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Israeli Tech HARBO Cuts Down Response Time To Oil Spills To 20 Minutes

- 21 minutes ago -
According to the US Environmental Protection agency, tens of thousands of oil spills occur every year, and the prevention technology to deal with their aftermath has not changed in over three decades. Moreover, recovery rates continue to hover just be
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Green Lifestyle

Stand Up to Big Coal and Help Expand Clean Energy in North Carolina ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

- 41 minutes ago -
Did you know that 45 states allow residents to get their energy from local third party energy companies but not North Carolina? It's time for North Carolina to modernize its energy laws and move towards renewable energy!
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Society & Culture

Tunisia: Devout Muslim Laughed at the Infidels Before Shooting Them With Kalashnikov

- 21 minutes ago -
Chilling new details of Tunisia beach massacre: Killer joked as he selected his tourist victims before opening fire with an AK47 ~ as Tunisian PM warns that majority of 38 dead are British
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Puerto Rico Says It Cannot Pay Its Debt Setting Off Potential Crisis In The U.S.

- 9 hours ago -
The governor of Puerto Rico has decided that the island cannot pay back more than $70 billion in debt setting up an unprecedented financial crisis that could rock the municipal bond market and lead to higher borrowing costs for govts across the USA.
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