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Denmark: Majority Muslims on Town Council Refuse Traditional Christmas Tree, Party After Using Funds for Eid Party

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- 2035 days ago -
The board had voted against paying 8,000 kroner for the annual Christmas tree and party, but had earlier in the year approved the payment of 60,000 kroner for a party celebrating the Muslim holiday of Eid. TV crew attacked for reporting the story.

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Jay S (116)
Friday November 23, 2012, 6:19 am
The on-going controversy over the Christmas tree and the housing association in Kokkedal, a town north of Copenhagen, took another turn this weekend, when two journalists from TV2 News escaped unharmed after their van was attacked by 25 masked individuals.

The journalists had gone to the Egedalsvænget housing complex to report on a petition that was gathering signatures of those who had lost confidence in the housing association’s board.

The board had voted against paying 8,000 kroner for the annual Christmas tree and party, but had earlier in the year approved the payment of 60,000 kroner for a party celebrating the Muslim holiday of Eid. Five out of nine of the board members are Muslims.

After the men arrived and exited the van, the attackers promptly began throwing bricks and cobblestones at it. The attackers shouted slurs at the journalists, such as “Neo-Nazi”, and told them to leave.

Following the attack that damaged the windows, doors and the dashboard of the van, the head of TV2 News condemned the treatment of his journalists.

“It’s completely outrageous that things like this happen, but I’m glad it was only our hardware that was attacked and that our personnel were unharmed,” Jacob Nybroe told Jyllands-Posten newspaper. “But it’s disappointing that we can’t cover the news everywhere in Denmark.”

The North Zealand Police has said it is now investigating the incident.

The story of the axed Christmas tree was taken up by the Danish media with gusto after several politicians and commentators suggested it demonstrated an intolerance towards Danish customs held by the minority Muslim population.

But not everyone on the board can agree on why the proposal to have a Christmas tree was rejected.

“No-one wanted to take on the responsibility of getting it,” one board member, Ismail Mestasi, told the press. “A vote was taken and it ended as it ended. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I was asked to get the tree. And I didn’t want to.”

But the board’s chair, Karin Leegaard Hansen, denied this and has said she offered to take on the responsibility, but that her offer was not noted down in the minutes of the meeting.

The decision of one housing association threatens to turn into a nationwide conflict between Muslims and ethnically Danish Christians. The Islamic association, Islamisk Trossamfund, told Ekstra Bladet that it has received some threatening phone calls since the issue was first covered.

“We have received direct threats, verbal abuse and other forms of taunting as though it was us who were responsible for this case,” spokesperson Imran Shah said, before adding that Muslims are not allowed to deny other groups their right to celebrate their holidays.

“If there is even one non-Muslim in the housing association who wants to hold Christmas, they have to take account of that,” Shah said.

Steffen Morild, the chairman of 3B, the company responsible for the housing complex, said that the housing association’s vote might not be legitimate, as the proper procedures weren’t followed. He added that a meeting was planned for this week where the case would be fully examined, and where the proper procedure for voting on issues like this would be explained.

The issue is likely to remain a hot topic, despite the fact that a private donor has offered to pay an equal amount for both a Christmas tree and next year’s Eid party.

The police announced that they were now investigating an accusation of racism made against the board regarding its decision.

“It needs to be determined to what extent the decision by the Muslim members of the board to first vote 'yes' to a 60,000 kroner Eid party, then 'no' to a 8,000 kroner Christmas tree to celebrate Christian traditions, violates laws by discriminating against Christians and their traditions,” police spokesperson Karsten Egtved wrote in his report.

Carola May (20)
Friday November 23, 2012, 6:19 am
This is NOT a freak occurrence here in parts of Europe where Muslims gain a majority or even a large minority. We have numerous no-go zones where Muslims take over whole neighbourhoods and then native people and even police are not welcome and fear to enter.

