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Thailand: Muslim Terrorists Murder Peaceful Buddhist Monks, Behead Children in Bid to Create New Islamic State

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- 1236 days ago -
In the Thai Buddhist mind, almost nothing is so disturbing as harming a monk. That is exactly why insurgents shoot monks at close range, hide bombs on their alms routes & occasionally hack off their heads, & behead kids to spread terror with Buddhists

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Jay S. (116)
Friday December 7, 2012, 5:36 am
Here's the article in full: (Part 2 of 4)

'PATTANI, Thailand — The monk suddenly realized he was running. What just happened? All around him, soldiers assigned to guard his morning alms run fired their M-16s through a cloud of smoke and airborne debris. Some rolled in the dirt. Screaming.

The monk screamed too. My arm, he thought, it’s blown off. But when Wacharapong Suttha looked down, there it was, intact but streaked with blood. He had not even dropped his silver alms bowl, held fast by fingers curled around its basin in a death grip.

Wacharapong would spend nine days in the hospital, where a doctor plucked metal chips from his rump. The stinging has since faded. But the January bombing blackened the 27-year-old’s psyche. It dominates his waking thoughts.

“I weep in my chambers,” said Wacharapong, perched under a wooden temple shelter, his bare feet studded with ruby-colored shrapnel welts. The stress finally compelled him to leave the monkhood, though he still lives on the temple grounds as an assistant.

“I have felt sick as if possessed by a demon,” he said. “I think of suicide.”

Wacharapong Suttha, a Thai Buddhist monk, lies on a hospital bed following a bomb attack in Thailand's restive southern province of Pattani on Jan. 28, 2011. (Tuwaedaniya Meringing/AFP/Getty)
In the Thai Buddhist mind, almost nothing is so disturbing as harming a monk. That is exactly why insurgents shoot monks at close range, hide bombs on their alms routes and occasionally hack off their heads.

Monks were once the lowest-hanging fruit, unarmed targets attacked to inflict peak damage to Buddhist morale. The army has since decided to guard them at all hours. Troops have transformed Buddhist temples into military camps.

Wacharapong’s temple in Yala city is, for all practical purposes, a fortress with a tall golden spire in the middle. It is defended by G.I.s, their helmeted heads just visible above walls of black sandbags. Barracks trailers crowd the temple grounds.

“We have more than 100 soldiers here,” said the Lak Muang temple’s 62-year-old abbot, Tong. “And we have only seven monks.”

His monks can still perform alms runs. Each morning, two pre-pubescent novice monks in day-glo orange robes trod barefoot into town and collect food. But as merit-making Thais spoon rice and curry into their alms bowls, an entire platoon stands guard.

All those guns, all that concertina wire piled high as hay bales around holy grounds. Does it not undermine Buddha’s teachings?

“It is not a contradiction,” said Abbot Tong in a whispery monotone. “The soldiers try to act according to Buddha’s principles. But the other side does not.”

“We’re at a disadvantage,” the abbot said. “We don’t wage battle. If we catch them, we look after them with karma in mind. If they catch us, we are treated like animals.”

But while monks are defenseless, their flock is armed to the teeth.

State security forces in the deep south — a patchwork of troops, cops and civilian paramilitary groups — amount to roughly 100,000 people among a population of about 1.8 million. About 25,000 of them belong to the Village Protection Volunteers. It is essentially an all-Buddhist militia.

Locally known by the shorthand “Or Ror Bor,” the militia is government sponsored, army trained and often meets inside Buddhist temples. Any Buddhist 18 or older is encouraged to sign up, grab a gun and join patrols. Can’t afford a 12-gauge? The government will loan one out or offer a 60 percent rebate.

“We’re all Buddhist. No Muslims among us,” said Choedsak “Pig” Isaro, a Pattani city militia captain who runs a tin-roofed tea shop with his wife, Chicken.

“Used to be, they could just drive in and shoot us,” said Choedsak. “Not anymore. The terrorists have their network. Now we have ours.”

“Absolutely everyone here has to know how to shoot,” said Penporn, the matronly captain of her village’s 190-person defense unit. The 2,000-person settlement, Tung Ka, lies within a military-designated “red zone” under insurgents’ sway.

“I never feel safe. My sleep is restless,” Penporn said. “We never know when the attackers will come next.”

But while she dutifully trains with troops twice a year, the subject of firearms turns the grandmother melancholy. To be honest, Penporn said, she probably doesn’t have the guts to kill anyone.

“I wouldn’t shoot them in time,” she said. “How do you know, before they get you, if they’re bandits or good guys? You can’t just shoot them first. You’re out of luck.”

Reading, writing, revolvers

Even teachers, targeted as agents of Buddhist indoctrination, arrive to school with handguns tucked under their belts. At one school within a “red zone” district called Rueso in Narathiwat province, the administrator estimated that 30 percent of his staff is armed in the classroom.

