Your Daily Chill Out

Chillout: If you do not notice the beauty in your life then you are missing the best bit. Do not let beauty pass you by without a moment of appreciation.



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Ana R
Ana R3 years ago

Thank You:))

Dolores M Goytia
Dolores M Goytia3 years ago

So many of us get too involved with things in our lives that we forget to stand back, stop and notice all the beauty around us and be appreciative of how it calms our minds just by noticing all the beauty around us. Thank you for reminding us.

Patricia H.
Patricia H.3 years ago

thanks for sharing

Lin Moy
Lin M3 years ago


Nicole Gorman
Nicole Gorman3 years ago

Always appreciative of beauty, just need to remember to see it in unexpected places!

Joe R.
Joe R.3 years ago

Thanks Ed and Deb.

aj M.
aj E.3 years ago

always important.

aj M.
aj E.3 years ago

always important.

Chris Ray
Chris R.4 years ago

I try too. thanks!~

Sue H.
Sue H.4 years ago

This mornings beauty: 3 little goldfinches picking the seeds
out of the spent cosmos blooms. :)