The hokum from the Muslim Council spokesman is their usual pretence of tolerance when the fact is that Islam commands Muslims to conquer non-Muslims and force them to submit to Islam. The Pact of Omar, based on Islamic Law, forbids non-Muslims from any public display of their religions - like Christmas Trees:

“He it is Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth [Islam], that He might cause it to prevail over all religions, though the polytheists may be averse.” Qur’an 9:33 (It's clear from this verse that Muslims are to 'prevail over all religions')

Qur'an 9:29 "Fight those who do not believe in Allah or the Last Day, who do not forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, or acknowledge the Religion of Truth (Islam), (even if they are) People of the Book (Christians and Jews), until they pay the Jizyah tribute tax in submission, feeling themselves subdued and brought low." [Another translation says:] "pay the tax in acknowledgment of our superiority and their state of subjection."

"Isa (Jesus) was just a human being before his death. On the Day of Resurrection he (Jesus) will be a witness against the Christians."'" (Qur’an 4:159)

Qur'an 5:72 "They are surely infidels who say; 'God is the Christ, the Messiah, the son of Mary."

And our leaders keep bowing to these bigots. Let's hope the Danish state follows through on their threat to prosecute these racists and bigots. Don't hold your breath!

Gene J (290)
Friday November 23, 2012, 7:47 am
"The on-going controversy over the Christmas tree and the housing association in Kokkedal, a town north of Copenhagen, took another turn this weekend, when two journalists from TV2 News escaped unharmed after their van was attacked by 25 masked individuals."

These cowards are always masked. If they are so proud of the actions they take on behalf of their religion up to and including beheadings, why are they always masked? Why not declare who they are and what they stand for? Their actions do this for them, why not accept personal responsibility as well? I don't understand why any country would allow this sort of insanity to seep into its cultural life. Send them back where they came from. They need be kept confined to the middle east because they are a cancer in every other society they infest, growing ever bolder with each "success". With them everything must be their way with no compromise. Well, if western cultures hope to retain their traditions, the way to do that is rid themselves of this cancer, excise it and return them to the sand dunes where they can resume killing each other only. There is no greater menace to the peace of our world than this insidious betrayal from within. They are not fit company for civilized people these barbarians transported from the 7th century to the 21st. Send them home if they can't learn to play nice - and no where they go have they managed to do that, or even try to assimilate, they come to conquer, not join. Not like immigrants from anywhere else so they should not be treated like immigrants from anywhere else. Send them back, let them fight over the sand as they have been doing since time immemorial, they'll not change, while the rest of the world is changing at an incredible pace. These anachronism's have no place in civilized nations, they bring only terror and intolerance while adding nothing to the societies they infiltrate but trouble and chaos. This IS, of course, their strategy for making the world Islamic, conquer from within. The sooner everyone else figures that out, the better. The alternative is too horribly bloody to think about. That's what they bring to the table, masked men terrorizing everyone else. Nauseating that ANY country lets them get away with that for fear of offending them. They offend everyone else with impunity and the rest of us should tread lightly? I don't think so. Climate change and the muslim threat are the two greatest challenges the world faces in this century. I don't know that we can do anything about climate change but we can certainly do something about the Islamic terrorists and their "peaceful" apologists. The sooner the better. Because this is only going to get worse faster than people think. Appeasement didn't work with Hitler and it won't work with his acolytes either.

Jay S (116)
Friday November 23, 2012, 8:11 am
Carola, you are so right. This is not a one-off happening by any means and thank you for the excellent references. You obviously know what you are talking about.

Gene, good point "Appeasement didn't work with Hitler and it won't work with his acolytes either." Those of us who forget history are doomed to repeat it for sure, and we forget that during the rise of Hitler and his Nazis, they said exactly what they were going to do, then did it, all the while western leaders, like the buffoon Chamberlain, British PM, and the western media and even church leaders, all appeased them and kept saying they couldn't really mean what they said, even once they started doing it. They didn't want to 'offend' Hitler! Sound familiar?!

Our leaders and media are doing the exact same thing today with an ideology very similar to Nazism - Islam, in fact Hitler loved Islam and 100,000 Muslims volunteered for the Nazi military. Islam's laws, as Carola aptly points out, cannot ever allow for anything but its domination of all other peoples and religions, as has been shown over and over for the past 1400 years. But we just refuse to see it, just as we refused to see the concentration camps and hear the hate speeches by Hitler and his Mullahs.

bob m (32)
Friday November 23, 2012, 8:32 am

They are masked because they operate out of the darkness (cloaked women?).. out of the shadows, out of deceit, out of shame, out of demonic rejection, fear and LOATHING of all associations to do with Christ Jesus...even the pagan tree thing... They are stirred up to the demonic MAX by the Cross... wait till that hits the poor Danish naievity between the eyes.... the are fundamentally antichrist (islam) the ROOT.