“I don’t pressure the teachers to carry guns,” said Principal Karan Satthatipkul, who keeps a Glock 9 millimeter in his desk. “It’s their decision.”

Like the region’s temples, schools too have become de facto battlements. Troops were even ordered to teach four years ago when nearly 80 percent of the region’s 3,500 Buddhist teachers requested transfers or simply stopped showing up. The government briefly considered installing 500 satellite dishes so school staff could beam in lessons from afar.

“We have bad guys coming in, pretending to be parents and even hugging the kindergarten kids,” Karan said. “You never know who they really are.”

More From Buddhists In Arms
Part 1 - How did insurgents master bomb-making? Part 2 - Buddhists make the best targets Part 3 - Jihadis turn on their own
Part 4 - Quietly, the U.S. aids terror fight
Among the armed is Kongrapan Ngoipala, 35, the school music teacher. He grows embarrassed when asked about his own .22-caliber pistol, acquired after masked insurgents fired on his wife and kids at an outdoor aerobics class.

“Guns are not that important. This is,” said Kongrapan, tugging out a clump of Buddhist amulets hidden under his button-up shirt. “In this world, there is birth, pain, aging and then death. So if I die, I die.”

Kongrapan refuses to leave. Who would take his place? But he still recalls the last words of a policeman friend who, like Kongrapan, also hailed from Thailand’s poor northeast. Both came in search of work with extra danger pay.

They last met in a hospital room where the cop, hit by a roadside bomb, was slowly dying. “He told me, ‘Don’t stay, brother,’” Kongrapan said. “‘Just move away.’”

Danuta Watola (1264)
Friday December 7, 2012, 5:38 am

Teresa W. (777)
Friday December 7, 2012, 5:44 am

John J. (0)
Friday December 7, 2012, 6:49 am
There should be a new section on care2-- Islams daily atrocities
or the daily atrocities for peace

Gillian M. (218)
Friday December 7, 2012, 7:50 am
This is a terrible blow to the Buddhist psyche and, like the monk in the article, must be causing emotional distress to many. Now they are forced to arm themselves in their own country where, one would assume, they should feel at peace.

I am sick and tired of hearing from the anti-Semite group that Islam is a religion of love and peace. It may have been in the beginning but it is now a destructive and dangerous cult, no longer a religion but a call to evil and hatred. Perhaps another name for Mohammed should be Lucifer or Shaitan.

Carola May (20)
Friday December 7, 2012, 8:15 am
It is so disturbing that people would deliberately target the most peaceful and vulnerable of people just to cause terror and drive Buddhists out of southern Thailand - Buddhist monks, who can't even kill mosquitos, and little children. What kind of religion, prophet or deity would ever teach such hate and cruelty? Not good ones, that's for sure.

Berny p. (24)
Friday December 7, 2012, 1:07 pm

There should be a new section on care2-- Islams daily atrocities
or the daily atrocities for peace


Jennifer Ward (40)
Friday December 7, 2012, 9:45 pm
Shame on you complainers- you shouldn't object to the soldiers of Allah killing unbelievers and kafirs. It's 'racist', 'bigoted' and 'Islamophobic' didn't you know?

Tommy S. (11)
Friday December 7, 2012, 11:29 pm
Thanks Rob & J
There is really no place for islam with its vicious intolerant teachings in any civilization whatever
I would go as far as to say it is the antithesis of civilization
but when will the dunderheads wake up ??

Patricia Martin (19)
Saturday December 8, 2012, 11:18 pm
I can see why the Israelis don't want any more mohammadans in their borders.

Marie W. (66)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 12:07 am
Islams daily atrocities

Giana Peranio-Paz (405)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 12:32 am

Tanya W. (65)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 2:26 am
Noted and signed and saddened!

Past Member (0)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 2:42 am
I am horrified - that you would post this picture without warning!
I may not read the next story because of this sickening picture, no thanks to you!
I mean it!

Past Member (0)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 3:08 am
Sadly noted. Amitabha!

Past Member (0)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 5:57 am
that pic made my blood run cold!

Unnikrishnan Sasidharan (44)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 8:20 am
@John J. tHERE is already one @

Mike M. (47)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 8:32 am
Very sad

. (0)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 8:46 am
If you are even remotely a follower of animal rights, you will know that Thailand has a terrible , even horrible history of animal abuse. Pushing that into the back of your mind, this is simply an outrageous situation, brought on yet again by Muslim extremists.
This kind of Muslim mentality lost their focus, credibility, long ago as being a religious people. Religion does not factor into
their acts of murder. This is a slow moving attempt for Asian, and God forbid, European domination.
Why is it that Thailand is fighting back, when countries like Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, even England have let Shari's Law go virtually un-noticed?
A man goes on a shooting spree in Finland last year because he saw his country being lost to Muslims. Of course, this is an extreme example of an unstable man who snapped. Since this has happened in Finland, have they done anything about tightening up their immigration laws? No they have not.

