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How Many Businesses Have Announced Closings or Layoffs Since Obama Won A Second Term?

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- 1991 days ago -
Do elections have consequences? If you have been paying attention to the financial markets, you might think so. Wall Street has had two horrible days since President Obama won a second term.

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Cam V (417)
Thursday November 8, 2012, 9:15 pm
Do elections have consequences? If you have been paying attention to the financial markets, you might think so. Wall Street has had two horrible days since President Obama won a second term.

However, stock prices are not the only thing taking a hit. It appears that the job market is also suffering. In the last 48 hours, the following major corporations have announced layoffs in America (each is linked to the news release with details):

• Westinghouse -

Westinghouse Anniston, the contractor responsible for shutting down Anniston’s chemical weapons incinerator, has reduced its workforce by another 50 employees.

• Research in Motion Limited -

Research in Motion Ltd., the maker of BlackBerry smartphones, laid off about 200 people at its U.S. headquarters in Irving on Wednesday, according to a source close to the company who did not want to be named.

• Lightyear Network Solutions -

More than one dozen employees at a Pikeville company lost their jobs this week. Officials with Lightyear Network Solutions said they are consolidating offices in Louisville and Pikeville to save money.

• Providence Journal -

The Providence Journal Co. laid off 23 full-time workers Wednesday as part of a cost-cutting effort, including 16 members of the Providence Newspaper Guild and 7 non-union employees.

• Hawker Beechcraft -

The company says 240 employees will lose their jobs with the closing of Hawker Beechcraft Services facilities in Little Rock, Ark.; Mesa, Ariz.; and San Antonio, Texas.

• Boeing (30% of their management staff) -

Boeing Co.BA +1.24% said Wednesday it plans to employ 30% fewer executives at its Boeing Defense, Space & Security unit by the end of 2012 compared to 2010 levels.

• CVPH Medical Center -

CVPH Medical Center has handed pink slips to 17 employees. The layoffs — nine in management and eight hourly staffers — are part of an effort to “help bolster the hospital’s financial position in 2013 and beyond,” a press release said.

• US Cellular -

The move will result in 980 job cuts at U.S. Cellular, with 640 in the Chicago area, according to a spokeswoman. The cuts are slightly under 12 percent of the approximately 8,400 total employees U.S. Cellular had at the end of the third quarter.

• Momentive Performance Materials -

About 150 workers at Sistersville’s Momentive Performance Materials plant will be temporarily laid off later this month, officials said this week.

• Rocketdyne -

About 100 employees at Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, most of whom work in the San Fernando Valley, were laid off Wednesday in response to dwindling government spending on space exploration, the company said. The layoffs were effective immediately, and 75 percent of them came at the facilities on Canoga and De Soto avenues, which employ about 1,100 people. The company has six sites across the Valley.

• Brake Parts -

The leader of an automotive parts plant in Lincoln County has told state officials that there are plans to lay off 75 workers starting in late December…The layoffs are expected to start Dec. 28 and continue in the first quarter of 2013

• Vestas Wind Systems -

Vestas Wind Systems A/S (VWS) is seeking to sell a stake of as much as 20 percent and said it’s reducing headcount by 3,000 to raise the staff cuts by the biggest wind turbine maker to almost a third over two years.

• Husqvarna -

Husqvarna AB (HUSQB), the world’s biggest maker of powered garden tools, plans to cut about 600 jobs in a move that will save 220 million kronor ($33 million) a year by 2014.

• Center for Hospice New York -

The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care plans to temporarily lay off as many as 40 employees next year as it embarks on a major renovation of the inpatient unit at its Cheektowaga campus.

• Bristol-Meyers -

Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) is following up its lackluster third-quarter results with almost 480 layoffs. As Pharmalot reports, the company notified the New Jersey government that it would scale back in Plainsboro, which means the cuts will hit its sales operations.

• OCE North America -

Trumbull printer- and scanning-equipment provider Oce North America, Inc. will lay off 135 workers in three Connecticut communities, including East Hartford, according to its notice with the state Labor Department.

• Darden Restaurants -

The company, which was among those who had received an Obamacare waiver in the past, is looking to limit workers to 28 hours per week. A full time employee that is required to have health insurance (lest the employer pay a fine) works 30 hours per week, as defined by the Obamacare law.

• United Blood Services Gulf -

United Blood Services Gulf South region, the non-profit blood service provider for much of south Louisiana and Mississippi, will lay off approximately 10 percent of its workforce. It was a hard decision to make according to Susan Begnaud, Regional Center Director for the Gulf South region.

