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Turn Back Congress's Assault on Our Environment PETITION

- 1 hour ago -
Tell President Obama to stop the Congressional onslaught by using his executive power now to tackle climate change, defend our natural heritage and save vulnerable wildlife. Urge him to act swiftly on these critical fronts and secure his environmental
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Green Lifestyle

Windmills Power Eiffel Tower

- 1 hour ago -
THE Moulin Rouge has a competitor today for the most visited windmill in Paris as two wind turbines have been installed high up on the Eiffel Tower to help cut the monumentâEUR(TM)s energy consumption.
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Health & Wellness

TAKE ACTION NOW! Tell the Government: Keep Cholesterol Warnings!

- 1 hour ago -
Please help us stop the U.S. government from dropping its recommendations against consuming dietary cholesterolâEUR"found in cheeseburgers, pizza, and all meat and dairy productsâEUR"in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
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Society & Culture

Duggar Daughter Casts Judgment Against Liberal Christians: You're Going to Hell, But I'M Not

- 9 hours ago -
Reality TV star Jessa Duggar lectured Christians in a lengthy Facebook post about GodâEUR(TM)s wrathful judgment. Duggar said the Bible teaches that God must punish sin with eternal damnation, and she sneered at "distorted" translations of the Bible that ...
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I-Wonder: How Did Oil Come to Run Our World?

- 21 minutes ago -
Oil dominates every aspect of our lives. It fuels our cars, it is used in the production of our plastic goods, the electricity for our homes and factories and can even be found in the fertiliser for the soil in which our food grows.
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