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Calif. Teachers Union Releases Cartoon Video Featuring 'The Rich' Urinating on the Poor

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- 1990 days ago -
A new animated video released by the California Federation of Teachers shows the rich "1 percent" urinating on and stealing money from the less fortunate and middle class.

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Cam V (417)
Wednesday December 5, 2012, 11:33 pm
Makes me glad my grandkids are being homeschooled.

Roseann d (178)
Thursday December 6, 2012, 1:00 am
Knowledge is power and the 1% prefer that the 99% have neither.

Cam V (417)
Thursday December 6, 2012, 1:27 am
The one percent? Who are you talking about Roseann? Far left liberals perhaps? THIS VIDEO IS DISGUSTING. It is nothing more than left wing propaganda of the WORST kind and the fact that teachers have done this makes this even worse. But I digress. This is the BANKRUPT STATE OF CALIFORNIA we are talking about here now isn't it and it was NOT MILLIONAIRES who did that to that state.

Jae A (316)
Thursday December 6, 2012, 9:38 am
No doubt this video would get an Oscar is it were up to the Republcians.

"Not Millionaires who did that to the state "? WTF Cam..who the hell do you think controls the state. Sometimes I wonder if you are getting proper oxygen to your brain. The likes of R. Reagan/P. Wilson/C.G. Deukmejian, Jr/Arnold S. just to name a few in public office...the list of their extremely rich Corporate masters is all but endless.

The positive side to things is Ca. is than the Dem.s are a majority in all departments so to say so we can bring ourselves back from the brink that the past Republicans have taken the state. We'll chat about this again in a few years as the other states follow 'our ' lead. ..starting in 2014 at the state levels.

jo M. (3)
Thursday December 6, 2012, 9:13 pm
No wonder people are fleeing CA for Texas. I feel sorry for the poor kids if this stupidity reflects how the teachers feel, could you imagine your children being taught by such morons? I also feel sorry for any states dumb enough to follow California's lead.

Jak Crow (0)
Friday December 7, 2012, 2:49 am
So on other words, they put out a factual cartoon. Meanwhile, nutcases on the right clutch their pearls and feign outrage.

Patrice M (84)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 8:40 am
Well, I would call that cartoon quite accurate. Good for the teacher's union! YAY UNIONS!!!!!!!

Past Member (0)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 10:03 am
Dear Friend:

Following the Thanksgiving protests at Walmart, CNN invited Congressman Alan Grayson on the air to explain what they were all about. Here is what he said:

CNN'S CAROL COSTELLO: Here in the United States, the protest against Walmart goes on. And you can count Representative-Elect Alan Grayson with standing with the company's workers. He joins us now live. Welcome.

ALAN GRAYSON: Thank you.

COSTELLO: You attended a walkout at a Walmart in Orlando on Black Friday, and you showed your solidarity the night before by delivering bagged meals to Walmart employees who had to work on Thanksgiving, and that caused Walmart to call the cops. So tell us what happened.

GRAYSON: Well, we went to Walmart to hand out Thanksgiving dinners to them because they had to work on their Thanksgiving. They couldn't be with their families. So we brought a bag; the bag had three things in it. A turkey sandwich, because it was Thanksgiving. A bag of chips. And a letter explaining to them their rights to organize.

COSTELLO: So the cops were called? What did the cops do when they arrived? Tell us about that.

GRAYSON: Well, it was the security staff. Walmart always has security staff around. Once they saw that we were handing out the bags, they objected to that, asked us to leave, and we left. The security staff simply escorted us, as they often do. But the important thing is we showed the workers, first of all, what their rights are, because Walmart tries to keep them in the dark. And we showed them that they're not alone, that people actually care. That we want the working poor to have a better life in America.

COSTELLO: You posted a letter on your Facebook page and you wrote this: "Walmart accounts for more than 10% of all the retail sales in the United States. It is the largest private employer in the world, with more than two million employees. And even though those employees comprise barely ten percent of its cost of doing business, Walmart exploits them mercilessly. Now Walmart employees are starting to organize, starting to fight back." I had a conversation at dinner last night with someone who says, "Hey if you don't like working at Walmart, get another job."

GRAYSON: Well listen, all the people who have those kinds of jobs suffer from the fact that we have 8% unemployment. But we all suffer from the fact that Walmart underpays its employees. The average associate at Walmart makes barely $1,200 a month. That's $1,200 a month. Could you live on $1,200 a month? I couldn't.

And the fact is that they don't [live solely on that], because the taxpayers end up subsidizing them. Because Walmart underpays them, the taxpayers end up paying for their Medicaid. Because Walmart underpays them, the taxpayers end up paying for their food stamps. In fact, each Walmart associate costs the taxpayers over $1,000, and it is time to end that. Walmart needs to pay for its own employees, and give them a living wage.