A layoff is tough enough for employees to deal with, imagine hearing the crushing news that your office is shutting down just before Thanksgiving and Christmas… Here are some of the business closings that were announced in just the past two days:

Caterpillar Inc. will close its plant in Owatonna Minn.
Mount Pleasant’s Albrecht Sentry Foods
The Target store at Manassas Mall Va.
Millennium Academy in Wake Forest NC
Target Closing Kissimmee FL Location
The Andover Gift Shop in Andover MA
Grand Union Family Markets Closing Storrs Location CT
Movie Scene Milford Location NH
Update: TE Connectivity Closing Greensboro Plant – 620 Layoffs Expected
Gomer’s Fried Chicken in South Kansas City
Kmart in Homer Glen
Fresh Market on Pine Street in Burlington
AGC Glass North America to permanently close its Blue Ridge Plant in Kingsport Tenn.
The Target store at Platte and Academy in Colorado Springs
The Roses store on Reynold Road in Winston-Salem NC
Meanders Kitchen losing its West Seattle location at 6032 California Ave
Bost Harley-Davidson at 46th Avenue North and Delaware Ave. in West Nashville TN
Townsend Booksellers in Oakland
The Kmart store in Parkway Plaza off University Drive in Durham NC – 79 Jobs Lost

To see even more companies that announced layoffs since the election, visit the Daily Job Cuts page.

Cam V (417)
Thursday November 8, 2012, 9:16 pm

Cam V (417)
Thursday November 8, 2012, 9:16 pm
Elections have consequences.

Jae A (316)
Thursday November 8, 2012, 11:28 pm
Yes Cam and in our last one that means good consequences. Now as you've told me in the bout ye just 'shove it ' Cam and more on. Obama won...again...get use to it...or will not change the fact that the teabagger klan was a major player in his winning....via their extremism and insanitea which even Republicans were more than uncomfortable with ,as expressed by one or more of the power behind the Republican party are openingly saying,..,so for that we can say ...thanks.

I think the article is more lies than entertainment ..but what else can we expect from
...sore losers...than things of this insanitea level my opinion. Well I'm sure you will do your best to keep people divided but seeing as how that didn't work in the previous nor this election guess is that if you insist on continueing the now disgraced more than ever... Karl Rove B.S. playbook going... another Democrat will positively win in the next election also. You are aware that the teabagger klan is for sure now nothing but a bad memory in the majority of the eyes of Americans. Their backers are running away from them as I type this is the Republican Party itself..and rightfully so in my opinion..

Cam V (417)
Thursday November 8, 2012, 11:34 pm
I do not see ANYTHING good about that news that just broke. BTW I am not and never was a fan of Karl Rove. Neither is the Tea Party.

You both came here to attack me. Not to comment on the news that has been posted. Why is that?

Jae A (316)
Thursday November 8, 2012, 11:59 pm
LOL...Cam...the teabagger klan has seen it's last election here in the U.S as anything other than their being a libilaty. This isn't breakng's B.S. ...

WHy is that..I'll tell you why... is are a Canadian teabagger klan member ....for starters....more than a few Republicans aren't happy with 'you people' on this side of the border and a majority of care2 have had, more than enough, over the past four years of your lies and insanitea....that's why the opinion of many.

Romney lost...EVERY BODY DANCE NOW !!

Jae A (316)
Friday November 9, 2012, 12:02 am
Almost forgot what I came back to say :-)...recall are you 'Romney is going to win' B.S. Cam ...remember when I said no he isn't and the teabagger klan will get be a big part of the reason he will not...Well I can to say what I know what you want to hear..from me.......I TOLD YOU SO. :-)

Jae A (316)
Friday November 9, 2012, 12:19 am
....too much celebrating....that's was to be " recall when you said "Romeny is going to " ...blablabla.

That being said...and a little more as to your 'why is that ' Cam .... I think you need to not only get use to the fact that Romney lost... but also to the fact that now the teabagger klan is not only the most dislike group in doesn't even have a tiny shed of respect within the Republican party itself now...

Fred Jackson (85)
Friday November 9, 2012, 4:35 am
The suggestion that these announcements have anything to do with Obama's overwhelming victory is ludicrous. Just read the explanations given. Restructuring, cost cutting, etc. This is normal in the business world. As for closings businesses that are not well run close down. Stores that have sales levels that are unprofitable close. Only twice is Obamacare or Obama mentioned and one of those is limiting hours so they will not have to provide healthcare benefits. The other is a coal miner and reducing coal in favor of cleaner energy sources should be done anyway. This is business as usual, layoffs are planned in advance by management, and the timing is nothing but coincidence. I repeat to suggest these are due to the re-election of the President is ludicrous.

