Yes, You Can (And Should!) Reuse Pickle Juice


Tossing out pickle juice is always a little sad — all that flavor, all that hard work down the drain! Sure, you can reuse pickle juice for your next pickling project, but there are plenty of other things to do with it, both edible and not! Packed with salt and vinegar, it’s no surprise that the stuff is great for recycling. Here are some ideas:


  • Flavor salad dressings and sauces. Use the pickle juice in lieu of vinegar in recipes.
  • Add it to mac and cheese!
  • Liven up soups.
  • Flavor bland veggies. Drizzle over some steamed or roasted veggies for a great flavor boost.
  • Lighter boiled potatoes. Add a generous dash of pickle juice to the the boiling water. The flavor works so well, you can skip all the fattening and unhealthy extras like sour cream, mayo, butter, and added salt.
  • Pickle-y cheese. Marinate soft white cheese in pickle juice for a great tangy appetizer.
  • Drink it! Try a pickletini. Seriously, it’s a real thing.

Other Reuses:

  • Clean copper pots and pans. Sure, they’re great for cooking and they look great, but copper pots and pans can be a hassle to clean. An easy solution? Use pickle juice!
  • Acidify soil. Have a plant in your garden that loves acidic soil? Pickle juice is just the right thing for you.
  • Kill weeds. Humans may love the stuff, but weeds hate pickle juice. Douse them in pickle juice to get rid of weeds naturally.
  • Recover from exercise. No, really! Research has shown that pickle juice works wonders for relieving post-workout cramps — it gets rid of ‘em a whopping 37%  faster than water. It’s all the vinegar, doctors think.
  • Soothe stomach aches and cramps. A couple swigs of pickle juice can help calm your muscles and your gut.
  • Soothe heartburn, acid reflux, and even hangovers. It really is a wonder treatment! Sore throats and colds, too. Straight vinegar works too, but pickle juice is much more appetizing, isn’t it?!

Have your own special way of reusing pickle juice? Tell us about it in the comments!

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