Past Member (0)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 10:59 am
No one listens about the damaging rise of Islam How can this ever be a peaceful religion when all the world sees are acts of terroism murder subservience etc They just want to rule the world when will the world sit up and start taking notice instead of giving way to all their needs and demands They just call us anti rascist or against human rights if we dont Two terms now that have become ridiculous!

Alexander Werner (53)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 11:20 am
Thank you Jay and Rob.

Helle H. (21)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 12:17 pm
That's awful.

Donna Saye (0)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 12:33 pm
All I can say is, "Why?" So, so sad!

Dianna M. (16)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 12:39 pm
Am I the only one who noticed that this story was originally posted in July 2011? Why the sudden interest? And why can I only find one site that posted the story? (Besides this one, just now.)

And why isn't there more outrage over this one: Buddhist monks attacked by giant bee swarm Posted Mon, Jun 25 2012 at 11:04 AM EST (That's this year, which means it's even more recent!)

I mean, it's like Nature Itself is targeting Buddhists! Dammit, this has to stop!

Jennifer A. (1)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 1:37 pm
The world would be a much better place without Islam. I really wish it never existed on our planet or that people could be capable of these type atrocities.

Past Member (0)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 1:47 pm
This is what the Romans did to John the Baptist, Jesus, their families and those who knew them personally and followed the vegetarian way of peace, non-interference, and THIRD EYE MEDITATION in THE LIGHT AN INNER SOUND or "LOGOS" "WORD". Those without direct spiritual experience know nothing and can be turned to violence so easily, being taught the opposite o the TRUTH. We are ALL from and of the SAME SACRED SOURCE.. all LIFE FORMS ARE. There is no way that we can choose to harm any being and not pay the consequences in future lifetimes. These "religious" fanatics who KILL and HARM and intimidate and terrorize are BLIND and have NO SPIRITUAL CONNECTION AT ALL.

Past Member (0)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 1:51 pm
By the way, Muslims who follow the way of violence are no different from the people who follow the Roman way of the murderers who took over and changed the teachings and truths to suit themselves in the selfish quests.

Madhu Pillai (22)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 1:58 pm
Is this the so called religion of peace? Sometimes I think the world will be a better place is we got rid of this hateful, religion.

valda p. (13)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 2:00 pm
Immigration should be stopped in all countries as this is how they are overtaking all cultures -once there they bring in blasphemy laws -stopping any discusion or debate on their political ideology -Islam-then they start their demands -sharia law -prayer rooms -halal food etc.-etc.those who for their own reason ingraite and kow tow to them have their own -agenda-it is already too late in some countries they have -colonised -England -France -Germany -Denmark as they have allowed sharia -no country can survive on two opposing sets of laws -they have Australia in their sights-no sharia -yet but they are -working on it and with the help of this government -ir won't be long.

Michael Kirkby (91)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 2:55 pm
Religion, the oldest profession in the world; invented to enslave and control; to commit sanctioned murder by war and genocide; to murder this planet. Noted and posted.

Janet R. (37)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 2:56 pm
I can't tell you how mad I am about this. The Buddhist monks are the most peaceful humans on earth and to be targeted by these excuses for human,well, it makes my blood boil. Islam seems to be completely arrogant and refusing to accept any other religion but their own. My way or the highway is not acceptable; if they can't be tolerant of others than why should others be tolerant of them? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

janet f. (29)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 4:24 pm
These people are savages.

Gloria H. (88)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 5:22 pm
How about the Tibetans that are being killed by the Chinese government? Not muslim terrorists, but an actual government that has an address, has diplomats, has embassies that we can e-mail, write to, or call. .Not only monks and nuns but everyday civilians are killed or made into slaves.. Their country was their own. Where is the outrage? Where are the boycotts? Just because Tibet is on the edge of the world doesn't mean it's not happening there. We may not be able to make any impact on renegade muslims, but we sure as hell can impact China with a $$$$$$ boycott.

Alexander Werner (53)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 6:57 pm
Gloria, no matter how strong is the wish, I would not expect many people to boycott either Chinese goods, or Islamist oil.

They will get our money and grow stronger.

