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Immigration Crackdown Tears Families Apart

Society & Culture  (tags: illegal immigration )

- 4020 days ago -
Deep divisions have split this country of immigrants and President George W. Bush, a Republican, is struggling to push a broad package of immigration reforms through Congress, where opponents from both sides are balking at different details

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Yvonne White (229)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 1:56 pm
Can't we get Bu$h deported to Guantanamo?

Bobbie W (113)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 7:24 pm
That's genius, Yvonne!! I'd vote for that!

Fran Cannon (477)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 9:17 pm
I think it is sad. I believe immigrants should be able to have american citizenship, or else be able to visit for long periods of time.

Donn M (56)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 10:13 pm
They have only themselves to blame if their families are torn apart. They knew the risks when they came here illegally and they made the choice to take those risks.

Dusty K (1339)
Friday June 15, 2007, 6:26 am
Thank you Donni.

Past Member (0)
Friday June 15, 2007, 7:57 am
Read what is really going on with the immigration and these people who are here illegally at:


Kemsa Amon-Ra (173)
Friday June 15, 2007, 11:27 am
Neo-conservative elites have hatred (racism, separatism, and etc) which is fueled by white supremacy. Also I was wondering if Neo-cons are Anti-Family as well.

Dee Amon-Ra

Kevin C (10)
Friday June 15, 2007, 7:45 pm
We do not need COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM to send 20,000,000 million illegals back home , enforce the laws that were enacted in 1986. NO DRIVERS LICENSES, fine all employers who are paying illegals to work, no social welfare programs, fine anyone that rents to illegals and they will all go home because they cant find work. The American people have spoken loud and clear. NO AMNESTY AND NO COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM, we demand border secruity and nothing less. Send them all home to get at the back of the line, like all of the law abiding immigrants do.

Theresa C (69)
Saturday June 16, 2007, 5:32 pm

Past Member (0)
Saturday June 16, 2007, 8:25 pm
I AGREE WITH KEVIN CARTY. This is so rediculous, the whole situation. Ask yourself, would ANY other country let 20 million of us in to free-load in another country ? I have traveled in nearly every central and south american country there is and it keeps on getting more scary. The governments are always in turmoil of some kind, for some cause, and there is always instability, unbelievable corruption and poverty, need I go on ? God forbid that this element takes over the U S A and we become 'them' There's a good reason that these people want to be here in the usa - it's because their own countries are so horrible they don't want to live there. Neither would I.
I don't break the laws of my country and I hate anybody else who does - whatever excuse they use.

Past Member (0)
Saturday June 16, 2007, 8:30 pm

Past Member (0)
Sunday June 17, 2007, 3:08 am
I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the larger problem is the politicians are looking ahead to votes from these people, illegal or not!! Almost all politicians are shielded from the everyday problems these illegals present to you and me, yet they see them as a gold mine of votes either for or against the issue and you and I are caught in the middle..

The illegals have used, abused and spit in our faces knowing if we physically harm them at the borders our own will face criminal charges, that is the laughing in our face deal our political system is handing to us.

I personally would shoot to kill to stop them at the borders. There is not another country on this planet that allows illegals to stay as we do here. Also a real problem is the illegals have no sense of control over their population growth..........They spit them babies out like rats, rabbits and roaches and we pay for it right out of our pockets!!!!!!!!!!

I'd gladly pay to ship em all back home today, tomorrow and forever!!!!!!!!!!

PLANT SEEDS......GROW TREES......MAKE A FOREST.......FOR THE ANIMALS.....................

Past Member (0)
Sunday June 17, 2007, 3:22 am
The best and cheapest way to keep them out is to install a high voltage wired fence.........Use stun guns from one end of this country to the other.........But, rest assured a few of them would dig underground tunnels to get here.......It has already been done!

Finally, do you want this country to be run someday by the likes of Hugo Chavez? It's coming our way!!!!!!


Past Member (0)
Sunday June 17, 2007, 8:47 am
WE all sound so angry and militant, but I for one am not, just scared to death that our culture will be negatively changed and that we will become like the horrible governments of central and south america, the carribean also for that matter. Honestly, I worked for an airline for 35 years and the first time I left the USA when our captain of our flight announced, '''LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE ARE NOW ABEAM BOSTON AND IN USA AIRSPACE'' I actually got tears in my eyes and I really did kiss the ground when we landed. That tells you something very clearly. And, the following years have just served to make my honor and respect for the USA ever stronger. Latin governments are so corrupt, God knows, and the cultures are in conflict with ours, very much, in case you don't know that also.. There are many fine people ''south of the border'' of course, of course, but the desperate, the poor, the uneducated, those who do not respect our laws, they are the illegals. But they do not vote - they do not have documentation to do so, nor the mind to do so, perhaps their many (many !) relatives may vote but not the illegals. They do pay taxes though, many of them. They are using somebody else's social security number and taxes are being deducted from their pay, they just never file taxes. I know this. In Miami, Florida, the port used to be a swinging door for illegals - is it now, ? I don't know) The men working on the ships would just walk off for shore leave and not go back to the shop. I met so many of them at the weekend soccer games of the South Florida Soccer League. Now, for cripes sakes ! If I know this, INS has to know this too. Right ?