Past Member (0)
Friday November 9, 2012, 9:37 am
Dumbed down and blind.

Should read...

The bush depression. How Many Businesses Have Announced Closings or Layoffs Since Obama Won A Second Term? All the fascist republicans fault.

This will take 20 years to fix once the right gets t f out of our way!

Lynn D (0)
Saturday November 10, 2012, 1:57 am
And, this is jus the beginning....................

Gloria picchetti (304)
Saturday November 10, 2012, 2:14 am
Typical conservative BS.

Robert S (111)
Saturday November 10, 2012, 4:12 am
You cannot currently send a star to cecily because you have done so within the last week.

Mary S (1)
Saturday November 10, 2012, 5:07 am
Speaker of the House and President Pro-Tem of the Senate all reported 2 years ago that they would stop anything that Obama/Democrats wanted and guess what THEY DID. They even voted agaijnst equal pay for women, and on and on. They cared only for their party not the country. Even then the businesses said they had 3 TRILLION they refused to spend to create jobs, they will just wait it out since no one wanted Oama to win a second term. Now what is their excuse not to pitch in and help the country. If they don''t they are just extremely selfish and not an American at all. Kinda like the kid who can't be first all the time and goes off in a corner and pouts.

jan b (5)
Saturday November 10, 2012, 5:34 am
Some forgot the years between 2001 and 2009. Alzheimers ? Demensia ? Senior moments ? Overpopulation, rather than global warming, is the biggest single challenge facing the ... You can smell it in the traffic jams of the Middle East.......Haiti.. Some countries have wisely limited population growth via immigration ...but not in ways as cruel as China.
We have just arrived at the very place that technology and automation with the help of globablization has taken away some jobs forever.... that there is going to be a terrible job market from hereon so we had better get used to it. To add more people to our population here in the USA is just ignoring facts. .

Kenneth L (314)
Saturday November 10, 2012, 6:02 am
At least nobody has to listen to the pre-election onslaught crapola against Obama, since he won and now the losers are sore. The only problem will be the Republicans blocking and hindering Obama as usual.

cecily w (0)
Saturday November 10, 2012, 6:06 am
janice b is correct. Population growth that is too high exacerbates many of our other problems. Last year, births exceeded deaths by 1.56 million--even though 50% of U.S. pregnancies are unintended. This trend has existed most years since 1946, and the effects are cumulative. In 2010, more than 1.2 million people immigrated legally, but if past patterns hold, only about half will file for citizenship during the first year of eligibility. In addition, (enter your own estimate) people entered illegally.

Certainly we do not want to increase deaths, use coercive measures to reduce births, or completely stop legal immigration but population growth that is too high contributes to future unemployment. Jobs are a resource and there are finite limits.

reece C (29)
Saturday November 10, 2012, 6:50 am
Dear dear Cam;
We are attacking you because you are such a jerk.
President Obama won this election because the MAJORITY woke up to the fact that an oligarchy composed of corporations and plutocrats was on the verge of destroying 250 years of hard fought freedoms.
We will now embark on taking down any tea bag senators and congressmen who refuse to compromise and do whats right for the country. We will also get that Citizens United ruling reversed.
If you want to continue to post articles on C2, please find something balanced and not from a collection of distortions from right wing dickheads.
The big problem facing us now is the "fiscal cliff". A phenomenon caused by the intransigence of the right wing to compromise on a balanced and sensible approach to revenue and spending.

So Cam, you being a Canadian and all, can spew garbage as freely as any American with an opinion. But just because you can, doesn't mean it still isn't garbage.

Past Member (0)
Saturday November 10, 2012, 9:09 am
Ain't that sweet. They lost the election. so now they're pitching a hissy fit and taking it out on the people who keep their businesses running.

Cam V (417)
Saturday November 10, 2012, 6:18 pm
That all you got Jason? This is sure not going to help your economy at all and more have come since I posted this. America is in danger of falling into another recession. At least I can say most people I know NEVER voted for it if that happens. Can you say the same thing?

