6 Wonderfully Weird Succulents (Slideshow)


Sure, you’re familiar with prickly pears and aloe vera. But there are tons of other fascinating succulent plants around the world! Click through for some wonderfully weird examples of these dynamic plants.


Also understandably known as living stone, this hearty succulent is native to Southern Africa. Their unique appearance is due to the need to protect themselves from being eaten — rocks don’t really look that appetizing!

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These and other types of succulent plants are becoming a trendy alternative to traditional wedding bouquets.

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Native to the same region of Southern Africa as living stone, this rare plant takes its name from its strong resemblance to a bunch of grapes.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


This odd-looking plant is also known as a ”split-rock.”

Image Credit: Stan Shebs via Wikimedia Commons

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Blossfeldia Liliputana

The smallest cactus species in the world, this South American succulent is named after the tiny citizens of Liliput in Gulliver’s Travels.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Haworthia Cooperi

Another succulent native to Southern Africa.

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I'm growing lots of succulents. I think I'm addicted!

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Beautiful plants.Thanks for sharing

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Jensenobotrya looks like the toy Zoobs.

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