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ACTIVISM: South Africa: Swimming the Seven Seas to Save the World's Oceans

- 2 hours ago -
Lewis Pugh, ocean advocate and endurance swimmer, set out on Thursday to become the first person to undertake a long-distance swim in each of the classical Seven Seas, in a bid to highlight the need for protected areas in oceans around the world.
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US Politics & Gov't

Ferguson Police Now Wear Body Cameras

- 4 hours ago -
During protests on Saturday, Ferguson officers began wearing small body cameras clipped to their uniforms that recorded crowds, conversations and even some taunts by demonstrators, a police official said on Sunday.
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Green Lifestyle

U.S. Representative Questions EPA's Risk Assessment of 2,4-D-Based Herbicide

- 5 hours ago -
U.S. Representative Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) sent a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last week asking them a poignant question: Why didn't the human health risk assessment of Dow's newest 2,4-D-based herbicide apply the ten-fold saf
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Health & Wellness

The World Has the Knowledge, Tools and Funds to Eliminate Ebola. Let's Do It.

- 4 hours ago -
Jim Yong Kim is president of the World Bank. Paul Farmer is the Kolokotrones University professor at Harvard University. Farmer and Kim, who are infectious disease physicians, co-founded the nonprofit organization Partners in Health.
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Society & Culture

Norman Finkelstein Slams 'Crocodile Tears' for Holocaust ~ Americans, How Could You Defend Zionism When They Control Your Countr   video

- 4 hours ago -
How the Zionists use the holocaust card to gain an advantage over people. Read Dr. Finkelstein's book: The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering. To the Americans, how could you defend Zionism when they control your count
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Neanderthal 'Artwork' Found in Gibraltar Cave

- 4 hours ago -
Mounting evidence suggests Neanderthals were not the brutes they were characterised as decades ago. But art, a high expression of abstract thought, was long considered to be the exclusive preserve of our own species.
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