Past Member (0)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 10:14 pm
I agree with Yvettte

Tracy G. (3)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 10:29 pm
I boycott

Klaus Peters (14)
Sunday December 9, 2012, 11:23 pm
Buddhism is a religion of peace which I as a Christian respect very much.
Islam has been perverted by extreme Muslims who turned it into a sick terrorist group of cowards, who kill their own women and moderate believers. If they want to kill their own, that is their business.
Israel, Lebanon, Kuwait, Irak, Afghanistan, Indonesia and now Thailand, sure there are many more.
It just sickens me to see that a minority group of muslims can sneak up on monks and kill them or sneak up on kindergarten kids and chop their heads off to spread terror, not even SATAN would approve of that. Buddhists are too peacefull for their own good.
Muslims are making use of that just like the Chinese did in Tibet. But one day they will have to rise and defend themselves hopefully with the help of moderate countries. I believe that in God's eyes Buddhists are his children and the extremist muslims are the unloved ones , to be very polite.

Frans Badenhorst (580)
Monday December 10, 2012, 3:25 am
this is very disturbing..f*&%^$ng SICK!!!!.....I'm speechless...

Lloyd H. (46)
Monday December 10, 2012, 5:48 am
First, Religion is not the "Oldest profession", prostitution is.
Well one must admit that Islamophobic Christians are as adept at cherry picking new as they are their Bible and the violent history of their religion. ONE: Pattani and the surrounding Southern Thai provinces have been embroiled in separatistt" violence for nearly 20 years now. The PULO, BRN, GIMP, which may or may not be Muslim, object to imported government officials, that are Buddhist and Muslim, running the provinces. The violence is non-sectarian as local Muslims are also being beaten, killed and 'disappeared' in the area. And I must say I find it really telling that in the entire article there is Absolutely no mention that the Military and Police that are protecting the Monks and investigating the attacks are nearly all Muslim. I also find it interesting and very questionable that this is the few articles that actually blames the violence on religion and not the regionalseparatistt militant groups. ThePremises here blaming the violence strictly on Muslim vs Buddhist religious animosity makes as much sense as basing the US Revolutionary War on Puritan vs Anglican religious animosity.

robert zank (0)
Monday December 10, 2012, 6:29 am
very good lloyd!
more brainwash muslim hate propaganda to justify the mass murder on unarmed civilans.
and continue to irgore this:

Jay S. (116)
Monday December 10, 2012, 8:21 am
Klaus Peters, you, like so many westerners, have the delusion that Islam teaches peace and love like Buddha and Jesus Christ did, but you are wrong. These Muslim jihadists are true believing Orthodox Muslims following the commands of Allah and Mohammed to the letter. Muslims are commanded to kill non-Muslims and conquer the whole world under Islam's barbaric Sharia law.

Islam is the only religion that does NOT teach the Golden Rule, except for Muslims, and it does NOT teach turn the other cheek, love your neighbor, let alone your enemy, forgive etc. Mohammed taught and lived the exact opposite of all of this. Everything. It is also the only 'religion' that teaches its followers to lie and say and/or do anything to gain advantage over non-Muslims in promoting Islam's conquest of us all.

Muhammad said, "Allah marvels at those who are brought to paradise in chains" (Bukhari 52:254)

"Instill terror in the hearts of the unbelievers". Qur'an 8:12

Reliance of the Traveller, o9.0:
"Jihad means to war against non-Muslims."
The Reliance of the Traveller is Sunni Islam’s authoritative volume on Sharia law. It is endorsed by Alazhar University, Islam’s equivalent of the Vatican.

Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 327: - “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.’”

“. . . slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush. . .” Q 9:5 (The Verse of the Sword, this verse abrogates/cancels 113 earlier Meccan verses when Mohammed preached a little more tolerant ideology)

Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar:
I heard the Apostle of Allah say: When you enter into the inah transaction (become businessmen), hold the tails of oxen (become cattlemen), are pleased with agriculture (become farmers), and give up conducting jihad, Allah will make disgrace prevail over you, and will not withdraw it until you return to your original religion. - Sunan Abu Dawud Book 23, Number 3455
Conducting jihad is the ‘original religion’ of Mohammed. Mohammed is the authority on Islam.

"He (Allah) does not love the unbelievers." Qur’an 30:45

"War is ordained of Allah."Qur'an 2:216

"Killing unbelievers (non-Muslims) is a small matter to us." Mohammed, Tabari 9:69

"Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah." Mohammed, Ibn Ishaq 992

“The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom.” QUR’AN 5:33
(Authoritative quranic commentator Ibn Kathis intreprets this to mean ‘criticism’ or ‘to engage in opposition’ to Islam)

There are pages of hate verses like these. You all should read the Qur'an, hadith and sirah. Muslims who are 'extreme' or 'radical' are those who do NOT actively practice this hate and violence, but you'll not find many who'll denounce this Jihad.

Robert Zank and Lloyd love this stuff. They support Jihad and never see an Islamist atrocity they don't defend, deny and praise. Robert Z doesn't think the daily jihad against and ethnic cleansing of all non-Muslims in virtually every Muslim occupied land around the world, from Northern Nigeria to Egypt to Gaza to Iran to Indonesia (where over 300 churches and uncounted Buddhist temples have been closed and/or destroyed)
is "mass murder on unarmed civilians"? Truly twisted.

