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Interview - Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: government, freedoms, constitution, propaganda, military, media )

- 3513 days ago -
This Video is sounding an alarm to wake up and take action NOW. To really see what is going on in our nation on a practical and terrifying level. It is worth listening.. follow up, verify to your own satisfaction-- its an opener to incredible discussion.

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Judy C (83)
Tuesday October 7, 2008, 10:16 am
Ms Wolfe asks that you get this video out to friends and family.

Juliann R (4)
Tuesday October 7, 2008, 10:33 am
Indeed, Judy- I've posted it here and to my Facebook account to spread the word to folks who's likely hear.

Marion Y (322)
Tuesday October 7, 2008, 10:35 am
I think this is a critical video that every American, young and old must watch immediately. The takeover coup of America occurred on October 1.

I do not believe that a political solution will work as Naomi suggests. Unless the President of the United States and his entire Cabinet is arrested immediately, then we are going to have to fight these monsters, which is exactly what I think is going to happen. I think it is already too late to avoid this coming conflict.

What needs to be done

Sharon Froehlich (99)
Tuesday October 7, 2008, 12:34 pm
Marion, I totally agree, and I am angry as hell that most middle class Americans chose to ignore the warnings for so long that we have come to this. Arrest all of the monsters and try a little waterboarding.

Monica Brunner (8)
Tuesday October 7, 2008, 12:50 pm
Arrest the President, not going to happen and he's not to blame, CONGRESS is to blame and the end of Clinton administration is to blame for the beginning of the end of Fannie and Freddie along with the 3 criminals, Franklin, Johnson and Howard....

"In a move that could help increase home ownership rates among minorities and low-income consumers, the Fannie Mae Corporation is easing the credit requirements on loans that it will purchase from banks and other lenders.
The action, which will begin as a pilot program involving 24 banks in 15 markets -- including the New York metropolitan region -- will encourage those banks to extend home mortgages to individuals whose credit is generally not good enough to qualify for conventional loans. Fannie Mae officials say they hope to make it a nationwide program by next spring.
Fannie Mae, the nation's biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people and felt pressure from stock holders to maintain its phenomenal growth in profits......
'Yet there remain too many borrowers whose credit is just a notch below what our underwriting has required who have been relegated to paying significantly higher mortgage rates in the so-called subprime market. In moving, even tentatively, into this new area of lending, Fannie Mae is taking on significantly more risk, which may not pose any difficulties during flush economic times. But the government-subsidized corporation may run into trouble in an economic downturn, prompting a government rescue similar to that of the savings and loan industry in the 1980's.

Why the pressure to continue with this ridiculous plan..... pork barrel spending, Fannie is a HUGE contributor to the Democratic party. Obama himself has received more money from Fannie Mae in the past 2 decades than any other politician Washington, except for senator Dodd, the difference being is that Obama has received this money onlyinthe past 3 yrs.

Look at the Great Depression, the government had to help then and we have to help now. Common sense, it's not instant, it will take months before anyting is seen.

She wants people arrested, well if Obama gets in no one wil be arrested or even investigated. The only ones that have promised this and have a record of doing this are McCain/Palin. Obama is part of this spending and corrupt problem he will not investigate his own party. Palin has had members of her own party arrested for criminal activities with big oil. Reject homeland security money??? I think not, I want the sleeper cells in my community/state/country found, many are American converts to Islam. Sorry but this is EXTREME far left thinking, just not into that.

Mel B (1)
Tuesday October 7, 2008, 1:18 pm
This wacko is an alarmist of the worst sort, who makes George Bush seem like a mute compared to this ridiculous and full of 1/2 truth yammering. It's been a long time since I heard 30 minutes of pure garbage, with more of an interest in self-proliferation than actually demonstrating any legitimate concern for our country. Intelligent people will see through this and treat it for what it is - one individuals' rant from a poorly disguised attempt at patriotism.

Ken S (38)
Tuesday October 7, 2008, 5:32 pm
I would back anyone who is prepared to stand up to the corrupt authority....even IF they may not be totally right. If this serves to promote discussion and education, it serves a valuable service....However, if you bury your head in the sand, and think this is going to go away, then you are going to be sadly disappointed...
If you disagree, please explain why, name calling and vague generalities serves no purpose.... and then engage in intelligent cogent discussion....if there IS an untruth,TELL us.