Beth S (330)
Friday November 23, 2012, 8:56 am
Christmas is offensive to Muslims, so they try to take over the machinery of the local governments and stop CHRISTIANS in EUROPEAN countries from celebrating. Dogs are offensive to Muslims, so there are dog poisonings going on around Europe, simply because ISLAM HAS TO BE IN CHARGE.

WAKE UP PEOPLE, this is just the beginning.

Islam also doesn't believe in instrumental music either and a whole lot of other things we take for granted, but it's not enough for them to not listen or observe in their own private way, they want to change what YOU do.

Patricia Martin (19)
Friday November 23, 2012, 8:58 am
Thanks, Rob and Jay. Pretty outrageous.

Stephen Brian (23)
Friday November 23, 2012, 9:00 am
The municipality is either has an extremely large Islamic minority or an Islamic majority. Perhaps more importantly, these are second- and third-generation immigrants from Arabic countries or Turkey. They likely came in the mass-migration of "immigrant workers", in which they set up culturally self-sustaining communities before integrating, and then never assimilated to the level necessary for integration. Considering themselves a minority, as is true throughout most of the country and Europe as a whole, they are far more assertive of their cultures than are the native Danes.
(For those who can read the language:)

Essentially, this municipality is geographically part of the country, but culturally a mix of Arabs and Turks.

bob m (32)
Friday November 23, 2012, 9:06 am

They will create out of the ethos from which they spring forth... but then .. in the end ..they will face what the Lord God will do.. How will they stand HOLY FIRE... at the time of the SONS' return.

divergent r (309)
Friday November 23, 2012, 9:51 am
I am non religious and these zealots make me want to scream.
Leave people's belief systems where they belong, in your own heart and mind.
I really find it distasteful when any religion tries to tell me what or what not is the "shining truth"
and these pushy fanatics makes me pine for the days of the airport harekrishnas,at least they had some sensitivity....I don't want to hate anyone,but they are making it almost impossible to accept.
Thanks Macy,what a terrible fate we all share if these irrational radicals have their way.
Maybe I should start openly trying to convert people to pantheism, at least mother nature won't be compromised or destroyed by blind faith....TRULY BLIND!!!!,AND PROUD OF IT...EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO SPIT,
the taste in my mouth has gotten awful!

divergent r (309)
Friday November 23, 2012, 9:53 am
woops,meant Carola May,instead of Macy
My deepest apologies for being a featherbrain.

pam w (139)
Friday November 23, 2012, 10:59 am
Religion ruins everything. Islam has no tolerance for any faith other than itself. I'm sorry for the Danes and hope they find a solution.

Stan B (123)
Friday November 23, 2012, 12:04 pm
Yet another example of what we can expect when Muslims start exerting their power through increased numbers.
They want domination not integration.

Hilary S (65)
Friday November 23, 2012, 5:19 pm
gives you a sense of what israel's been up against. will europe be able to galvanise itself into wakefulness before it's too late?

Ira Herson (13)
Friday November 23, 2012, 11:12 pm
I can only agree with the posting here. The hypocritical nature of Islamic groups and their lack of tolerance of others while demanding respect for their own is beyond all reason.

Gasp! I cannot see an end to this and it is exhausting. I can only hope that Islam will mature one day. It has been stuck in the middle ages and has not progressed in a thousand years. The only thing that has grown are the numbers. 1.5 billion and counting.

Janet B (36)
Friday November 23, 2012, 11:15 pm
I will not ever, ever will tolerate thank you. Just leave me alone. I like dogs, cats, Mormons, Christmas etc....just leave me alone.

