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US Politics & Gov't

A Hispanic Man Delivers Absentee Ballots, and Now Conservatives Want Him Dead (TEXT and VIDEO)

- 1 hour ago -
Conservatives are outraged over what they claim, mistakenly, to be evidence of massive voter fraud being perpetrated in Arizona, The Daily Dot reports.Despite the outrage from conservative sites, Marine was not behaving illegally when he delivered the...
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Saudi Terrorism Court Sentences 13 People To Prison Over Al-Qaida Attack Plot On US Forces

- 2 hours ago -
13 people were sentenced to jail by a Saudi court Tuesday for planning an attack against U.S. forces in the Middle East. A special terrorism court reportedly jailed about 11 Saudi people for between 18 months-25 years, while those hailing from Qatar...
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Green Lifestyle

3 Things You Can Literally Learn In Your Sleep

- 5 hours ago -
If someone suggested you play music or light a scented candle while you slept to better remember what you learned earlier in the day, you'd probably laugh.But while y ou might not be able exchange a night of studying for playing some jazz while you snooz
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Health & Wellness

Israelis Discover Clear Link Between Diabetes and Parkinson's Disease

- 8 hours ago -
Israeli scientists at Israel's Ben Gurion University in the Negev have found a definite link between Type II diabetes and the propensity for developing Parkinson's disease. She won grants from the EU 7th Framework Program, among other scientific bodies.
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Society & Culture

The Science of Fox News: Why Its Viewers Are the Most Misinformed

- 20 minutes ago -
"Who are the most consistently misinformed media viewers?" Jon Stewart asked Chris Wallace. "The most consistently misinformed misinformed? Fox, Fox viewers, consistently, every poll." Stewart's statement was factually accurate, as we'll see.
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Science & Tech

3,000-Year-Old Golden Bowl Hides a Grisly Archaeological Tale

- 1 hour ago -
In 1958, archaeologists were digging through the ruins of a burned Iron Age citadel called Hasanlu in northwestern Iran when they pulled a spectacular, albeit crushed, golden bowl from the layers of destruction
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