Juliann R (4)
Tuesday October 7, 2008, 7:57 pm
I posted this because it was forwarded to me in a panic from a close friend-- I share it because, while long, the points she surfaces, the lines she draws between these point- are alarming to entertain indeed-- are they verifiable?-is she just an "alarmist/crisis monger"? is she removing power from her listeners or placing it in the hands of the citizenry the government is meant to represent? are we caught up in such a culture of confusion, reaction, panic, or - non-challance-frustrated cynicsm- or agreement with the way things are playing out.. that her expression with fall on deaf denying ears? Many here have sounded out that they agree.. some have regaled this as crap: Myself-- I'm calm and watching- asking myself to be alert and responsive- not knee jerking lest i kick my self in the face. it's clear we are in the middle of a Massive storm- her words RING true and she SEEMS well founded in her logic - but i 'm asked to trust she's reporting verifiable facts-- and i've grown so wary of information flow. my GUT says she's on to something I feel could very well be going on, my Heart feels conflict, my mind asks more questions, wants to understand motives-- ALL of me feels compelled to get to the root of WHY we are so factioned, and HOW we can find harmony. I'm so pleased we live in a time in the world where we can still speak Truth to Power.. i hope we remain empowered to do so!

Joan Mclaughlin (133)
Tuesday October 7, 2008, 8:39 pm
I will get a copy at youtube and pass it along to myspace.

Joan Mclaughlin (133)
Tuesday October 7, 2008, 9:21 pm
It wouldn't let me download the video but I did post the link in my blog

Ken S (38)
Tuesday October 7, 2008, 9:50 pm
Thank you Juliann for posting this. It is NOT good reading, but it is necessary to read and inform ourselves as much as possible....otherwise we just join the long line of the sheeple, or those who won't face the facts. Tent cities are springing up...something IS WRONG, citizens are being harassed and jailed...your freedom of assembly and speech is being removed...and you risk being called terrorists if you do want to exercise your freedoms.
Naomi does say something about not trusting her and to do our own research....

Marion Y (322)
Tuesday October 7, 2008, 10:26 pm
When we see something is wrong, we SHOULD act. When we know something is wrong and it affects our lives critically, we MUST act. Here's a little story:

When I was 16 years old in high school, I recall rushing to the next class after the bell rang. Crossing from one building to another, students were walking quickly, talking and trying to get to the next class as I was.

When I entered this particular building to get to my next class, about 30 or so students stopped in their tracks and formed a circle around a female student who was screaming hysterically. As I got closer, I saw why she was screaming: a bee was caught between the eyelashes of one of her eyes. Although the bee had flown face forward into the girl's eye, the stinger was away from her eye. But the girl had no idea the stinger was away from her which freaked her out even more so.

What surprised me, though, was the fact that the students were standing around this girl out of curiosity or fear, doing absolutely nothing to help her. I could not believe no one was reaching out to this student. I did see someone leave the circle to go for help.

At this point, something had to be done. This girl could lose her eye. I dropped my books and slapped the girls face in a sideways motion to hit her just enough to brush away the bee, but trying to avoid smashing the bee further into her eye. It worked! The bee flew away and the girl was unharmed, just shaken.

The other students treated me as a hero. I was very uncomfortable with this because I only did it to save the girl from harm. Besides, I would hope someone would do the same for me if I were in jeopardy. I was also disturbed by the fact that no one else reached out to this girl but me, and I told the other students so. There went my hero status, but I didn't care.

I have seen other instances of this type of situation play out many times over the years...and I am always reminded that there is but a small percentage willing to help others in need. We all have seen instances from time to time where no one seemed to care or help someone in need and it was easy for someone nearby to do so.

This was one of my first lessons in how the group herd effect works. People are basically focused on themselves. They don't have time, or they are afraid of getting involved or hurting themselves. They tend to trust that someone else is going to do something, so there's no need to get involved. They also seem to be afraid that they might make the wrong decision. There is a selfish, cowardliness about many people that astounds me.

Don't get me wrong: I know countless people who are giving, selfless and brave. But the majority of people are like sheep, following the crowd waiting for someone to lead them or make the first move.

Until enough people lose their jobs, homes and security, there will be no effort to remove the corruption in this country. But there is always a set point where the masses will have had enough. However, by waiting too late to react, the greater the chance the damage will be done.

Mel B (1)
Wednesday October 8, 2008, 8:00 am
I stand by my original comment. For starters...when I searched, I found nothing about a brigade deployment in the US, as this Naomi Wolf claims as truth. (I did my research) What I do know is that National Guard Army Brigade returning from Iraq/Afghanistan stopped over in Texas to have servicing done on their equipment. While there, they were deployed under Title 10 to assist with the debris management, recovery and cleanup from Hurricane Ike. If this is what she is referring to, how exactly has that been so skewed and misrepresented by this Wolf person to intentionally MIS-inform people. Those are the ones we should all be wary of.