Tommy S (11)
Saturday November 24, 2012, 12:14 am
quote...spokesperson Imran Shah said, before adding that MUSLIMS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DENY OTHER GROUPS THEIR RIGHT TO CELEBRATE THEIR HOLIDAYS (emphasis mine)
The man is a liar
TAQIYA-- religiously sanctioned telling of lies to cover the evils of islam,as evidenced by Imran Shah's statement.

What does the MUFTI [ Sunni Islamic scholar who is an interpreter or expounder of Islamic law (Sharia and fiqh) ]
have to say to his fellow muslims.

While the conditions under which non-Muslims are granted citizenship of Daarul Islam are many, at this juncture we refer to only those that are relative to our discussion.
Some of these conditions are:

They may not build any new churches, synagogues etc.
Should any church, synagogue etc. be destroyed or require repair, they may repair or
rebuild such buildings.
They may not display in public any item having particular religious purport, e.g.
bible, Cross, statue, etc.Such items should also be removed from the exterior of their places of worship i.e.
No idol, Cross etc may be displayed on the outside of their places of worship.
They may not ring the church bell, nor read their religious books so loud that it is
audible in public.
They may not invite towards their religion.

The reason for these conditions is that the purpose of Daarul Islam is to entrench
Islam on the earth.Thus the salient features in religion must only be that of Islam. No
features of other religions may be observable in public.

The religion of perpetual hate brooks no competition


Alexander Werner (53)
Saturday November 24, 2012, 6:52 pm
A sad story. Denmark will eventually become a Muslim country, unless they increase children support payments ASAP and stop the immigration.

Patricia N (9)
Saturday November 24, 2012, 10:00 pm
It's hard for me to believe that Islam is as bad as people say here. I know the extreme and cultural parts of it are sharia law, the wahhabi sect of Islam that rules Saudi Arabia and, of course, the Taliban sect. But, as I understand from Muslim's talking, the Koran gives women freedoms that these sects and culture do not. I guess I'll have to get a copy of the Koran and read it. Problem is that it will be translated. Maybe someone here can comment on this.

Nimue Michelle P (339)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 12:08 am

Glenn Byrnes (197)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 12:27 am

Giana P (398)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 12:30 am
Scary business, they cannot be appeased and there is no logic in their actions! One track mind! Scary!

Johan Maltesson (166)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 2:07 am
As a Swede, it's very sad to see how the secular and progressive, culturally and historically Christian countries of western and northern Europe are changing now due to the unsustainably high level of immigration from conservative Islamic countries, of people who don't want to integrate into the western culture or accept western values. I honestly fear for the civil rights progresses that we have fought so hard for, like a secular state, women's rights and gay rights and so on - that we will move backwards again with the changing demographics. Middle Eastern immigrants are already very much over represented when it comes to crimes such as rape and sexual harressment, "honour" killings, gay hate crimes, hate crimes against Jews, robberies, and so on. It's scary, and yet the politicians are turning the blind eye, in fear of being called "racist"...

marie C (163)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 6:48 am
Thanks to David Cameron we have Oxford st London back again with will you believe it MERRY CHRISTMAS
and lots of British tradition I am so happy the lefties have no say this year. but no doubt they will all be marching and causing trouble I will not apologise to ethnic minorities but how long is it going to last The left wing are terrified of insulting them with Jesus or any mention of Nativity if the Tories stay in maybe we will even get that back in London UK. Perhaps UK will learn from Denmark Sweden and now hundreds of Spanish in UK looking for woek very angry with situation in Spain

Sharon W. (4)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 7:04 am
It is a really unfortunate example of how a few intolerant idiots manage to upset a whole country.
And what is more unfortunate is how many blatantly racist comments it spawned here. How can you say such things?!?

jan b (5)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 7:59 am
We cannot ignore non-Christians who pay taxes , work here, fight in our wars by putting our Christian values on government owned property. There are several other major religions in the USA alone. We must keep church and state separate because we'll become like the middle east with holy-wars. Folks can decorate their homes and yards the way they want---no one is stopping them from attending their churches to worship rather than making a display of piety in public places.....No one is taking Christmas away from anyone . Countries need to GROW UP and stop sqabbling like children.