Gillian M. (218)
Monday December 10, 2012, 9:09 am
That this article is not last weeks does not matter, this atrocity still needs airing or do those that object believe that it should be covered up? It is important that we all know how evil Islam is and the Muslims that enforce it, far too many.

For those who find the pictures upsetting, how do you think the victims feel without a head? How do you think the people who witness such atrocities on a regular basis feel? You live in a safe and sanitised world and can shut the fornt door against it, so many people cannot.

These abuses happen in the Middle East against Christians (Jews have been forced out, there are few left), Hindus, Bhuddists and other religions, homosexuals, women and children as well as acid throwing. Then spread your wings a little and look at many other countries, Tunisia, N Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Armenia, Uganda, Indonesia, Somalia and the attempted genocide in Sudan. I could continue ad nauseum but I think that the point has been made.

I have yet to hear, from any government or the UN, condemnation of these acts of evil. It seems that nothing that Muslims do can be wrong. Even America is silent but that is because Obama is supporting this by changing the rules for human rights and by supporting those that massacre.


Gea L. (0)
Monday December 10, 2012, 9:09 am
Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it! Islam is a supremacist ideology, similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, including its hatred for non-Muslims (Kafir) and particularly Jews. Qur'an is a vile book urging Muslims to commit atrocities against Kafir, particularly infidels such as Buddhists and Hindus. Political correctness has no place in America if its wants to stay the light to the world and not succumb to Jihad against US, helped by Barack Hussein Obama who let a terrorist organization of Muslim Brotherhood into the white house and had given them money for their war on women and Israel.

Mohamed was a pedophile, polygamist, rapist and murderer who in any decent society would be tried for his vile crimes and not emulated as a role model by 1,600 MILLIONS of Muslims around the world, 20% of whom are ready to murder and die for Allah u Akbar, to reach Muslim Paradise with 72 virgins nd 12 prepubescent boys "to do with them as they please". Islamic teachings of Qur'an and Hadith are the ROOT cause of terrorism around the wor4d and there will be no end to it unless Islam REFORMS to make it compatible with the US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Islam in its present form does not belong to any society that respects liberty, justice and human rights of all, and particularly women and children which are molested by sharia..

Carola May (20)
Monday December 10, 2012, 9:10 am
I never cease to be amazed by all those people who are so ignorant of what Islam really teaches and who actually defend it and think it is being hijacked by radicals. Even many Muslims don't really know and haven't read the Qur'an, sirah or hadith in a language they can understand. I have and it is the most repellent religious teaching I've ever studied.

Violent, hateful Jihadist Muslims are NOT extremists. They are obeying Mohammed's commands. There are 109 verses of hate toward non-Muslims in the Qur'an alone, and many more in the hadith ( that tell of the sayings and actions of Mohammed that make the Qur'an make some sense, as it has much missing and Uthman had it arranged out of chronological order.)

I have found inspiration in my reading of Jesus' teachings in the Gospels and the teachings of Gautama the Buddha (though I must admit he gets too complex for me to follow) and the Jain philosophy - all are ways to a better world. So when I decided to study Islam I expected similar teachings, but was shocked and literally sickened by what I read. (and no, I don't believe in any religion, so I don't have any particular axe to grind, just like to see the truth be told).

Gillian M. (218)
Monday December 10, 2012, 9:16 am
Perhaps I was a little angry at the stupid people objecting to the picture the but of all the stupid things to say! "It upset me" Oh dear! I am upset too, that picture shouldn't be there because it should never have happened. The children who died, some brave Muslim killed a child, but then they are good at that, killing babies and children, they are not brave enough to attack someone who can fight back! And a Bhuddist monk, one who will not raise a hand, go,sh they must be brave warriors....... - articles on the ongoing Muslim persecution of Christians.

Gillian M. (218)
Monday December 10, 2012, 9:18 am
published by the Gatestone Institute

U.S.-backed rebels are committing Christian genocide in Syria, where they are sacking churches and issuing threats that all Christians will be cleansed from rebel-held territory. A mass exodus of thousands of Christians is taking place, even as mainstream Western reporters like Robert Fisk demonize those same Christians for being supportive of the secular regime.

The bloody jihad waged against Nigeria’s Christians, which has seen hundreds killed this year alone, now includes plans to kill Christians with poisoned food, as part of the Islamic organization Boko Haram’s stated goal of purging Nigeria of all Christian presence.

During Egypt’s presidential elections, Al Ahram reported that “the Muslim Brotherhood blockaded entire streets, prevented Copts from voting at gunpoint, and threatened Christian families not to let their children go out and vote” for the secular candidate.

