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A History of Earth Day

- 1 hour ago -
Founded in 1970 as a day of education about environmental issues, Earth Day is now a globally celebrated holiday that is sometimes extended into Earth Week, a full seven days of events focused on green awareness.
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Green Lifestyle

The Almond and the Bee

- 10 hours ago -
In describing the pollination of California almonds it's hard not to slip into superlatives: 80 percent of world almond production takes place in California, and almonds have become the country's most valuable horticultural export...
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Health & Wellness

Fostering a Dog: It's Good for Your Heart and Your Wallet

- 1 day ago -
Twenty thousand dollars is a lot of money. It could be a down payment on a home. It could pay off the lion's share of an average college graduate's student loan debt. Or it could buy you a whole lot of cute.
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Hoarding Conditions in Area Taxing Capacity of Toledo Area Humane Society

- 9 minutes ago -
Toldedo Area Humane Society~Michael Suiter, 51, of the 2200 block of Portsmouth Ave. in Toledo, Ohio has been charged with a second degree misdemeanor count of animal cruelty on Friday after authorities seized 26 dogs and cats living in squalor
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Science & Tech

Crowd-Sourcing Britain's Bronze Age

- 3 hours ago -
A new joint project by the British Museum and the UCL Institute of Archaeology is seeking online contributions from members of the public to enhance a major British Bronze Age archive and artefact collection.
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Activists Cry Foul After Discovery of Dead Leopard at Golf Course

- 9 minutes ago -
A day after the carcass of a leopard was found at Gurgaon's ITC golf course, wildlife activists on Saturday cried foul over the mysterious circumstances surrounding the spotted cat's death.
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