jan b (5)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 8:02 am
I don't support any religion at this point....not the muslims or christians.
Mein Kampf (Hitler's Book) -when the fascists banned literature on birth control and increased penalties for abortion in relentlessly railed against birth control, and have pushed their idea of abstinence. Obsession with Christianity-----struggle against materialistic views and for a real national community is just as much in the interest of the German nation as in [the interest] of the welfare of our Christian faith . The Government of the Reich regards Christianity as the unshakable foundation of the morals and moral code of the nation. The rights of the churches will not be diminished.” All of these quotes were spoken by Adolf Hitler, one of fascisms biggest stars. And Republicans agree with his words. In fact, Christianity is one reason why Republicans are doing all of the above things stated.

Mike H (252)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 10:06 am
This is only the beginning. The beheadings will soon come.

Henrik Thorsen (31)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 2:10 pm
Yeah, we seriously need to stop importing more people from islamic countries until those who are already here have assimilated (which judging by the current rate will take hundreds of years).

Marilyn L (107)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 2:20 pm
I can't think of one religion that has any integrity and Islam is at the bottom of the list. We want to be politically correctl and we want to keep our liberal values so we have spoken out for and allow Muslims to immigrate to various countries and now in even in Europe they are gaining control. Islam is a harsh religion and no one has to take my word or anyone else's to believe that; history ancient and current back up the statement.

I think all immigration of anyone of Islam faith or coming from an Islam country should be stopped before it's too late to all Western countries. No one wants to say it but it's true. The Muslim Brotherhood was supposed to be moderate; they are having a good laugh at theat one. Arabs are very clever and cunning, they can't stand Westerners and they laugh all the way to the bank at those of us opening our country to them. They do want their religion to dominate and we are fools to give them that chance in our own free domocratic countries.

valda p (13)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 3:23 pm
What a joke -did they really think -muslims would play fair?-once in power they show their -true colours-dominance,we who allow unlimited -migration will eventually pay the price-as an Australian you can see what is happening to-our once -freedom loving country-once they have the numbers we will be in the same position -those in government are bending over backwoods to accomodate them to the detriment of our own homeless and jobless people -once established they -turn and like the -dogs they are -bite the hand that feeds them -wanting their own evil laws -Sharia-shame on those who for their -own agenda allow this -unfortunately-we who show resistance by speaking out about the Islamization of our countries will also pay the price for what these -traitors to their own culture have encouraged and are doing to help them in their in their -quest for world dominance -Islam -Jihad.

Susie S. (4)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 3:48 pm
That's what haappens when you let them in your country,,they are immigrating everywhere,,soon it will be like this all over the world..and nobody is stopping them!

Marie Therese Hanulak (30)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 5:02 pm
Gene Jacobson, wish I could send you another green star. IF ONLY OUR GOVERNMENTSwere as clear headed as you are.
Sending them back is not as easy as one might think. Once their children are born IN THE INVADED COUNTRY, these children have the nationality of that country and they reproduce like rabbits..
so the problem may have already got out of hand. The savages may win!!

Past Member (0)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 5:52 pm
Is it like Karl Rove's assault on american democracy? Which is worse?

Past Member (0)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 5:54 pm
Islam in Denmark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Islam is the largest minority religion in Denmark.[1] According to the U.S. Department of State, approximately 3.7%

Craig Zimmerman (86)
Sunday November 25, 2012, 9:07 pm
A frightening scenario. I wonder if a secular, democratic europe will even exist in 50 years.

Anthony Hilbert (6)
Monday November 26, 2012, 12:20 am
Another "Ba Ba Black Sheep" story - I will be interested to see what gthe truth turns out to ber, if we ever get it. But as usual the "Help help the Muslims are coming" brigade are out in force with their usual stories.

Those of us who actually live in UK towns with Muslim quarters wonder what country these people live in, it's certainly nowhere in Europe. For us, Muslims are good neighbours and tolerant of everyone's culture. (Yes, they have some crazy young men, so do whites and blacks, and they all love a fight, Muslim, Xian, Rasta or just psycho. That's not a culture war.)

Craig, the biggest threat to a secular democratic Europe is people like this working hard to stir up a cultural clash that didn't exist till they invented it.

