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Diaspora Jews, It's Time to Step Up

- 8 hours ago -
For years there have been calls for on-the-ground opposition to the occupation. Now there are a growing number of Jewish platforms - and voices - seeking to make it happen. An important shift is beginning to take place - right now.
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Green Lifestyle

Stop the Plastic Bags Everywhere Bill PETITION

- 7 hours ago -
Georgia legislators, at the behest of plastic and chemical companies, are working to pass a bill that would prohibit Georgia communities from enacting things like bag bans or fees.
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Health & Wellness

The Sale of Monsantos Toxic Weedkiller Is Banned in the Netherlands!

- 1 day ago -
The government of the Netherlands just took a huge step to protect its citizens and banned Monsantos super-toxic pesticide Roundup ~ and its time more countries did the same. The pesticide is widely known to contaminate soil and water, causing~Petition
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How Important Is The Sunni-Shiite Divide In The Middle East?

- 19 hours ago -
Amid escalating conflict in Yemen and battles in Iraq and Syria, many wonder how the Middle East became seeded with such conflict. One argument frequently made is that of a sectarian division between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.
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Science & Tech

Sekhmet âEUR" The Warrior Goddess, Statues Found in Egypt...

- 8 hours ago -
The German Egyptologist, Horig Sourouzian, discovered in West Luxor 14 statues made of black granite, depicting the lionhead goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet, was a powerful Goddess, daughter of God Ra, worshiped as the âEUR~DestroyerâEUR(TM). However she was also...
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