Kim H (0)
Sunday November 11, 2012, 5:20 am
OMG~~I think perhaps I'm on the wrong network!!! Doesn't this network have the word "CARE" in it? I notice how Cam V. is being attacked by others. Everyone of you are attacking! Like you Reece c- stated they're attacking because Cam V is a jerk?? Really? And how do you reach that conclusion reece c? Because Cam V has a difference of opinion thant yours??
Just curious! Tho as a matter of fact Obama actually had 9 million fewer votes than he did on his 1st run for office. And I was one of them!! I voted for him the 1st time but thankfully I wisened up and he lost my vote this time around. So yea, Obama lost 9 million of his former believers.

Kim H (0)
Sunday November 11, 2012, 5:36 am
I can't get over the NAME CALLING on this board!!! Like you ME Mayer! Seriously? Telling CamV to" think before posting & simplistic and idiotic statements." And you Jason R, writing "Dumbed down and blind"?? Well I suppose the ATTACKS will be directed at me next.

Because I personally feel Obamsis well on the way to ruining this country! I didn't use to feel that way. I had so much faith in this man. Not anymore.Matter of fact....he lies right along with the rest of them. But it appears so many of you put this man HIGH UP ON A GOLDEN PEDESTAL!

Past Member (0)
Sunday November 11, 2012, 10:28 am
Cam. Why don't you comment on things that show you to be misinformed?

"Speaker of the House and President Pro-Tem of the Senate all reported 2 years ago that they would stop anything that Obama/Democrats wanted and guess what THEY DID. They even voted against equal pay for women, and on and on."

Because you're a useless foxtard! You're our front line. You can NOT beat us. We're too informed.

Robert S (111)
Sunday November 11, 2012, 10:58 am
Kudos Reece C,

Kim's entrance here to exclaim OMG, should fall under the caption..."sock-puppets to the rescue!"

With other more familiar sock puppets quiet for now...having just recently been humiliated, this one appears. We could we call this not so clever manifestation one thing or another, or get right to the nitty gritty, and call it Paul and hit the bullseye. The writing hasn't changed, only the names change so that those who's vapid arguments have been undone and exposed for the crap that they are, can submerge and another can arise, to start all over again...

There "may" be SOME real people behind those who noted this story, but not many. Its a puffed up fake following... to make silly crap stories look better received than they are, and defend however limply, he who from another country makes an unwholesome hobby of here peddling yellow journalism right wing lies, while claiming to be reasonable, concerned and of course...a social liberal. This so he can while stabbing us with one hand....pat us on the back with the other.

An honest passerby or sockpuppet (with little sign of having existed in its three years of its existence), none the less familiar with the "work" Cam does here. would exclaim...OMG, people have caught on to him....and are finally telling him what they think of it and him. ABOUT TIME!

No one here puts our President on a pedestal, though we have seen that said in CAPS before, by oddly familiar antagonists with little else to say. We who have been paying attention, DO however recognize HE and THAT which comes from him up north... as coming from a place I think that even in Canada they call the gutter. We don't have to like the omnipresent stench of it, even as we recognize the necessity for our laws which make it a right. One not from our country... having "the right" to bring the stench of unfounded yellow news to us unending... does not make it right. Most have more class, than to use freedom of speech as an excuse to bludgeon as a troll, heckling with garbage arguments the people of another country and their President.

Past Member (0)
Sunday November 11, 2012, 12:49 pm
Here, socks...

Cam V (417)
Sunday November 11, 2012, 5:49 pm
BTW anyone who thinks they hurt my feelings by name calling better think again. As well just because I am a proud member of the Tea Party AS WELL AS a fiscal conservative that is no reason to TARGET me for anything.

Robert S (111)
Sunday November 11, 2012, 8:30 pm
Can a trolls feelings be hurt. Of course not. Only a lack of attention would hurt him, so he posts inflammatory sensational garbage, as a foreign voice on subjects American... insuring himself attention. We get it Windy.

Kim H (0)
Tuesday November 13, 2012, 8:58 pm
Well perhaps you Robert S. should should fall under the captian of "Radical Zombie?"

Patrice M (84)
Tuesday November 27, 2012, 5:31 pm
Mass firings because Obama won the election is a vindictive act that will only prove to be another nail in the GOP coffin. The party that supports corporate philosophy would treat workers with such a lack of respect and regard for quality of life deserves to die a quick death. These firings are not based upon economics. They are sour grapes over the fact that the majority didn't vote their way. This whole thing is designed to teach us a lesson. Well, screw them. I say boycott every one of these corporations until they get the message that we will not stand for their destructive and treasonous greed any more.
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