Meanwhile, under President Obama, the U.S. State Department, in an unprecedented move, purged the sections dealing with religious persecution from its recently released Country Reports on Human Rights. Likewise, the Obama administration insists that the Nigerian crisis has nothing to do with religion, even as Obama offered his hearty blessings to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president, in the midst of allegations of electoral fraud.

Categorized by theme, June’s assemblage of Muslim persecution of Christians around the world includes (but is not limited to) the following accounts, listed in alphabetical order by country, not severity.

Church Attacks

Egypt: Because many visitors were in attendance, Muslims surrounded a Coptic church during Divine Liturgy “demanding that the visiting Copts leave the church before the completion of prayers, and threatening to burn down the church if their demand was not met.” The priest contacted police asking for aid only to be told to comply with their demands, “and do not let buses with visitors to come to the church anymore.” Christian worshippers exited halfway through liturgy to jeers outside. As they drove away, Muslims hurled stones at their buses. Also, repairs to a Coptic church that was torched and gutted a year ago by rioting Muslims were woefully inadequate, leaving the congregation with a staggering debt from further necessary repairs.

Indonesia: A Muslim mob of 300 wrecked a store that was being used for a Sunday church service on the pretext that it had not obtained “permission to hold Mass.” The mob wrecked the first floor of the store, breaking windows and damaging furniture. Police stopped them before reaching the third floor, where some 60 Christians had congregated. None of the Muslims were arrested, although 12 Christians were taken into custody for questioning. Separately, in compliance to calls by Islamic clerics, authorities ordered 20 churches to be torn down, following the closure of 16 smaller Christian places of worship in the same district last month. The congregations continue to hold services inside their sealed-off buildings as other members stand guard outside.

Iran: Authorities ordered the closure of yet another church in the capital, Tehran, “amid a government campaign to crack down on the few recognized churches offering Farsi-speaking services,” according to a human rights group. The church originally served Assyrian background Christian members; however, “due to an increasing number of Farsi-speaking believers—mostly MBBs [Muslim Background Believers]—it [the church] has become a cause of concern for the authorities and they now ordered it to shut down.”

Kashmir: A 119-year-old church was torched by Muslims. The local bishop “said that the Muslim fundamentalists want Christians to leave the state… He said that the church had filed a case with the police but had been advised not to ‘play up’ such incidents.” Christian minorities “are coming under growing threat from Kashmir’s Muslim majority. A Christian human rights group in India said that over 400 Christians have been displaced as a result.”

Kazakhstan: Land use regulations are being exploited ”as a means to prevent religious communities and their members exercising freedom of religion or belief.” Most recently, authorities “forced a Methodist church to ‘voluntarily’ close and fined the wife of the Church’s Pastor, who further paid for an announcement in newspapers saying the church was ‘liquidating itself,’” simply because “We do not want more punishment from the authorities.”

Nigeria: Islamic militants attacked several churches during every Sunday of the month with bombs and guns killing dozens of Christian worshippers, and critically wounding hundreds, including many children. Growing numbers of Christians “dare not” attend church services anymore, even as reports suggest that some police are intentionally abandoning their watch prior to such attacks.

Sudan: Authorities bulldozed two church buildings to the ground and confiscated three Catholic schools, as a response to the secession of South Sudan in July 2011, saying that such buildings are associated with now unwelcome, largely Christian South Sudanese in the Islamic-ruled country. Another church building belonging to the Full Gospel Church was destroyed in the same area two months ago, also on the claim that it belonged to South Sudanese.

Turkmenistan: An Evangelical church in the Muslim-majority nation was raided by authorities: “All adult believers at the meeting were questioned about their faith and all of their Christian literature was confiscated.” Their literature was returned two weeks later.

Apostasy, Blasphemy, Proselytism

Egypt: A Christian student handing out Christian literature in Assuit University “raised the ire of Muslim students,” resulting in clashes on campus, “amid shouts of sectarian chants,” leading to many injuries. Likewise, a Salafi leader declared on Egyptian TV that Muslims have no right “to convert to Christianity.”

Iran: Five months after five Christian converts were arrested, their condition and fate remain unknown. They are accused of “attending house church services, promoting Christianity, propagating against the regime and disturbing national security.” Being imprisoned for 130 days without word “is an obvious example of physical and mental abuse of the detainees…. one of the prison guards openly told one of these Christian detainees that all these pressures and uncertainties are intended to make them flee the country after they are released.” Also, a young Iranian woman, who recently converted to Christianity and was an outspoken activist against the Islamic regime, was found dead, slumped over her car’s steering wheel, with a single gunshot wound to her head.

