibiotics that naturally occur in lignite.

Willard Water XXX works topically as a treatment for many skin disorders, especially hot spots. It acts as an eyewash, and can be used to clean ears. When you are traveling with your dog, add it to the drinking water to keep his stress levels under control and to counteract polluted water supplies. I have used Willard Water XXX for many years. I use it on hot spots and it dries up the inflamed areas overnight. I spray it on cuts to stop the bleeding, and insect bites to reduce the swelling and irritation.

There are two kinds ofWillard Water,clear and dark. Both are available in a concentrated form, and you add 1 ounce of the clear or 2 ounces of the dark to a gallon of distilled water.

Adapted from Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog,by Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, D.V.M. Copyright (c)2000 by Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, D.V.M. Reprinted by permission of Howell Book House.
Adapted from Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog,by Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, D.V.M


Johnice R.
Johnice R5 years ago

Hummm, something to research and consider.

Duane B.
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Thank you for sharing.

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Ellinor S.
Ellinor S7 years ago

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Carolyn M.
Carolyn M7 years ago

Very interesting. Whole Dog Journal also ran a big article on Willard water a year or so ago. Thanks.

Alicia Nuszloch
Alicia N7 years ago

Very interesting, my dear, thanks so very much, I am buying it for sure. My dog keeps scratching his ears and are irritared , I don't like to see my boy like that, besides he stress out a lot when seing other dogs - Oreo was rescued from a shelter- so maybe, hopefully this water will work for every body.

Doni Mason
Doni Mason7 years ago

You want to make sure you get your Willard Water from an authorized Distributor. Others have taken the water and diluted it and then when it was purchased by unsuspecting consumers, they were disappointed that it did not work as well as promised. You an find the list of authorized distributors at I purchase the wqter regularly and I will tell you that the best prices on the net are from Swanson's Health Products. You can find the dark here: Water Dark&doSearch.x=0&doSearch.y=0
I am in no way associated with either EWillard Water or Swanson's. I just like to see animals getting helped without the damages that some medications can cause. I also know how much the water has helped me and friends who have started taking it.

If you want more information you can email me at I have a care2 email address, but I confess I don't check it very regularly.

Doni Mason

Brian M.

I was interested to read about this article about healthy water for dogs. Dogs need good healthy water as much as us humans do. In November 2008 our Maltese Chitzue had 5 pups. She was 7 at the time and this was her first litter of pups. The whole process took its toll on 'Daisy'. We followed advise from a vet and information we got from the Internet to keep her in good health but for whatever reason by the time the pups had gone at 8 weeks of age Daisy really was a mere shadow of the dog she was and we were very concerned for her. At that time my wife and I and our children had been adding Xooma X20 sachets to our filtered drinking water. We had great results from drinking better quality water ourselves so we decided if its good enough for us it's good enough for our beloved little Daisy. So we started adding the Xooma X20 sachets to her drinking water and over a period of a week she had improved significantly in health. We put it down to the Xooma X20 product. Information....X2O Sachets actually make water "wetter" by physically changing the molecular structure. This dramatically improves your body's hydration at the cellular level.....Every sachet of X2O contains calcium, magnesium, and over 70 trace minerals. These essential minerals & electrolytes become ionic in water allowing them to be absorbed quickly and easily by your body....check this product out out at

Lynn Proctor
Lynn Proctor8 years ago

Willard Water is carried by many natural food stores, and you will need to call around and find out. You can also buy it online. If you want, you can write me at Lynn

Lynn Proctor
Lynn Proctor9 years ago

I have an elderly cat that has been suffering from kidney failure. A year ago I took her to the vet and of course, there was nothing they could do. Oh, yeah, they did offer to clean her teeth for $400 including pre-tests. Anyway, she also had gotten limpy in her back legs, with weakness and obvious muscle wasting. I put her (and by default, the rest of my cats) on Willard Water with lignite in their water dishes, about a capful per bowl. My elderly cat (Summer) has decreased her constant water drinking by about two thirds, and she has bulked up again, with increased energy, not so lethargic, good appetite, good grooming, and overall improvement. I had no reason to expect she would improve, as once the kidneys (which cannot absorb the water properly for the body) start to go, dehydration sets in, and even with constant water drinking, it is to no avail. Somehow, the Willard Water hydrates the body through the tissues better. My vet (prior kitty) suggested Pediolyte (sp?) but they won't drink it. I thought this might help someone else with a pet with kidney failure who cannot seem to get enough water. Another thing I noticed was that her stools went from extremely hard and dry to moist and shiny. That tells me the water is getting through her body better.