Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Houseplant

Struggling to find the perfect houseplant? When it comes to plants you’ll share space with, emotions run high.

You may want a leafy houseplant, or maybe one that’s small and tidy. Perhaps a tropical houseplant, or a hardy succulent. A houseplant you can’t kill, even if you forget to water, or an indoor plant that will thrive in low light.

Houseplants from large to small—including the World’s Most Adorable—can be found in Gardenista‘s photo gallery. Take your time and find your favorite in the Gallery of Houseplants.

Above: Tend a Tiny Herb Garden in your tiny apartment.

Above: Get out your tools and mount a Staghorn Trophy on the wall.

Above: Choose a Hardy Houseplant you can forget to water for a week.

Above: Or, grow Kitchen Vines, a la model Summer Rayne Oakes.

Find all these and more in Gardenista‘s Gallery of Houseplants.

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Nimue P.

I think a tiny herb garden would be just perfect. Thank you :)

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Thank you gardenistas :)

Genoveva M.
Genoveva M M.3 years ago

Thanks, lovely plants. My favorite pictur is the kitchen window.

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Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you Gardenista, for Sharing this!

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love the kitchen vine!

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