Pakistan: A banned Islamic group filed a blasphemy case against a 25-year-old mentally retarded Christian man. Muslims had converted him to Islam two years earlier, to use him as a pretext to annex his Christian village. In the words of a witness: “These people (Muslims) do not let us live. We are poor but are working hard to survive. On the night of the incidence a mob of Muslim clerics gathered [around] our colony to burn us all because of the blasphemy Ramzan [the retarded man] committed. Everyone was very scared. We all have small children in our houses and we didn’t know what to do. The mob surrounded our colony and raised a slogan to burn all the houses, they had torches in their hands and petrol in the cans. We called police and thank God police arrived just in time.

Saudi Arabia: Thirty-five Ethiopian Christians arrested in December for praying in a private home remain jailed, even as Saudi officials offer contradicting reasons for their arrest. Meanwhile, they have been beaten and subjected to interrogations and strip searches. Saudi Arabia formally bans all religions other than Islam. However, in 2006, Saudi authorities told the United States that they would “guarantee and protect the right to private worship for all, including non-Muslims who gather in homes for religious practice.”

Sudan: A Muslim woman divorced her husband, a convert to Christianity, causing the court automatically to grant her custody of their two sons. When the father tried to visit his children, his wife threatened to notify authorities. “They might take the case to a prosecution court, which might lead to my sentencing to death according to Islamic apostasy law—but I am ready for this,” said the Christian. “I want the world to know this. What crime have I done? Is it because I became a Christian? I know if the world is watching, they [Sudanese authorities] will be afraid to do any harm to me.”

United States: Two Christian men in Saint Louis, Missouri received death threats from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard, apparently for converting to Christianity and preaching it. One of the men formerly served in the Revolutionary Guard and was once even assigned a suicide mission against Israel, before converting and immigrating to the U.S. “The two men believe that Islam is a religion that could easily radicalize a Muslim into a terrorist.” Likewise, in Dearborn Michigan, Christian demonstrators exercising their free speech rights were stoned by Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar!”


[General Abuse, Debasement, and Suppression of Non-Muslims as "Tolerated" Citizens]

Indonesia: “The number of violations of Christians’ religious rights in Indonesia reached 40 in the first five months of the year, nearly two-thirds the amount of anti-Christian actions in all of last year,” according to the Jakarta Christian Communication Forum. The Christian minority in Indonesia faced 64 cases of violations of religious freedom last year, up from 47 in 2010.” Violence against Christians also increased.

Mali: “Islamists in control of northern Mali are enforcing a strict version of Sharia law that victimizes Christians, women and other vulnerable groups.” The radicals took control of northern Mali in April after ousting the armed forces of the government. “All the Christians have left Timbuktu (the main city in north Mali) because of the Sharia law as well as because of the presence of people linked with al-Qaeda,” said a Christian leader who fled from northern Mali.

Pakistan: Police are siding with the Muslims accused of beating a pregnant Christian woman, causing her to miscarriage twins, and gang-raping her 13-year-old Christian niece. “Muslim criminals believe police and courts will give little credence to the complaints of Christians in the country, which is nearly 96 percent Muslim,” adds the report. The Christian family is “paying a huge price for being poor … and for being Christian,” said the uncle: “What can we expect from the police when they are not paying heed even to the court orders? They are distorting facts and have even gone to the extent of accusing a 13-year-old [raped girl] of committing adultery with three men.” Another Christian politician’s ID mistook him for a Muslim, causing him to insist “on the floor of the Punjab Assembly that he was born a Christian and appealed to them and the media not to indulge in propaganda against him that could incite Muslim extremists to kill him.”

South Africa: More than 70 students were kicked out of the Coastal KZN As-Salaam campus dormitories and are currently homeless, because campus officials tried to make them observe Islam, including by banning Bibles, which the students resisted. “All we wanted was to be free to practice our own religions and not be forced to follow Islam, but now we have been punished by being deprived of safe accommodation,” said one student.

Turkey: Thousands of devout Muslims prayed outside Hagia Sophia—formerly Christendom’s greatest cathedral now a museum—shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” and demanding the building be opened as a mosque in honor of the jihadi sultan who conquered Constantinople in the 15th century.

About this Series

Because the persecution of Christians in the Islamic world is on its way to reaching epidemic proportions, “Muslim Persecution of Christians” was developed to collate some—by no means all—of the instances of persecution that surface each month. It serves two purposes:
1.Intrinsically, to document that which the mainstream media does not: the habitual, if not chronic, Muslim persecution of Christians.
2.Instrumentally, to show that such persecution is not “random,” but systematic and interrelated—that it is rooted in a worldview inspired by Sharia.

Accordingly, whatever the anecdote of persecution, it typically fits under a specific theme, including hatred for churches and other Christian symbols; apostasy and blasphemy laws; sexual abuse of Christian women; forced conversions to Islam; theft and plunder in lieu of jizya (tribute); overall expectations for Christians to behave like cowed “dhimmis” (barely tolerated citizens); and simple violence and murder. Oftentimes it is a combination thereof.