Marion...with all due respect, while I understand your point in the bee story and that sort of apathy among bystanders is hard to comprehend, I don't think it equates to a call for another American Revolution which is what Wolf seems to be promoting. Yes, apathy is a morally void characteristic, but really....a Revolution? Seriously? From what I remember of our country's history, going to war with Britain was the last possible option. Surely, as great a nation as we are, with the gifted minds and hearts of compassion that make up most of us, we have not run through all of our options yet. In fact, apathy among voters, and therefore "we the people" can take a large part of the responsibility for who has been elected to office. When less than 50% of the registered voters turnout as a NORM in this country...who is really to blame for the shape we are now in? Food for thought. If you (anybody reading) voted, obviously this doesn't apply to you, so don't throw tomatoes at me. If you didn't vote...wake up. Just because you don't vote, doesn't mean somebody won't be elected.

Marion Y (322)
Wednesday October 8, 2008, 12:40 pm
Mel ~ That's where we differ. I don't WAIT for approval or go by what was done in the past. I use the facts before me, the urgency and seriousness of the matter, along with my instinct and heart to decide what to do. I use history as a reference point to learn from, but not as definitive marker.

Considering last week's bailout 'Rescue Plan' was a failure and world markets are dropping like hot rocks from the sky, we are faced with potentially 2, 3 or 4 more bailouts in the near future. (Scroll to the middle of that page) This nation and the world is now on life-support and you're looking for alternative options? Like what? And how much time do you think you have to implement them? And who will listen to you?

Also, I don't buy into the "great nation" bit. America is no better or worse than other nations. This is part of the arrogance that got us into trouble: thinking we are better than others, as a nation and personally.

Who is to blame for the shape we are in? Here's the answer...

Cynthia N (5)
Wednesday October 8, 2008, 1:17 pm
Here you go Mel:

Mel B (1)
Wednesday October 8, 2008, 1:36 pm
Marion ~ Yes we do differ, but not that much. What you stated as your call to action I would suggest is no different from most everybody's. The difference lies in our core values, influences, moral standards, etc and how those guide our directions as we "use the facts (before me), the urgency and seriousness of the matter, along with (my) instinct and heart to decided what to do." Just because everybody doesn't arrive at the same conclusion doesn't discount everybodys right to their solution. Coupling that with a Democratic society, majority rules. As I said earlier, an unfortunate fact is that most people do not speak up when it counts (at the polls). Then, sit around and gripe and complain about the status quo as though they are not the ones at least partially responsible for creating it! I'm sure you are not that person (I really mean that), but we all know them. Those are the people we should be demanding change from. I think most politicians on both sides are pretty crooked, but when the people that have the power to put them in or take them out of office don't exercise that right, it's not hard to see how greed, personal benefit, and opportunistic ideologies take root. Change starts from the ground up...not the other way around. At least not true change. Other options, you ask? I just named one. Voter accountability, or more accurately lack of voter accountability. Let's start holding our own citizens accountable for their part in the sorry state of affairs that we are in. As for the bailout being a failure....who could possibly know that yet? It's barely a week old. Wall Street didn't fail overnight....neither will it be revived overnight. Hasty conclusions such as that make me uneasy. It seems a little knee-jerkish to already be throwing in the towel, unless of course you weren't in favor of it in the beginning. I'm not completely in favor of it nor am I sure of the precedent it sets. (by the way, the link regarding the other bailouts you mentioned didn't open) I'm pretty sure it's not a good precedent if it's not accompanied by vigilant personal accountability with no exclusions for anybody.

I do think we are a great nation. Thousands cross our borders everyday because they believe it to be great. Millions more would, if they had the means. Hundreds die trying to make it here from Havana on a makeshift raft that falls apart and sinks. I doubt if they would risk their life...their LIFE to come here if they didn't think it was great. Cynicism is not the answer. It just confuses the real issues even more.

If anybody can provide a link to the supposed Army deployment, I'd love to see it. As I stated earlier, I could not find it on referenced by Naomi Wolf. That doesn't help her credibility standing with me in the least.

Mel B (1)
Wednesday October 8, 2008, 1:39 pm
Thanks Cynthia...I'll take a loot at it.

Mel B (1)
Wednesday October 8, 2008, 1:40 pm
Um...that should be "look"

David Cutter (14)
Monday October 20, 2008, 9:50 am
Who gives the orders, orders to torture?
Who gets to no bid contract the future?
Who lies, then bombs, then calls it an error?
Who makes a fortune from fighting terror?
Who is the enemy trying to crush us?
Who is the enemy of truth and justice?
Who is the enemy of peace and freedom?
Where are the courts, now when we need them?
Why is impeachment not on the table?
We better stop them while we are able
Roll out the drums of war - Jackson Browne 'Time the Conqueror'
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