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Don't Flood Our Forests and History PETITION

- 2 hours ago -
Proponents of the lake are trying to sell this destructive project by saying it would provide drinking water, but the United States Geological Survey has said that there is absolutely no need to dam the Boga Lusa as long as our underground drinking water
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Green Lifestyle

Coming Clean: HydropowerâEUR(TM)s Dirty (Energy) Secrets

- 9 hours ago -
Another huge concern is the greenhouse gas emitted from dam reservoirs. In these man-made reservoirs, rotting organic matter can release significant amounts of methaneâEUR"a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.
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Health & Wellness

Demand Retraction of Sexist Abortion Bill

- 9 hours ago -
Recently, a bill was introduced to the Missouri State House of Representatives that would require women seeking an abortion to get the father of the child's permission first. The bill's author, Rick Brattin, makes allowances for cases of rape and incest
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Meet the Virtuous CEO Who Returned His $1.9-Million Bonus

- 6 hours ago -
Rick Holley didnâEUR(TM)t think it fair that he got a bonus when his shareholders didnâEUR(TM)t. So the chief executive officer of Plum Creek Timber Co. gave it back.
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Science & Tech

This Reusable Paper Saves Trees and Prints Using Ultraviolet Light

- 4 hours ago -
Scientists are redefining what it means to go paperless. Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, have been working on an alternative to traditional paper that can be printed on and erased more than 20 times.
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