Because these accounts of persecution span different ethnicities, languages, and locales—from Morocco in the west, to India in the east, and throughout the West, wherever there are Muslims—it should be clear that one thing alone binds them: Islam—whether the strict application of Islamic Sharia law, or the supremacist culture born of it.

Gea L. (0)
Monday December 10, 2012, 9:33 am
There are many injustices in the world, and Tibetan Buddhist certainly suffered under Chinese Communism. However, Chinese do not behead Tibetan children in the name of medieval evil religion that molests their own women and children under sharia. Islam had been creeping up all over the world, because countries run by sharia are corrupt and dysfunctional and have a highest birth rate (since women are raped routinely). Those children are taught to hate non-Muslims in their madrases where they memorize vile verses of Qur'an promising them Paradise with 72 virgins and 12 prepubescent boys if they die while murdering non-Muslims, such as these unfortunate Buddhists.

Islam is not like other religions, promoting better life, but it is cult of death promoting hate against non-muslims.

Wilde Thange (9)
Monday December 10, 2012, 5:50 pm
Killing in the interest of conceptual ideation is pretty much the same.... and includes accepable collteral damages to achieve the aims. The human mind can justify anything it wants when it cuts itself off from the whole as some kind of individual ego and some form of other as god and some are in and others are out. If one is thinking as a Buddhist they all have been related to us some way in other lives as this or that religion, sex, nationalality and ethicity all of which are subject to change and we are killing our own mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters over and over again.

Tommy S. (11)
Tuesday December 11, 2012, 1:56 am
Who is this muhammed that he is so revered in islam and regarded as the perfect example for mankind to follow and who would inspire such murderous behavior--just what was he like

The murder of Ka'b bin al-Ashraf, a chief of the Jewish tribe of Banu Nadi
Allah's Apostle said, "Who is willing to kill Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His Apostle?" Thereupon Muhammad bin Maslama got up saying, "O Allah's Apostle! Would you like that I kill him?" The Prophet said, "Yes," Muhammad bin Maslama said, "Then allow me to say a (false) thing (i.e. to deceive Kab). "The Prophet said, "You may say it."
There you have it-- lies and deceit being the code of muhammed

Then there was Badu,the one eyed bedoin, murdered for singing--'I won't be a Muslim as long as I live,
Nor heed to their religion give.'
"and as soon as the badu was asleep and snoring I got up and killed him in a more horrible way than any man has been killed. I put the end of my bow in his sound eye, then I bore down on it until I forced it out at the back of his neck
When I got to Medina . . . [Muhammad] asked my news and when I ( al-Damri) told him what had happened he
blessed me".
muhammed Blessed the murderer of a man who sang a song against him

Muhammeds first two raids against caravans failed because the caravans were usually well guarded with the exception of during Ramadan the pagan festival when the arabs ceased fighting and bickering-- muhammed realized this was the time to attack when their guard was down -- many of his men objected to this --so he (muhammed)produced a communication from alla giving permission to attack during Ramadan, the pagan festival and the traditional time of peace and worship of the pagan gods

Muhammad subjected the Banu Qurayza to a lengthy siege. Eventually they capitulated,
surrendering to Muhammad's forces. Their possessions and their women were seized by the
Muslims and divided among them, and Sa'ad ibn Mu'adh (a Muslim convert from the Jews) was
appointed the arbitrator to pronounce the judgment in the "war trial" against the Banu Qurayza.
It was Sa'ad's sentence to behead all the men a decision confirmed by Muhammad as consonant with Allah's will.
and so between 600-800 were executed- young boys had to drop their trousers and if they showed pubic hair growth they were murdered

-- and nothings changed in 1400 years,torture,murder,rape,honor killings etc.,etc.,sponsored by islam and its infallible leader


John J. (0)
Tuesday December 11, 2012, 2:57 am
@ Unnikrishnan Sasidharan
quote... tHERE is already one @ ...Unquote

This site is a must for information that the media are frightened to publish

THANKYOU (that's a big thankyou)

Alexander Werner (53)
Tuesday December 11, 2012, 7:25 am
To make no mistake: Hesbola shows on its logo a camel and a gun. This is all they are about.

Carol Dreeszen (346)
Wednesday December 12, 2012, 3:47 pm
Oh My God this is so pathetic!!! My heart just sinks when I see horrible stuff like this and to think there are human being with such sick minds to do something like this!!!! I wish them a living hell and then when they die I hope they live in it too!!

Nancy Black (308)
Friday December 14, 2012, 6:55 pm
Noted, tweeted, tweeted, shared. Sad that they attempt to build a nation on the foundation of the blood of holy men and small children. I would believe that would be a sin in any religion, and they would be damned.
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