Now to the huge question - how do any of us make a difference and force our lawmakers to stop this insane attitude towards the latin illegals before they do overrun us and we lose the very qualities that we treasure and that they risked their lives to have for themselves ? ? ? I don't know.

On a personal note, in my own city, our schools are grossely overcrowded, in many they don't even bother to speak English in the classroom, my daughter used to come home crying that she wanted to move back to the United States, I swear this is true, I can't get near the diriver's license offices without a 3 to 5 day wait and that goes for everyother govenment issue you can think of. Don't even bother to ask me the population you find there that is clogging up the works, They are not green, nor blue, nor yellow, they are l a t i n s. Totally. WE often encounter agents working at these offices who don't even understand English and we have to call for a supervisor. Are they all legal ? I doubt it. I had a lovely little Mexican lady who used to help me do the housework - she tried to get her family here and couldn't - legally - then one day we went to her house and there were 30 people living in that tiny little place, they had all crossed over, somehow, illegally, and were staying with her and her husband . The next day she took 14 children down to register them in our local elementary school and the next year she had another baby here in the U S A
She and her husband are good people, I personally know them, but I have to wonder how many times this situation is played out all over our country. The schools have to know that these people are illegal, the food stamp offices have to know, I wonder what the heck is really going on. I honestly do not understand this.

Kevin C (10)
Monday June 18, 2007, 10:16 am
I just have one question. If there only here to do the jobs Americans wont do (because the employers doesnt want to pay just wages) then who will do the work when congress makes them all Americans? Then who will do the work, i quess the whole thing will start all over again just like it did in 1986 when they gave out amnesty then none of them had to work for slave wages anymore and they all took Americans jobs then. Its just a vicious cycle to get more and more of them in here to erode the moiddle class. Corporations only benefit when there are poor people and rich people and no middle class and the way to do that is to dilute the middle class with as many (LEGALS) as they can get away with so they can justify more illegals, its all about the money.

Past Member (0)
Monday June 18, 2007, 11:25 am
I have a question........If there are so many Americans unemployed then why aren't they being hired first regardless of the pay issue? I read somewhere that blacks will not do the work because they demand the wages according to the law............That in turn raises the question of why are they constantly crying over no work? Mexicans as a rule don't see much value in education which at one time was true of blacks but they now see it's working for them.
The other more catostrophic problem is the cultural dulution of our society. True we are a melting pot of sorts but have also established an American lifestyle that does not exist anywhere else. By this Mexican human flood our very sense of being America or American is slowly dying. This dying could not make Mexico any happier for they welcome a complete take over of at least the southwest as their own legally or not.

These border hoppers are asking to be shot by someone eventually But, the sad thing is we punish harshly the person who is there to protect our borders............

The politicians are totally gutless in making laws that will protect us financially and the land that is ours.......There is a sense of pandering & patronizing these illegals for God only knows what.

One more thing........The fiasco with attorney general Alberto Gonzales is just the tip of the iceberg of our own government turning on us!!!!!!!!!! Gonzales too is pandering/patronizing to his own.


Kemsa Amon-Ra (173)
Monday June 18, 2007, 12:10 pm
Betty I do not know where you get you information on Blacks and education. I take offend to this statement! I come from well educated family that believes in education. You have to remember that Blacks have not had the same opportunities as other in Per/Post Slavery.

Past Member (0)
Monday June 18, 2007, 1:09 pm
Dee......Better re-read my post........Here is what I wrote that you are refering too:............That in turn raises the question of why are they constantly crying over no work? Mexicans as a rule don't see much value in education which at one time was true of blacks but they now see it's working for them.

Also.......What I wrote is an opinion.......If I have no right to express what is an opinion then all of us are in big trouble. You've expressed your thoughts and again I've expressed mine.

I could write a Declaration of Independence on the no opportunity item..............That is an opinion as well......This a forum not a court of lawl

PLANT SEEDS......GROW TREES......Make a forest for the animals.............


Kevin C (10)
Monday June 18, 2007, 3:56 pm
Dee it also doesnt support your arguement when you dont know how to right a simple sentence correctly obviously english is not your first language. One of the things us americans are pissed off about is the fact that english is quickly becoming a second language in this country and the illegals are rubbing it in our faces and the politicians are going along with it, just like there bending over backwards for the muslims in this country all of a sudden, because the muslims are figureing out that freedom equates to dollars in a lawsuit. There beginning to think that just because there muslim that they are entitled to sue us americans for dening them the right to interrupt everybodies else's daily life with there religion. And to piss everybody off in america the ACLU is right in the front of all these law suits by all of these people who are here illegally or who just got of the boat.

Past Member (0)
Saturday June 23, 2007, 8:13 pm
The language thing gets me that Kevin is talking about - I rarely hear English anymore in Florida, or so many other places for that matter, and here everything including street names are going ''south of the border'' it's Spanish all the way, the English speaking are just moving out it does seem. It's almost impossible to even get a job here if you can't speak Spanish. I don't think that works both ways though because I go many places and they do NOT speak English, or maybe they speak a couple words but have no earthly idea what was said in English.
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