Yoga Meets Political Action

While on the scene in Charlotte at the Democratic National Convention in September, I was able to catch an interview with (my shero) yogini and sacred activist Seane Corn. We met up at the Oasis that Off The Mat created there in partnership with The Huffington Post.

It was truly an oasis, a sanctuary even. They provided a respite from the hustle and bustle of the Convention, by offering yoga, meditation, massages, healthy food and beverages, and an all around tranquil vibe to media and delegates alike. Watch here:

She talked to me about a current campaign by Off the Mat into the World. OTM’s mission is to use the power of yoga to inspire conscious, sustainable activism and ignite grassroots social change. The campaign is Yoga Votes.

YogaVotes is where yoga meets political action. Listen to Seane explain it on the next page. 

I for one, hope we can get enough California yogis to the polls on November 6th, to vote yes on Prop 37. Prop 37, unanimously supported by the Los Angeles City Council, is known as “The Right to Know” proposition. If passed, it would require GMO (genetically modified organisms) to be labeled, as they already are in over 60 countries. I’m really not interested in being part of a science experiment by consuming GMOs. In fact, there is enough scientific evidence to suggest they may be outright dangerous, or even deadly. A win for Prop 37 in California could create a domino effect across the country that would be a major win for the health and safety of our food system, and every one of us.

I’ll see you bright, radiant participatory yogis at the poles!



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Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you :)

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the prop 37 lost

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How come the two things can come together?

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Thank you for the news. Clearly, corporations rule the nation.

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How nice. Thank you.