The minimum wage needs to be higher. Walmart and other employers need to pick up the tab on health insurance and health coverage for their own employees, and stop handing that tab off to the taxpayers.

COSTELLO: When many of those protests happened on Black Friday, we noticed that not a lot of workers comprised the big crowds. It was mostly union people, community leaders, and a few Walmart workers. Some might say that really the unions are behind this, the employees aren't behind this so much.

GRAYSON: Well, in fact, at one Walmart not too long ago, 200 Walmart employees walked out, and shut down the store. But the Walmart employees in general are afraid. They're being intimidated. They're being told in many cases, "If you even talk about a union, you'll be fired." Here in Orlando, one of the employees who talked about a union was fired. He came back a few days later just to talk to his former employees, his former staff, his former colleagues, and they led him off the premises in handcuffs, in a way that everyone else could see. So these employees are being intimidated. They want to help. They want to join. They want to make their lives better, but Walmart is doing everything it can to prevent that.

COSTELLO: Well, frankly it seems like Walmart is winning. It had one of its biggest Black Fridays ever. It didn't stop people from shopping, these protests.

GRAYSON: The protests are not meant to stop people from shopping. The protests are meant to inform workers of their rights to organize under the law and under the Constitution. And to make sure that they understand that they're not alone, and they will be protected if they exercise their rights. It's not meant to raise prices. It's not meant to interfere with shopping. It's meant to organize people who desperately need to be organized, to make a better life for themselves.

COSTELLO: Representative-Elect Alan Grayson, thanks so much for being with us this morning.

Diane O (194)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 4:17 pm
Cam, I am a huge supporter of home schooled children. Our young children are being indoctrinated at a very early age to the biased left wing agenda and it is sad. I admire parents who teach their children at home while reinforcing how important it is to be a good distractions. Parents can teach their children the importance of personal responsibility and making the right choices to insure their successful financial futures so that they can take care of themselves and their families as productive adults.

Patrice M (84)
Monday December 10, 2012, 8:28 pm
Don't you mean "homeskoold?"

Since when does public school attendance constitute "being indoctrinated by a left wing agenda?" Don't you really mean that you don't want your precious little darlings to go to school with a diverse population (or, as you republicans call them, "riff raff")?

So mainstream public education is now socialist, Marxist? And you can't figure out why your party lost the election? My God, if the repubs hadn't rigged some elections, they wouldn't have had any wins at all.

But you keep on with those mindless Fox talking points. See what they get you over the next 4 years as public sentiment turns against all of you even more for your baseless hatreds.

jo M. (3)
Monday December 10, 2012, 8:38 pm
There are various reasons why people choose to home school their children, Angelica. I say more power to them.

Patrice M (84)
Monday December 10, 2012, 8:53 pm
I don't. Has anyone thought about the social skills set cost to homeschooling children? When you don't teach your children to cope in a diverse world containing all kinds of personalities, what do you think happens when it's time for them to graduate and go find a job? Culture shock. That is no small thing. I also feel that a large number of parents who homeschool do it for exactly the reasons I stated above. They instill in their children a feeling of guardedness against anything or anyone new or different. I believe that to homeschool a child from kindergarten to 12th grade is to do that child harm - irreparable harm in coping, social skills , and tolerance (all qualities necessary for getting along and succeeding in the workplace).

Also, teachers specialize in their chosen subject area. No teacher in the upper grade levels wants to teach every subject and shouldn't. So how do these homeschooling parents do all 7 subject areas credit? You think they have their preferences and their pet peeves about certain subjects? I sure do - just like anyone else.
A good education should involve a skilled teacher in each subject area. Homeschooled kids don't get that. They get mom - every single school day.

As kids get older, they need a little independence. Do they get that if they are stuck in the house all day with mom being the sole "decider" of their education? I think not.


jo M. (3)
Monday December 10, 2012, 9:33 pm
It sounds as if you believe homeschooled children are locked in the basement until their parents kick them out, that somehow the only socialization they could possibly receive comes from attending school. Homeschooled kids don't live in a vacuum, they have friends, play sports, travel, work when old enough, belong to clubs and religious organizations, they have plenty of opportunities to learn how to get along with others. In the lower grades kids don't get a teacher for each subject, and many parents give the child an opportunity to choose public education when they reach higher grades. Not that I believe every parent is cut out to homeschool their children, just as I believe there are teachers who clearly should not be teaching. I think that most parents who choose to homeschool do so with the best interests of their children at heart and are capable of making the best choices for them.
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