Michael M (5)
Monday November 26, 2012, 6:06 am
Typical politician: Hypocritical and freely spending on the public dime.

Max M (32)
Tuesday November 27, 2012, 5:54 am
Anthony Hilbert, perhaps you should change your photo to that of an ostrich.

Irine L (0)
Tuesday November 27, 2012, 6:11 pm
As much as I like and respect liberal European countries such as Denmark, they also don't have the balls to stand up up to their ever so growing Muslim population. These people came to live on their land and now tell Europeans, such as the Danish what to do. Riding their welfare benefits and refusing to contribute to the larger society at hand. Muslims are always the first ones to scream injustice and intolerance when it comes to them yet are not interested in tolerating others.

mag.w.d. Aichberger (34)
Wednesday November 28, 2012, 7:54 am
Case# 1590
Seems, some sorry censored pitiful censored CENSORED (or, possibly though not likely at all: some strange unexplicable phenomenon) has aaAaaaAAaaaaaggGGggGggain been very busy deleting my comment(s), unless, of course, they disappeared magicallly. Kind of a very-well-established habit meanwhile. There is something EXTREMELY ROTTEN in care2 ...

And isn't it .. errr shall we say: fascinatingly remarkable, how (very targeted) someone/thing/whatever here @care2 keeps, for years now --per-sis-tent-ly-- deleting (some) comments (of some users), WHEREAS --in appalling sharp contrast-- care2 has not even managed to delete spam postings when the spammer's profile gets deleted ?

" I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ashamed. " -- Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)


Far, FAR from being a muslim I also HATE that $ick, deranged tradition of cutting down (baby-)trees and watching them wither


Jay S (116)
Thursday November 29, 2012, 6:09 am
Frack CB, we know very well what you're talking about - censorship on Care2 is alive and well, as we, and some of our friends, have been silenced before and had many comments removed for criticizing the hate and violence that Islam commands. We oppose hate and intolerance, which is why we are so opposed to Islam and its doctrines of hate and killing, and we always try to, and can, give quotes directly from Islamic scripture proving our points, yet that doesn't seem to matter on Care2.

The Orthodox Muslims here get enraged when we quote their scriptures of hate and murder and intolerance since it shows their palaver about Islam being about peace and tolerance to be the lies they are (as all evidence proves). Thus they try to get us silenced, just as they are doing the world over. Islam can't stand up to honest criticism or questioning which Mohammed knew from the start. That's why he commanded that all who question or criticize it/him or leave Islam must be killed. It's worked very well, this threat of death, for 1400 years and has been a big reason why Islam has been so successful.

We don't hate Muslim people, quite the contrary, we would love to help them all see what Islam truly teaches and help them to get out of it since it is the death penalty to do so. Most Muslims have never even read the qur'an in a language they can understand, let alone their other holy texts and have no idea what a debauched mass murderer they clearly say Mohammed was, and what violence, hate and oppression Islam teaches and has always practiced, BUT there are a sizable number of Orthodox Muslims who know very well what Islam teaches, and they'll scream bloody murder, call you names and slit your throat for exposing it.


Past Member (0)
Thursday November 29, 2012, 7:38 am
this is what is happening all over Europe They do not like Christian festivals and councils and the governments have to give in to their demands for fear of upsetting them Its happening all the time in UK At Christmas you cannot have symbols associated with christianity in public places for fear of upsetting other religions but its not other religions as we have had sikkhs jews etc for very many years and created no problems with them All this has happened since the migration to Uk of muslims The people do not wake up though and eventually Europe will be taken over and everyone will bow down to what they want Our freedom of speech is already waining in Europe What next !!

Klaus Peters (14)
Thursday December 13, 2012, 6:15 am
Tolerance is a word Muslims do not want to understand, maybe we should also pretend to be ignorant and send them all back! I am tired of this sick Muslim mentality. If they don't like our culture, why beg to come to our countries by any means? They will never ever respect us, but use our democratic system to try and force sharia law onto us. We will have to stop that by all means, no matter if they will call us racists. The real racists are the Muslims, they do not respect anybody, any religion and not even their own women or wifes.
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