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Yakama Nation Tells DOE to Clean Up Nuclear Waste

- 7 hours ago -
The Department of Energy (DOE), politicians and CEOs were discussing how to warn generations 125,000 years in the future about the radioactive waste at Hanford Nuclear Reservation, considered the most polluted site in the U.S., when Native American anti-n
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When Not To Go To School

- 10 hours ago -
In large parts of rural India, the absence of separate toilets for growing girls is taking a toll on their education. Many are unable to attend school during their menstrual cycle.
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Victor Ponta,: Help the Forgotten Romanian Horses!

- 2 hours ago -
They are being forced to work and being abused until death. The mentality of the farmers is to leave the animals outside during the cold winter, thirsty and hungry, arguing that a horse who does not work needs no food.
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Green Lifestyle

Is It Time for a Real War on Cars?

- 4 hours ago -
In railing against everything from bike lanes to transit spending, pundits and politicians often raise the spectre of a "war on cars." Of course, there is no war on cars -- but there should be.
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Health & Wellness

Mother Finds Xanax in Preschooler's Easter Egg

- 48 minutes ago -
Police say a 4-year-old girl obtained the egg when she attended an Easter egg hunt at an elementary school Wednesday. According to WJBK, her mother reportedly found the medication when she opened the eggs at home.
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Hoarding Conditions in Area Taxing Capacity of Toledo Area Humane Society

- 12 hours ago -
Toldedo Area Humane Society~Michael Suiter, 51, of the 2200 block of Portsmouth Ave. in Toledo, Ohio has been charged with a second degree misdemeanor count of animal cruelty on Friday after authorities seized 26 dogs and cats living in squalor
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Science & Tech

Anglesey: Mysterious Artefact Discovered at Neolithic Tomb

- 2 hours ago -
Perthi Duon - described by Dr Nash as Anglesey's "least known Neolithic chambered tomb" - is believed to have been a portal dolmen, a type of single-chamber tomb mostly built in the early Neolithic period, and dates to around 3,500BC or earlier.
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